How to Choose the Best Beginner Guitar!

best beginner guitar

What’s the Best Beginner Guitar?

So you want to play the guitar, but which one would be the perfect beginner guitar to start with? When You go to the guitar store there are hundreds to choose from. What’s the best beginner guitar?

This is a very important question that you don’t want to get wrong. After all buying a guitar is not a inexpensive task. Besides you want to enjoy the time your spending learning to play. Without the right instrument it may be your first and last guitar.

In this Post you will be guided to make the correct choice to find your perfect beginner guitar.

Here is what will be covered:

  1. 4 Different Types of Guitar
  2. The Best Beginner Guitar for Electric guitar players
  3. The Best Beginner Guitar for Acoustic Players
  4. Different Guitar Body Shapes
  5. The Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar recommendation
  6. 4 critical Aspects when choosing the Best Beginner Guitar
  7. Recommended Guitars for Kids

After reading through this post you will be able to pick YOUR Perfect Guitar. It will all depend on Size, Shape, Style of playing, and last but not least your budget.

What’s the Best Guitar for beginners?

best beginner guitar

This sounds like a very hard question, but really it’s not. After giving it lots of thought it is quite simple. The best guitar for beginners is the one that fit’s your budget. That is easy for you to play, and that you enjoy playing.

What’s the best beginner guitar for You? This will depend on You, each person has there own variables. What I mean is a persons size, how large there hands are, there height. Then you have other variables like what musical tastes you like. What home environment or space do you have to practice in.

All of these “variables” need to be thought of when your thinking of whats the best guitar for beginners.

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Which is the Easiest Guitar to Play?

Starting out if you are a “Newbie” beginner guitar player, you will want to make sure your guitar is easy to play. Let’s face it not everybody that want’s to play the guitar ends up playing the guitar. The number one reason that causes you to fail at learning to play the guitar is: Your beginner guitar was not the easiest guitar to play. Having a good beginner guitar is essential.

If you don’t like your guitar, why would you pick it up day after day and play it? That is a very good question. So make sure you never have to ask yourself that question. Let’s start at the beginning to understand the different types of guitars.

The Different Types of Guitar 

Generally speaking there are two categories of guitars. We know this; Electric guitar & Acoustic guitar. There are different types of guitars that fall under each category.  electric guitar, or the acoustic guitar heading. Lets take a  look at the different types.

Different Types of Acoustic Guitar

There are Classical and Flamengo guitars generally speaking. They use nylon strings. The more common guitar is the Steel Stringed Guitars that are used in Pop music, Rock n Roll, Country, and the Blues. If you are interested in a Steel stringed guitar go here.

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Whats the Difference Between a Steel String Guitar VS Nylon?

Steel string guitars are under a lot of tension, at the bridge end of the guitar the strings are held in with Pegs. The strings are made of wound steel, and sometimes have a coating over it like phosphor to give a bright tone when plucked.

On a Classical guitar the strings are Nylon, They feel like plastic if you were to pluck it. At the Bridge end of a Classical guitar the strings are held on or tied with a loop. To learn more about guitar strings go here.

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Different Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes

Acoustic guitars work off of there own sound so you will notice all sizes of acoustic guitars. The bigger the guitar body the bigger the sound. Which as a beginner guitar player you want to sound great. But wait!! A few things to consider is the size of the guitar, and your body size. So lets take a look at the different guitar body shapes.

Here is a list of guitar body shapes from smallest to biggest.

Small Body

  • 3/4 Size guitar – This guitar is a smaller scale guitar, with a Big sound like a dreadnought. A great guitar to take where ever you go. Very portable due to it’s small size. Musicians like Ed Sheeran play the Small body guitar.
Best beginner guitar Little Martin LX1
Small Body Guitar

Parlor Guitar

  • Parlor Guitar – The Parlor Guitar is one of my favorite guitars. I would recommend this style guitar, and it maybe one of the best beginner guitars. For the simple fact, this is a comfortable guitar to play. It’s a Small guitar, and is great for inside. It does not give off a loud sound when played outside, Like a full body guitar.
  • Even so the parlor is a great guitar for all occasions. Travel, Camping, practicing & watching TV, at the same time. Due to it’s smaller stature its comfortable anywhere you are. To get the review of some fine parlor guitars go here.
Parlor guitar
Parlor Guitar


