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best acoustic beginner guitar
Jasmine S35

Discover the Jasmine S35

The Jasmine S35 is well built, sounds great & is easy to play. With its Dreadnought body type of acoustic guitar that gives it a Big  sound. It has a satin finish that gives its natural Beauty and a thin neck for  great play-ability.  Read the complete review.

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Start your musical journey & “Teach Yourself Guitar” Basics for the Beginner Guitar Player. Click to see the price on Amazon.

How to play the Blues ebook

Today is the day to start learning the Blues, Beginner Blues eBook. On the Amazon bookshelf.


Easy Blues Composition Video Lessons

In this course you will learn the secrets to playing the blues. This is a step by step tutorial. When you have completed this course you will be playing the blues Composition.

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How to Play Guitar-Chords for Beginners-Bootcamp

This course will take you step by step on your guitar journey. If you struggle with guitar. Then this course will help you learn the techniques you need to master playing the guitar. You will learn the secrets to playing guitar with quicker results. And the essentials that make a strong foundation to build upon. So that you will be able to play thousands of songs. This course comes with 29 video lessons, individual Downloadable course material, and a Bonus – Instructional E-book.

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James Marshall Hendrix a Rock Legend

Jimi Hendrix Fender
Fender Guitar

James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix was a great American Rock guitarist. His birth name is Johnny Allen Hendrix. Even though Jimi is a Legend the highlight of his career only spanned for four years. Jimi is without a doubt one of the most influential guitarist of Pop music.  Jimi used a fender Olympic white 1964 (s01) guitar.  Fender makes similar models see the review on Jimi Hendrix Guitar.


Do I need a Humidifier for My Acoustic Guitar? 

Best Humidifier Review
Prevent your guitar from cracking.

Many new acoustic guitar owners of course want to keep there guitar looking good, and plan on keeping it for a long time. They wonder if there acoustic guitar needs a humidifier. 

You do need a humidifier if you live in a climate with little humidity then you may get by. But basically for the small price of the humidifier it is worth buying one for the added assurance.

Any product that is wood “breathes”, an acoustic guitar reacts to humidity and the temperature. This can happen while your guitar is in your home or if you have it outside in the sun. It’s not just the extreme conditions that this occurs. The guitar reacts to seasonal climate conditions too. 

Due to these changes the wood encounters, the body and neck of the guitar fluctuates.  Swells and shrinks causing the frets to buzz, the bridge could become loose or as a result bad actions. Furthermore the top could crack and warp. If the wood drys out all the way the guitar will crack, if the guitar is over humidified then the wood will swell. In either scenario the end result is a guitar that is destroyed.

Anyone who owns an acoustic guitar  will want to keep an eye on the humidity and temperature. There are several good humidifiers that are available to monitor the humidity.

What is the optimal humidity level for your acoustic guitar?

Humidification should be between 35 – 50 percent if the temperature is between 70 – 75 degree weather. 

There are several different kinds of humidifiers. Take a look at the differences in this humidifier review to find the best one that suites your needs.

Helping You Find Your Sound

Free Guitar Tuner

So you have a new guitar and it sounds great right up until it doesn’t! Now you need to tune it.

This is where a lot of people would set there guitar down and let it collect dust. Don’t let this happen to you!

Tuning the guitar is actually pretty easy once you know how.

The above tuner  has the sound that the individual strings make when they are in tune and here is how to tune your guitar.

With the above tuner and the steps you will be well on your way to finding your sound.

I’ll see you in the Blog.



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