Best Guitar Cases Deluxe, ABS, TSA, Wood

Best Guitar Cases Deluxe ABS, TSA, Wood

Best Guitar Cases Deluxe ABS, TSA, Wood

Guitar cases are often overlooked, but yet a big part of a musicians gear. You have just spent 100’s maybe 1000’s of dollars on a guitar, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it in tip top shape, and secure from everyday elements. Such as dust, dander and worst of all the climate. 

Don’t just leave your guitar on the guitar stand where it can get knocked about, scratched or worse broken. Let’s take a look at some guitar cases so you can be assured that your guitar is put away in a safe clean and climate controlled area. Everyday until you get ready to Rock N Roll with it.

When looking at guitar cases and trying to pick out the right one to fit your needs there are some things you want to look at. To keep in mind, and think about.

First what are you going to be using the case for. Everyday use, going to the gig, or maybe flying across the country. You wouldn’t want a soft case for flying across the country. Your guitar might get damaged in the belly of the plain. So keep in mind what your needs are, and of course your budget. Which you will see you can get a great case on a low budget for your investment. 

Second be aware of the size of the case, or should I say the size of the guitar. You don’t want the guitar case to be to much bigger than your guitar. This would allow your guitar to move around a lot. Conversely to small of a guitar case and you run the risk of damaging your guitar, or it just won’t fit in the case at all. 

Some of the sizes & Styles Of Guitar Cases

  • Dreadnought , full size big body acoustic guitar
  • Gibson body style single cutaway 
  • Fender body style, electric guitar
  • Hollow body, double cutaway, electric guitar
  • 7/8 size guitar
  • 3/4 size guitar
  • Parlor size

There are certain measurements that are used to get the right fit. They are Length, lower bought, upper bought, Middle bout, body length, and body depth. Are all calculated before purchasing the case. But the mfg. has taken the hard work out of it for you. So you can depend on buying the correct case. Listed below is an example Table of these measurements.

Measure Your Guitar

Guitar Measurements

Specs on the Journeyman Series Gator Guitar Cases

CaseStyleInterior DimensionsExterior Dimensions 
Journeyman Series - Gator Case - Deluxe Wood Case

Semi Hollow Electric Guitar case- Fits the Gibson ES335

Rugged Handles
Velvet Interior
Antique Hardware
Burlap Exterior
Body Length 22.5"
Body Height 4.25"
Lower Bout Width 16.25"
Middle Bout Width 11"
Upper Bout Width 13"
Over all Length 44.5"
Exterior Length 46.06
Exterior Width 19"
Exterior Height 8.07
Weight 12.5lbs

Journeyman Series Double Cutaway electric Guitar CaseInterior DimentionsExterior Dimentions
Fits Fender Style Guitars

Deluxe Wood Case for Standard Electric Guitars
Body Length 19"
Body Height 3.25
Lower Bout 12.5"
Middle Bout Width 12.5
Upper Bout Width 12.5
Over all Length
Exterior Length 42"
Exterior Width 16"
Exterior Height 4.75"
Exterior Weight 10.8lbs

Journeyman Series Gator Acoustic Guitar Case Deluxe Wood Case for Dreadnought Acoustic GuitarsInterior DimensionsExterior Dimensions
Built With Modern Engineering
Covered in Pebble Weave Burlap Vintage antique hardware
Undeniable Elegance
Body Length 22.5"
Body Height 5.5"
Lower Bout Width 16.5"
Middle Bout Width 11.75"
Upper Bout Width 12"
Over all Length 43"

Exterior Length 45.28"
Exterior Width
Exterior Height 7.09"
Weight 12.4 lbs
Journeyman Series Les Paul Style Guitar CaseInterior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions
Deluxe Wood Case for Gibson Les Paul Guitars Body Length 20.5"
Body Height 3"
Lower Bout Width 14"
Middle Bout Width 9.5"
Upper Bout Width 10"
Over all Length 42"
Exterior Length 43"
Exterior Width 15.25"
Exterior Height 5"
Weight 7.8 lbs

Also consider what you may want to take along in the case.

Maybe you need a case with pockets to fit other items such as a tuner, picks or a guitar book. All these things you should consider. You won’t want to have to buy two cases. Most of the soft cases have extra pockets for items. The hard cases have a smaller compartment inside with a flap to carry some additional items. 

 Guitar Soft Case

First the soft case, the soft case usually is made of nylon or another durable fabric material that allows it to be lightweight. Sometimes there is foam padding inside to assist with protecting your guitar. These bags are good for on the go “Gig bags,” and they offer some protection, but not a lot. 

Although the soft gig bag doesn’t offer good protection against heavy impact! Like you would find in a drop on the ground situation, the good thing about the soft gig bag is it is inexpensive. The soft gig bag will protect against scratches when your on the go. 

