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Music Theory 101


Walk away knowing Exactly the why behind your favorite songs. Know what Key the song is in and how to find it… Plus find your way across the fingerboard with confidence… Or Your Money back!

Tell Me if This Sounds Like You:

Take a look at your favorite guitar player. Why is it that you want to play like them. Is it because they have some really great rhythm or they can through down some really cool licks. And you want to play just like that.

You probably notice that there playing is seemingly effortless anywhere on the guitar. Do you ever wonder how they are able to play all over the neck of the guitar?

They are able to sound great anywhere on the neck of the guitar. In any key and it doesn’t matter what song they are playing it is effortless.

It’s one thing to know how to play some chords and strum some songs. And a totally different thing to actually know what chords are in the song and why. How the chords work together to sound great. And how to play anywhere you want on the guitar fingerboard.

Don’t you agree your favorite guitarist some how knows!

So the real question you should ask yourself is. Is it just a coincidence that guitarists you see playing on stage. Can play all over the fingerboard. Or have they developed a musical knowledge.

If you said they have learned music. Then you would be correct! You see most guitarist don’t know how to read music. They have invested in learning the craft. And you would be surprised how far you can go on a guitar with just a little bit of music theory.

Just like your favorite guitarist. You too will be able to understand what chords are in the song. With out struggling to figure it out. And know what notes are in the chord. And how to get around the fingerboard.

But if you are like most struggling guitarist I meet. The biggest HURDLE that keeps your guitar playing at a complete standstill. Is that darn Rock in the shoes question….

How can I know how to play chords in any key”

The Truth of The Matter

Most people think that to get to that point of there favorite guitar player they have to spend years studying music and learning how to read music. But that could be no further from the truth. The facts are that yes you have to put the time in and invest in yourself to get as good as your heart desires. But if you learn some music theory you will propel your knowledge of playing the guitar. And things instantly things will become easier for you. It’s as though you had mud in your eyes and some one washed them for you. And things will become clear, make more sense. Which in turn will reflect on your guitar playing.


Music Theory 101


A Easier Proven Method to Make Guitar Make Sense Faster!

Or Your Money Back

A Proven Method to Finally Make Guitar Make Sense

Or Your Money Back

>> Critical concepts to make music easier on your guitar. Learn the one Most Important Scale & how to use it when playing songs. <<

>> The Sneaky Strategy to finding all the notes on guitar. Discover the quickest way to get around the finger board. <<

>> Get the secrets to the musical alphabet. And unlock the finger board. <<

>> Discover how to Find the chords in your favorite songs. So that you can play all your favorite songs. <<

>> Master the fingerboard at a glance. Discover the truth about the notes on the fingerboard. The Fastest Way! <<

>>Expand your knowledge of chord construction. Uncover the secrets to make playing easier. <<

>> Unlock your world of guitar… with this one Simple Strategy. <<

And More…

Music Theory 101 Just


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Uncovering the Elusive Octaves

  • Discover Pitch in a Octave so that you will be one step closer to understanding music.
  • Finding the Octave so that you can find your way around the fingerboard.

Two Stepping Through Half steps and Whole steps

  • The Secret’s to Half steps & Whole steps.
  • Discover Semi Tones and Tones on the guitar. So you can play all over the fingerboard.
  • Unlocking Your world of guitar with this one simple strategy.

Learn The Secret of 7 Eye Opening Notes So That You Can Play Any Song Your Heart Desires.

  • The sneaky strategy to playing all the notes on the guitar.
  • The Secrets to great guitar playing are with the rudiments.
  • How to Use the Musical Alphabet without having to guess on the guitar.
  • Learn the Truth about Unlocking the A Major Scale.

Discover The Single Most Important Powerful Scale 

  • The Secrets to the Major Scale so that you can play in every key.
  • How to use the Major Scale on Guitar so that you can find what key the song is in.
  • What most guitar teachers won’t tell you about Music Theory.

The Easiest & Fastest Way to Know What Chord to Play in the Song

  • Discover the Degrees of the Major Scale so that you can play guitar with friends, gigging or band.
  • Unlocking the guitar Fingerboard with the Degrees of the Major scale.

Up to $297.00 Worth of Bonuses When You Join Today!

