What is the Order of Guitar Strings

I know from experience when you are a beginner guitar player, there are a lot of questions. All worthy of a good answer. I too had a lot of questions. After years of playing, and experience. I am able to help you find your sound with Answers. Today I will explain What is the order of guitar strings.

So if your wondering what is the order of guitar strings. You will learn the order and names of the guitar strings. And easy ways on how to remember what the strings are called.

So if this is what you were searching to find the answer to What is the Order of Guitar Strings. Then continue reading I will make it as easy as possible for you.

What is the Guitar String Order Thickness

You may have noticed that your guitar has 6 strings. If you are looking down at your guitar. While it is sitting on your lap this is what you see. At the top of the guitar is a thick string. Then they get thinner until you get to the really thing string. The one closest to your lap.

Which is the First String on a Guitar?

Now you may think that the first string you see. When looking down at the strings. Is the first string. But really this is the 6th string. Then you have the 5th string. Fourth string, Third string, and then strings two and one.

The strings looking down at them in order of thickness. Goes like this E A D G B e.

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Guitar Strings Numbers

Let’s turn things around a little bit. The guitar is still sitting on your lap. But this time the string that is at what you would call the bottom of the guitar. This is the thinnest string. The string is counted like this: That is the 1. From there you have strings 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 6 being the thickest string.

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Guitar string Acronyms

To remember the names of the strings there are several acronyms. You know short cuts to remember the letters. Remembering the numbers are easier. Remember the thickest string is 6. The thinnest is 1.

With a guitar the higher the pitch or sound. You may think you are going down the neck. Instead you are really going up the neck. And the lower the pitch or sound of the note. You are going down the neck. So it takes a minute to think like that.

Back to how to remember the strings on the guitar. Remember from the thickest string it goes like this E A D G B e.

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  • E – Eddie
  • A – Ate
  • D – Dynamite
  • G – Good
  • B – Bye
  • e – Eddie

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If this has been helpful to you. Then you may want to take a look at this lesson. I made it for beginner guitar players. There are a lot of insider tips and 10 things beginner guitar players need to know.

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How to Tune a Guitar For Beginners

Another great start and reference that every guitar player needs to know. Is how to tune your guitar. Now a days you can use a clip on tuner and tune your guitar. But to learn how to tune it without a tuner is how I would recommend you learn it first. Then go buy a tuner and tune away.

But is always a good idea to learn how to tune your guitar by ear,

Guitar String Note Chart

After you have learned the strings another good thing you may want to learn. Because it is used quite often in music in general. But when playing guitar. And that is guitar chord diagrams. If you want a quick reference how to read Guitar chords.

What is the Right Order to Tune Guitar Strings?

When I tune My Guitar I start from the 6th string and work my way up. Now this is a different story when you are installing the strings. You do have an order to install them. So as not to get them installed wrong. But more importantly not to release all the tension that the strings have on the guitar neck. Click here to learn more about how to replace guitar strings.

In What Order Should I Replace My Guitar Strings?

When I replace my guitar strings. I start with the Lowest and thickest string. The low E string has the most tension on it. So I loosen it and then the net string to get loosened is the 5th string. Which is the A string.

Then I replace them with new strings. One as not to make things to confusing. And then also put the new strings on causing some tension. Then I work my way down from there one or two at a time. I don’t tighten them all up until the end of the process. Take a look at how to replace guitar strings for beginners for more help.

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