How Often Do You Replace Guitar Strings

One of my YourGuitarGuide YouTube subscribers asked a very Specific Question. How often do you replace guitar strings? There is nothing set in stone but usually if your at home playing in your room you should replace them about every 90 days.

However there are lots of reasons you would want to replace them sooner than later. Continue reading to find out why you would want to replace your strings more often then 90 days.

Here are several tips on when you should replace your guitar strings.

When Do You Replace Guitar Strings If You Are In a Band

Like I said previously if you are at home learning to play guitar. And you are practicing then you will not have the need to replace the strings as often as if you are in a band playing every week end.

A Good recommendation for this application would be to replace your guitar strings before you are going to perform on stage.

This way you don’t run the risk of breaking a string during the middle of the set. Your going to put a fresh set of strings on so that you are ready for bending those strings. Also a fresh set of strings are going to be clean and sound bright. So that you sound great onstage.

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What are the Signs You Need to Replace Guitar Strings

  • Your guitar sounds dull when you play it. You will notice when you put on a new set of strings. That the tone of your guitar is bright when you play it. After a while that bright tone turns into a dull tone. So if your guitar sounds dull your going to want to replace your guitar strings.

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  • If your guitar won’t stay in tune your strings are stretched and you will need to replace your guitar strings.
  • When playing your guitar one string breaks. This happens if the string get week. You can replace one string, but if one is week then they have all been on the same amount of time. It’s a good practice to replace all the strings.

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  • You will notice that your strings are shiny and new when you first take them out out of the pack. But after time the grit and oils from your hand gets on the strings. And even the elements that are in the air can affect the strings. When your strings are dirty they look blotchy. It’s time to replace the strings.


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  • When the strings get stretched out they will not stay in tune and sometimes you can’t get them to tune. If your strings won’t tune replace them.

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  • Replace your guitar strings if there is corrosion on the strings. Moisture from sweat and the elements can rust your strings.

What String to Use When Replacing Your Guitar Strings

When Your guitar strings become dull, warn, or dirty try replacing them with a good quality guitar string. I recommend D’Addario.

Here are Some Great Choices of Strings:

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How Long Do Guitar Strings Last?

Guitar strings last a long time but if you are going to perform then replace the strings. Can you replace one string? While under the circumstances you would want to replace all the strings to have a fresh set on your guitar.

You can replace single strings if you are practicing and one string breaks. (Usually the high E string). You can replace that one string. But to have a great even tone all over the guitar neck. It’s recommended to replace all the strings.

Old warn dirty strings loose there bright tonal quality. And there sustain. Replacing all the strings will restore the sound your guitar makes when playing it.

How Long Do Guitar Strings Last in a Package

Sweatwater Music state that; “Manufactures advise strings can last many years before opening them”.

But remember that strings are metal and the moisture from the elements in the air can cause them to rust. Usually when I buy guitar strings it is for the sole purpose of using them. I never find that I’m hanging onto the unopened package for to long.


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