Best Gator Electric Guitar Cases 

Gator Electric Guitar Cases

Quality and expertise has contributed to Gator electric guitar cases being around for almost 20 years. Consequently the Gator case is a recognizable brand in the Music industry. Furthermore the Gator case is an award winning brand with award winning products. Simply put Gator electric guitar cases are durable, rugged cases that are affordably priced.

Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Stratocaster and Telecaster

Gator Electric Guitar Cases

Deluxe ABS Molded Guitar Case

Gator Deluxe ABS Molded case is great for the gig. First reason is the hard ABS exterior that is impact resistant for premium durability, and it also has a protected interior.

Second reason you want this case for the gig is that inside the case is an EPS Foam and a plush lining to protect your instrument from moving around. Since the Deluxe ABS Molded case is virtually indestructible and has a great value for cost this case would make a great gift for a Stratocaster or Telecaster guitar player. Get the price of the deluxe ABS Molded Case today from Amazon. 

Gator G-Tour Case


Gator Electric Guitar Cases

Gator Guitar CaseGator cases say quality, and one of the best Gator Electric Guitar Cases is the Gator G-Tour case. See the customer reviews on the Gator G Tour

Is your guitar in danger of getting banged up? You can buy your Gator Case Today and feel assured your guitar is secure.  This Beautiful case has a plush interior and 5 mm plywood construction. With spring loaded heavy-duty handles and rugged heavy duty Chrome plated hardware. Because this case is plush & heavy duty it will protect guitar for life. Therefore its everything you need to store your guitar securely. Buy the Gator G-Tour Case on Amazon today.

Polyethylene Molded Case

Plastic is a more energy efficient material to manufacture. It is lighter than alternative materials, Such as metal or steel, but just as strong. It is durable and has high impact resistance that is required  for toughness. Polyethylene is used in the durable Gator Pro Series.

Gator Pro Series Rotationally Molded

Rack Case (4 Space) 

Gator Electric Guitar Cases

Rotationally Molded Guitar Case

Gator Cases Pro Series design molded polyethylene case is indestructible. With recessed handles, front and rear door. 19″ rack able depth. Great for travel. This case is Road Tough. Musicians need to keep their gear protected especially guitarists. Gator case can do the job. This will be the last case you ever need to purchase. Buy Your Gator Pro Series case today from Amazon.

Gator Traditional Wood Case for Electric Guitars

Gator Electric Guitar Cases

Best Gator electric guitar case

For the every day player keep your guitar protected today with this Gator Traditional case.This case has 3 ply wood construction Tolex PVC covering and Ergonomic matching handle. Looking for a sturdy hard case to protect your guitar? The Gator traditional is a great choice and is the most affordable of the cases shown. Buy Your Gator Traditional Case from Amazon today.

Gator Deluxe Wood Case for Les Paul Electric Guitars

Gator Electric Guitar Cases

                         Gibson Les Paul Style Case


This Gator Case Fits Gibson Les Paul and Similar Style Single Cutaway Electric Guitars. Deluxe 5-ply plywood construction with a plush magenta padded interior and soft storage compartment. Buy Your Guitar a Deluxe Gator Case from Amazon.

Transit Series Gig Bag

Gator Electric Guitar Cases

Gator Gig Bag 

This gig bag is durable and tough with a weather resistant fabric. The exterior has a thick rubber on the bottom to prevent wear. Thick Foam padding is covered with Fleece inside the case. With an adjustable lining to protect the guitar. The front sports a zipper flapped pocket with plenty of hooks allowing you to secure the guitar case. Carrying the case is comfortable with the comfort grip handle and back pack straps that can be removed. This case is a great case for quick and easy take to the gig. Buy your Transit Series Gig Bag today from Amazon, and take your guitar where ever you go!

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Reasons to Choose Gator Cases

Since the year 2000, Gator electric guitar cases have been around.  The company Gator Cases was founded by Jerry Freed and his daughter Crystal Morris. They started out small like most company’s with a small line of  molded plastic cases they showed off at NAMM.

From there the Product line expanded to include bags and cases for Audio, IT, General Utility, Band instrument and percussion. The product line has expanded to over 1000: Cases that are made from different forms of plastic, wood, Sewn and EVA materials. Gator uses its expertise to work with companies around the world to help engineer and manufacture cases for original equipment manufactures.

Gators Longevity Lends Itself to Quality & Expertise

In 2008 Gator acquired a manufacturing plant in Indiana. A line of protector cases. First Gator expanded further into the percussion market and manufacture rotational molding.

In 2013 Gator announces a new line of Stands and support products for everything from Guitars, microphones, Keyboards and more. When 2015 came around, Gator acquired another manufacturing plant. Viking Cases, specializing in custom ATA rated flight cases. In 2016-2017 Gator became the official distributor for Gravity Picks and T- Rex effects pedal.

Because of their passion for their products and customer loyalty, Gator cases stand the test of time. Therefore guaranteeing a good customer experience. The Gator brand is innovative and offers a quality product that creates trust for the customer. Gator is an award wining Brand with award wining products.

Gator electric guitar cases are durable, rugged cases that are affordably priced. One reason for this is the cases are made of different quality materials such as the ABS Molded Plastic. Which has such a strong breakage resistance that the product stays intact even from impact.

What is ABS and Why use it?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which is known for its toughness, is also known as ABS for short. ABS is one of the most pliable plastics. Because of the thermoplastic material ABS is impact resistant and rugged. Thermoplastic material can be heated up and made soft and pliable without any change in its inherent properties. Furthermore it has resistance to scratching.It is also very affordable.This is what makes ABS Molded cases so practical.

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