Guitar Hard Case

Next on the list of guitar cases is the guitar hard case which has the maximum protection for your guitar. These cases are made of wood, heavy duty laminate, molded Polythylene, which is a rugged hard plastic that is impact resistant. Some of the hard cases even have special handles for TSA Approved lock for flying.

The hardshell guitar case offers foam inside, and usually a thick plush interior to add a snug fit. No doubt the hard case Is for all musicians everywhere. For the Gig, flying to the gig, or simply protecting your investment the hard case offers the maximum protection. Now a days for a relatively inexpensive cost you can get a guitar hard case. 

Then you never have to worry about what could happen if your guitar is dropped, an object hits the case, or rough handling from the baggage guys. 

Now that you have sorted through all that,  your ready to review some guitar cases. Let’s take a look at some guitar cases. If you are not looking for an acoustic case scroll down to see Classical  Guitar Cases and Electric Guitar Cases. Thanks!

Best Acoustic Guitar Cases

Gator makes some of the best acoustic guitar cases. They are durable reliable, and ready to go when you are. Lets take a look at the Gig Bag first.

Gig Bag

Gator Guitar Gig Bag

Tech Specs
Interior Dims: Body Length: 20"
Body Height: 3.5"
Lower Bout Width: 15.5"
Middle Bout Width: 14.75"
Upper Bout Width: 14.5"
Overall Length 38"

 This gator guitar gig bag is perfect for a dreadnought acoustic guitar. This case is made of durable Nylon Construction and has padding on the interior. It is reinforced at the bridge and headstock for added protection. In addition this bag has adjustable backpack straps, and a pocket for extra accessories. Have a look at the price of the Gator Gig Bag here on Amazon.

The next level of guitar Gig bag is the Transit Guitar Gig Bag. Gator Cases Transit Series is an acoustic guitar gig bag with added reliability.

Gator Case Transit Series guitar gig bag

Transit Series Guitar Gig Bag

Tech Specs
Interior Dims: Body Length: 20"
Body height: 3.5"
lower bout width: 14"
middle bout width: 12"
upper bout width: 12"
overall Length 41.5"

Transit Series acoustic guitar case offers a blended fabric that is weather resistant. On the bottom of the case there are rubber “feet” to prevent the bottom of the case wearing out. This case has an adjustable padded handle and backpack straps.

The inside of the case has thick padding throughout that is covered with fleece. There is also a handy Zipper pocket for accessories. See what other guitarist are saying about the Transit Series Gig Bag on Amazon.

Hard Shell Guitar Case for Acoustic Guitar

Next an affordable durable ABS Plastic Case for a dreadnaught acoustic guitar. The ABS Plastic is so rugged and durable this is part of the GC Series line of Gator Cases. This case has a padded Neck Cradle, Locking Latches, and a plush lining.

Gator ABS plastic dreadnought acoustic guitar case

Gator GC Series Acoustic Guitar Case

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions: Body Length 23”
Body Height 5.5”
Lower Bout Width 16”
Middle Bout Width 12.25”
Upper Bout Width 12.5”
Overall Length 41.25”

ABS is a Molded Plastic that is easy to mold and shape, but it is very strong and impact resistant. It is very cost effective for a manufacture to produce. This fact comes across when you see the price of the Strong impact resistant case.

 This hard shell guitar case can be purchased here on Amazon click the link to check the price.

Here is another hard shell guitar case specific for the Martin 000 Style acoustic guitars. This is a hard shell case made of wood. It fits the Martin 000 and similar styles of acoustic guitar.

Hard shell guitar case

Hard Shell Wood Case – Gator

Tech Specs
Interior Dims: Body Length: 20"
Body Height: 4"
Lower Bout Width: 15"
Middle Bout Width: 9.5"
Upper Bout Width: 11.5"
Overall Length 42.5"

Arch topped guitar case with Plywood Construction. Covered in durable Telex PVC to withstand hard knocks for years. Inside has a thick plush lining to keep your guitar cushioned against any unforeseen drops or knocks. Last is an interior storage compartment. Have a look at the dimensions and price of the acoustic guitar case here on Amazon.

Acoustic Guitar Flight Cases, Don’t Leave Home Without One!

If your like me you like to take your guitar everywhere you want to go in life. Whether in the living room, or halfway across the globe on vacation.

Taking your guitar on a plain you need a suitable guitar case. One that meets both criteria.

