How to Read Guitar Chords

How to Read Guitar Chords? This is a very good question. But one that is often over looked. While quite simple once you know. Nobody is born already knowing the a guitar. Let alone how to read a guitar chord diagram. Today is going to be the day you never have to wonder How to… Continue reading How to Read Guitar Chords

What is A Power Chord

Did you just get your guitar, and you want to learn some easy chords? Or maybe you know some chords, but you want to learn some Rock n Roll. Then you have found the right article. Where You will learn what is a power chord, If you are familiar with some basic chords, and you… Continue reading What is A Power Chord

Beginner Guitar Quiz

Want to learn more about your guitar, and how to play it? Then take a look at this Beginner Guitar Quiz. To test your knowledge of your musical journey. Want to find out what kind of things are in a beginner guitar quiz? This beginner guitar quiz has a lot of basic guitar questions and answers.… Continue reading Beginner Guitar Quiz

What is a Guitar Tab

When I first started to play guitar I was like most people who started playing. That is everyone knows what a chord is. At minimum they have heard of a guitar chord. It was a little while later in my journey I heard the word “Tab”. It was at that moment I realized I didn’t… Continue reading What is a Guitar Tab