I have some extra “Goodies” for you

The 5 Main Modules of Music Theory 101 will transform your guitar playing. But that is only the beginning.

When you invest in the Music Theory 101 course you also get 6 Massive bonus bundles. To make your progress even faster and your success even easier. And tools to simplify everything you do. Starting with…

Music Theory Bonus Bundle Maps & Execution Guides

“Talk about plug and play!… with an emphasis on play!”

  1. A Road Map for Uncover Octaves so that you Can find your way around the fingerboard.
  2. The step by step process for the quickest and easiest way to learn every note.
  3. An Ultimate Guide for Major and minor Keys.
  4. Unlocking Key Signatures at a glance.
  5. The complete list of Musical Definitions.
  6. A comprehensive guide to help learn the Major scale.

Plus Materials, Downloadable and additional resources. Worth up to $297.00 when you invest today!

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There Are Two Paths You Can Go Down

A. Keep trying to figure things out on your own or even worse do nothing. Then nothing will Change.


B. Get a Better Understanding of the Music You are Playing. By taking the proven method. That will propel your guitar playing faster.

So you can spend years stumbling across video’s on YouTube and maybe you learn the correct way. Or Maybe not! Since you don’t really know what it is you need to know. So that playing guitar is so much easier.

And it might just take so long that you give up on your dream!

With plan B. You can invest in you! And enroll in the course. Learn the techniques & skills that every guitar player needs to know. So that you can play music. Effortlessly like your favorite guitarist.

I think you know that the right decision is to make the investment and enroll in the course. This will be the quickest and easier way to get on the right track of finally playing your favorite guitar songs.

So what’s it going to be? Path A or B. If you chose A. then I want you to click the link below to get enrolled now! And I’ll see you soon.

Music Theory 101 Just


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Why I’m Not Charging As Much as I Should for This Course

Since I started several years ago. I have helped thousands of guitar players learn how to improve there playing. Through guitar lessons and courses.

And with having premium prices has allowed me to attract committed guitar players. That are enthusiastic about working with me and learning the skills to enhance their playing.

If you were to go to a brick and mortar guitar center to take guitar lessons. One, you would be stuck in a time slot that is convenient for the store and teacher.

And you would have the inconvenience of packing up your gear. “guitar, amp, strap,” etc. Loading the car. Then driving to the location. 

Private instruction usually has two rates. 30 and 60 minute instructional. There is often a one time registration fee. Then the guitar lesson is 35.00 – 75.00. This is at your local guitar/music store. The low end is a “Group Rate.” Meaning 2 -3 people in a group learn from one teacher. This cuts in to your one on one time with the teacher.

On the lower end of the cost spectrum…
When you do the Math I could charge upward of $1820.00 or more…

But with the use of Video I am able to lower the cost by 100’s of dollars. Plus you are able to learn on your own time schedule. Anytime anywhere. Even in the comfort of your home. 

But all that being said this is a special offer. So if you are interested in finally learning to play guitar and understanding music. Go ahead and click the link below and I’ll see you soon!

Have a pressing question you have before enrolling in Music Theory 101?

Below is a list of my most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some odd reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to our support team. (Bottom left side of  page).So we can assist you, Cool?

  • Q. How much time do I need to take this course?
  • A. The more you practice the better of a guitar player you will become. The course is structured into small modules. Which will workout perfect if you are short on time. It’s ready to go when you are. So you can go at your own pace.
  • Q. Do You take payment plans?
  • A. This course is very economical. And you only have one investment and it’s yours for a lifetime.
  • Q. Do you have a guarantee?
  • A. This course is no risk. I am so confident in your success. That the course has a 30- day 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Q. What is in the course?
  • A. A Step by step method to teach you guitar Theory.
  • Q. Is there a certain time to access the course once I have purchased it?
  • A. This is an online course. Which means you have access 24/7. You can access it anytime, anywhere.
  • Q.  Am I to old to start learning guitar?
  • A. NO! Your never to old. It’s true that things are easier when you are young. But there are plenty of people that start playing guitar in there later years. And the course is structured so that you can go at your own pace.
  • Q. What do I need to take this course?
  • A. You will need a guitar and guitar picks.
  • Q. After I get the course how long do I get to use the content for?
  • A. Once you have invested in the course you will have lifetime access.