  1. TSA compliant, with TSA approved locking latches
  2. A Guitar case that can withstand the strains encountered getting onto the luggage compartment. Better known as the Belly of the plain.
Gator Case molded flight case for dreadnought acoustic guitar

Acoustic Dreadnought Molded Flight Case by Gator

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions: Body Length: 22.5”
Body Height: 4.75”
Lower Bout Width: 16.5”
Middle Bout Width: 12.75”
Upper Bout Width: 13.75”
Overall Length: 41.5”
  • This solid construction gives added protection when travelling. The case comes with the TSA locking system for security.
  • The interior of the GTSA Series Case has poly foam and a soft plush interior for added protection against knocks. The foam holds the guitar into place.
  • In addition the case has an extended cradle to protect the neck of the guitar.
  • This case is light weight and perfect for travelling.

Musicians Choice!

See the reviews and price of the Acoustic guitar flight case here on Amazon.

Classical Guitar Case? Gators Got you Covered

Gator classical guitar gig bag

Classical Guitar Gig Bag- Gator

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions: Body Length: 20.00"
Body Height: 3.75"
Lower Bout Width: 15.25"
Middle Bout Width: 10.25"
Upper Bout Width: 11.50"
Overall Length: 40.50"

Listed  are some Classical guitar cases starting with the Gig bag.

See the raving reviews on this Classical Gig Bag! Durable Nylon Construction with plenty of thick Foam inside for protection. Like most of the Gig bags this one also has Backpack straps that are adjustable and a Big pocket for your accessories. For additional protection at the bridge and headstock there is reinforcements inside.

gator Classical guitar case

Hard Shell Classical Guitar Case by Gator 

Tech Specs
nterior Dimensions: Body Length: 23.5”
Body Height: 4.5”
Lower Bout Width: 14.5”
Middle Bout Width: 10.5”
Upper Bout Width: 11.5”
Overall Length: 40.75”

Looking for a little more protection? Then check out this Hard Shell Wood Case This case is designed to fit most Nylon stringed guitars. Gator Guitar Cases also offers a Deluxe ABS Classical Guitar Case for the Ultimate protection.

Deluxe ABS Classical Guitar Case

Deluxe ABS Classical Guitar Case

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions Body Length 20.5 "
Body Height 4.5 "
Lower Bout Width 15.5 "
Middle Bout Width 10 "
Upper Bout Width 11.5 "
Overall Length 40.25 "

Why not take your Classical guitar with you on vacation? Fun in the Sun! Now you can with the Gator Cases Molded Flight Case. TSA Approved locking latches. Now with the Added protection you never have to worry. Your guitar will be secure when you travel.

I have another post on electric guitar cases they are Gator Cases. Here is the link to Best Gator Electric Guitar Review. If you are interested in an electric guitar case for traveling read on.

Gator Electric Guitar flight Case 

Gator Electric Guitar Flight Case

Gator Electric Guitar Flight Case

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions: Body Length: 19.25”
Body Height: 3.25”
Lower Bout Width: 12.5”
Middle Bout Width: 12.5”
Upper Bout Width: 12.5”
Overall Length: 39.5”

Molded Flight Case for Strat, and Tele Style Guitars. Take your guitar anywhere you want with this Gator electric guitar case. This case is an electric guitar hard case that has TSA Approved latches. Which means it can go in the Belly of the plane, and travel where ever you go in the world. I’m excited just thinking about traveling with my guitar and knowing it’s Secure.

The GTSA Series guitar cases have TSA Latches, and non locking latches which makes it easier to open. The construction on this case provides the maximum protection for your electric guitar.

Electric Guitar Flight Molded Case for Double Cut-Away Guitars such as Gibson SG Guitars 

Gator Cases molded flight case -electric

Electric Guitar Molded Flight Case -Gator Case

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions Body Length 17.75 "
Body Height 2.25 "
Lower Bout Width 13 "
Middle Bout Width 9 "
Upper Bout Width 10.5 "
Overall Length 40.5 "

Flight Molded Case for Les Paul Style Guitars

Les Paul Style Gator Molded Flight Case

Les Paul Style Gator Molded Flight Case

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions Body Length 18.5 "
Body Height 2.75 "
Lower Bout Width 13.25 "
Middle Bout Width 7.75 "
Upper Bout Width 9.5 "
Overall Length 42 "
  • Military grade polyethylene outer shell
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Ideal for air travel with TSA Approved Center Locking Latch
  • Fits Les Paul Style Guitars

Get Your Gator Case Today right here from Amazon. Click the Link to see the price of the Les Paul Style Molded Flight Case.

Cheap Guitar Case that Has Protection 

Gator GL electric case

Gator GL Electric Guitar Case

Tech Specs
Interior Dimensions Body Length 19”
Body Height 3.38”
Lower Bout Width 12.75”
Middle Bout Width 12.75”
Upper Bout Width 12.75”
Overall Length 39.5”

Lightweight Electric Guitar Case, and light on the pocket too. The Gator Lightweight case has Dense Poly-foam inside to protect your guitar against knocks and bangs. This case is a “Hybrid” between a hardshell guitar case and an electric Gig Bag.

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