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YourGuitarGuide.com is a one stop shop. Where you can learn how to play guitar. And in the same place buy gear and accessories. We research and write reviews on some of the best gear, and recommended products in the industry. So you can make an informed decision when buying gear.

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“We Help People Find Their Sound with Online Guitar Courses, Lessons & with Name Brand Gear”

Our Story

The Domain name YourGuitarGuide.com was bought in March 2017. The site was incredibly slow to take off. But through perseverance the site is starting to gain traction and is becoming a driving force in the online guitar lesson industry.

Sharon AKA YourGuitarGuide started the business in March of 2017. This was after playing guitar for over 30 years. She decided to take on the challenge of teaching guitar through online courses and video lessons.

Even though Sharon was not a professional web designer. In March she designed her first website and it was a copy and paste website. But quickly learned that to build a sustainable website she would need to switch to WordPress. From there Sharon’s Entrepreneurial experience and website has grown.

YourGuitarGuide is the author of all the articles in the Guitar Essentials Blog. Which is the name of the blog on YourGuitarGuide.com.

A lot of her audience come’s to this website from YourGuitarGuide. Which is the YouTube channel that Sharon created to teach some online lessons. But a more in-depth approach of learning the guitar comes through the courses here. And for even more benefits I have a Patreon page.

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Our Customers Are Awesome

A lot of our customers have purchased courses from YourGuitarGuide.com . And use some of the free online courses. And they always leave comments about their success from their online training. Thanks to your success YourGuitarGuide.com is able to measure our success. Thank You!

Courses & Lessons we Provide

Guitar Lessons

All Access

Get access to every course!  There are over 700 plus courses. 33,000 Lessons which include:Tab and notation (11,000+). Need some Jam Tracks to practice with? No problem ( 7000+). With 140+ instructors to choose from. Learn Anywhere at anytime on any Device. 

Recommended Gear

YourGuitarGuide Recommended Gear

I have spent a lot of time testing out, and using different gear. Some good and some not so good. On this page you will find my recommended Gear.

Video Lessons

Video Lessons

This list will be kept up to date with more video’s as they become produced. See in Menu.

Guitar Essentials Blog


Product Reviews

The Best Deals on Gear Review

I comprised a list for you of the Best Deals & Product Reviews on guitar gear and accessories. To Help You find your sound. Updated Reviews

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