How To Choose Guitar Strings

What’s The Best Guitar Strings?

Hello, Sharon YourGuitarGuide helping you make a decision.

Is your guitar electric or acoustic?

This will make a difference on what type of strings you will need to use. With an electric guitar you have a magnetic pick-up.

Electric Guitar Strings

Where as with the acoustic electric guitar the pick-up uses the vibration of the strings.

acoustic Guitar Strings

  • The material of the string used with the magnetic pick-up is steel or nickel.
  • The acoustic electric guitar may have a steel wound string with a phosphor over winding.
  • The acoustic strings are usually a thicker gauge than the electric. So that they can project a louder sound. This is their only means of amplifying.
  • Strings are usually described from the manufactures as the “string Diameter” or gauge in thousands of an inch (.001 inch is .0254mm). The thicker the string is, the more tension is required, and the harder to push down to get the correct pitch.
  • The strings have a Diameter listing for example 10-47, 11-52, 12-54, 13-56, 14-59. Which are extra
  • light, light, medium, and heavy etc.  In the example above. 10-47, the 10 is the high E string and the gauge Goes up to 47 being the low E string. What gauge you use is entirely up to the person playing the guitar. If you buy strings that are 14-59, which is a heavy gauge. It will take more effort to play And harder to hit the right pitch. Your hands may tire more easily. Where as if you went with a lighter gauge 10-47, extra light will make bends a lot easier.

There are several different manufacturers of strings. D’AddarrioEarnie Ball, Elixer, Martin Co. These are all good choices.  It is entirely up to the guitar player on which one to choose.

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