Washburn Guitar Parlor Series Review

washburn guitar parlor series review

Washburn makes a lot of great products but one that has been around since before the civil war is the parlor guitar. Todays topic is  the Washburn guitar parlor series review.

Parlor Guitars have been around since the late 19th- early 20th century. The Parlor Series guitar is just one of the styles and models of guitar that Washburn has made since 1883. Where George Washburn founder of the Manufacture started making other musical instruments, other than guitars. Such as Banjos, Mandolins, Ukuleles, and more.

Many big name players in Rock, Folk and Blues have set the trend in music using the Washburn Guitar. It is no mistake these player understand the quality of Washburn.

Today’s focus will be on the Washburn parlor guitar. Parlor guitars  are a smaller body guitar. It’s name is from the era when primarily woman would play this style of guitar. It’s small size made it great for women to play inside. In a “parlor”, Which in more modern terms the living room. Hence the name Parlor Guitar. Fast forward to today, we have the revival of the Washburn Vintage Series Parlor  Series guitars.

The R314KK, R320SWRK, Wp11SNS,  three heavy hitters.

Washburn R314KK Parlor Series, Vintage Series Guitar

washburn guitar parlor series review

Washburn R314KK Parlor Series

Washburn parlor Series guitar review


The vintage series recreates the Washburn R314KK crafted Parlor guitars of the 19th – 20th century. Because these guitars are made of modern materials and techniques they are more durable. Even though Sound is left up to an individuals taste, it is of the opinion of many that the sound quality is better than its counter part of 100 years ago. Further more the Vintage finish and distressed hardware gives it that authentic 1900’s look. Buy Your Washburn R314KK Parlor guitar Today from Amazon.

Quality and Beauty combined equates to Washburns vintage series parlor guitar and is surprisingly affordable. It has a rustic small design and a wonderful bluesy Sound. There is a unique beauty right out of the box.

This guitar is built to last with its Spruce top, Trembesi Tonewood back and sides. To give an impressive warm tone. The V-neck is made of mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard.

Features of  the Washburn  R314KK

  • Aged finish
  • Spruce top
  • Trembesi back and sides
  • Mahogany V neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Rope Purfling on the top edge
  • Rosewood bridge
  • 19 frets

R320SWRK Vintage Series, Parlor Series Guitar

washburn guitar parlor series review

Washburn Vintage Series R320SWRK

Washburn parlor series guitar review


To create the “vibe” of a 100 year old instrument that has been well played Washburn has added a vintage finish and distressed hardware to the R320SWRK. Buy Your Washburn R320SWRK Today from Amazaon.

Because this instrument has been built with modern material and techniques this guitar is more durable than its counter part of 100 years ago.

Featuring a Solid Spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides. Quartersawn scalloped stika spruce bracing. A mahogany V neck with ebony 18 fret fingerboard. Also featuring the “tree of Life” inlays. Distressed open gear tuners, and D’Addario strings.

R320SWRK Features

  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Back Solid Rosewood
  • Sides Solid Rosewood
  • Bracing Quartersawn Scalloped Stika Spruce
  • Rosette – Abalone
  • V Shape Neck – Mahogany
  • Fingerboard Ebony with 18 Frets
  • Inlays – Tree of Life
  • Nut – Bone
  • Nut Width 48mm
  • Scale – 24.75
  • Tuners – Distressed Open Gear
  • Strings D’Addario EXP – 16

This guitar is beautiful and comes with a slightly higher price for all its  bells and whistles.

 Washburn WP11SNS Parlor Series Guitar Review

washburn guitar parlor series review

Washburn WP11SNS Parlor Guitar

The WP11SNS parlor guitar is based off of the same design as the other Vintage series guitars but this guitar is more affordable for the budget. It still has that Bluesy sound and the authentic 100 year old distressed look. Buy Your Washburn WP11SNS Parlor guitar from Amazon Today!

It features a mahogany back and sides creating a slightly more focused articulate tone. The fingerboard displays pearl dot inlays. This Parlor scale model is 24.75″and features a natural stain finish. Solid ceder top supported by quarter sawn scallop stika spruce bracing. Abolone rosette and Washburn rosewood bridge. The fingerboard is rosewood and mahogany neck. Gold open gear tuners. The tones on this guitar are great for finger picking or with a pick.

This guitar is a Best budget guitar and true to its parlor size and shape has great clarity. You get Bang for your buck with this parlor series guitar.

Washburn guitar parlor series review Features for the WP11SNS

  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Back – Mahogany
  • Sides – Mahogany
  • Bracing – Quartersawn Scalloped Stika Spruce
  • Rosetta – Abalone
  • Neck – Satin Mahogany with 2 way Truss rod
  • Fretboard – Rosewood with 20 Frets
  • Inlays – Dot
  • Nut – Bone 44mm Width
  • Scale 24.75
  • Bridge – Rosewood
  • Tuners – Gold open gear
  • Strings D’Addario EXP – 16 Light

Because the Wp11SNS Parlor Series has a lot of the same quality features as the rest or the guitars in this series, but for considerably less it makes it the Best Budget guitar in the Series.

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Best Washburn Guitar Parlor Series Review

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There are numerous video lessons that feature the Washburn parlor series WP11SNS in the Guitar Essential Blog.

I hope this Washburn guitar parlor series review has been quite informative and helpful to making the process of  buying a parlor guitar an easier destitution.

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To Summarize Washburn guitar parlor series review

The three heavy hitters in the Vintage parlor series are  R314KK, R320SWRK, Wp11SNS.

  1. R320SWRK has all the bells and whistles and costs the most, and has Great customer response review 3.5 at stars.
  2.   R314KK has an over all customer review of 3.5 and comes with similar features as the R320SWRK, but with less sting when it comes to the checkout.
  3. Wp11SNS is undoubtedly for the budget minded individual who is still interested in the quality that Washburn has displayed for century’s. The overall customer response is rated at 5 stars.

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