Refund Policy

We’ve been asked about our refund policy, so we want to make it really clear right up front.

We’d love to be able to give refunds to anyone who isn’t fully satisfied with the YourGuitarGuide Courses.  But the nature of the product makes it impossible to return, and the nature of the information in the Courses makes giving refunds to anyone who asks a dangerous policy for our business.

So let me get this out of the way.

Our refund policy is really simple. We can’t do refunds. After 30 day’s from purchase on YourGuitarGuide Courses. There’s only one exception to that rule and here it is. If there was a technical issue and your card was charged more than once or after you canceled your subscription, we’ll absolutely refund those additional charges.  Of course.  No questions asked.  If you want a refund for some other reason, I’m really sorry but we’re going to have to say “no”.

Now let me explain why.

We used to be of the mindset that we should give refunds to anyone who asks for one, no questions asked. Then, people started taking advantage of us.

We’d get someone sign up and ask for a refund only an hour later. They just bought out of curiosity with no intention of sticking around.

Much worse than that, we’d get another person spend a week in the course copying all of the content, recording all of the videos, and then placing a pirated copy of our courses on another site at a discounted price.  And then they’d approach us with some story about how they need their money back because this course just “isn’t for them”.

We can stop this kind of behavior almost entirely by simply letting people know that the refund isn’t an option.  People who would steal from you and from us will have to think twice before paying for access to the Courses.

Allowing refunds has unfortunately caused a lot of trouble for us and we just can’t put our entire business at risk by offering a refund window.  We’ve spent a lot of time and had unnecessary cost fighting to have our intellectual property protected.

So here’s what we did to help protect you!

We have gone above and beyond to make it abundantly clear what’s inside the Course after reading all the information on the Course page and watching our video walking you through exactly what’s inside the Course you should know exactly what you’re going to get.  And if that page doesn’t answer your questions, you can send us a message asking for more information.

Basically, the only surprises you’ll have when you buy a Course is it will be good one!  Our goal, every single day, is to make even more valuable than you expected!