  • Auditorium – This guitar is a full size guitar. The shape of the Auditorium guitar makes it sit nice on your leg so it is easier to play. It is a runner up for the best beginner guitar. Here is a picture of the Martin Auditorium guitar.
best beginner guitar
Auditorium Guitar


  • Dreadnought – The Dreadnought is a Big Guitar Body. The first dreadnought was made by C.F. Martin Co. in 1931, and to this day is the most popular body style. This body style guitar has a nice rich deep sound when played. It is one of the best beginner guitar body styles. Although if you are buying a guitar for a kid this body style would be to Large and wide. If you are looking for a smaller guitar for ease of playing for a kids guitar, take a look at these guitars.
dreadnought best beginner guitar
Dreadnought Guitar


  • Jumbo – Big Guitar, Big Sound, Biggest Guitar Body Shape. I would Not Recommend the Jumbo guitar as the best beginner guitar.
best beginner guitar
Jumbo Guitar

What’s the Difference Between “Electro Acoustic” and “Semi Acoustic” Guitar?

A regular acoustic guitar that you can plug into an amplifier for more volume of sound. Note that you can still play this guitar without an amplifier and it sounds out. This type of guitar is called “Electro Acoustic” guitar. You may have seen this style of guitar before. It looks the same as an acoustic, but with a jack input to plug the chord into it for the amplifier.

Semi Acoustic guitar on the other hand is an electric guitar that is a semi hollow body guitar. This type of guitar has a sound box like on an acoustic and electric pickups. There is a picture of the Semi hollow body guitar shown bellow.

What are the Different Types of Electric Guitars?

Electric Guitars

There’s something magical about electric guitars. Unlike an acoustic guitar that uses the body to be heard. Electric guitars need to be connected to an amplifier to be heard. The electric guitar works off of electromagnetic pickups. Where basically the vibration of the strings is “picked up” and transmitted through the amplifier. An electric guitar can be played with out an amp. But it will be really quiet. Lets look at the different types of electric guitars.

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2 Different Types of Electric Guitars

In the Music industry when one speaks of electric guitars there are really two types of electric guitars. They are named after the founders and luthier that created the electric guitars. These two types of electric guitars are so popular that generally speaking, every electric guitar is styled after one of these types of electric guitars.

  1. Gibson Style of Guitar – Orval Gibson founded the Gibson company in 1904.
  2. Fender Style of guitar – Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender. An american inventor and founder of Fender instrument company.

A little bit of history, the two electric guitars are listed below.

 Electric Guitars

  1. Standard Electric Guitars 

Standard electric guitar
Standard electric guitars

2. Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars

best beginner guitar
Semi Hollow

 Practice Space Will also Determine What the Best Beginner Guitar

Where you live and practice will determine whats the best beginner guitar for you. If you live in a condo or an apartment, will you be able to crank the amp up? Without having your neighbors becoming disturbed. This is one of the biggest aspects to consider when you want to buy a beginner guitar.

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If you live where your neighbors would not take kindly to you “Rocking out” in your condo or apartment. You may want to consider an acoustic guitar. But if you still want an electric guitar, fortunately you can have your cake and eat it too. The newer amps have a headphone jack so you can plug your guitar into the amp and listen through headphones.

There are also smaller amps like the Roland Micro Cube that works great for practicing with, but you will still need to be careful with it. Don’t let the size full you it can still put out a lot of volume.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in click this link to see the top seller review on the Micro Cube Amp.

Steel Stringed Guitars are the Best Beginner Guitar Over the Classical Guitars and the Electric Guitars

That’s a bold statement that steel stringed guitars are the best beginner guitar. Better than Classical guitars, and better than electric guitars. I’ll tell you why this is a true statement.

First off when you are a beginner guitarist you want to make progress fast. So it helps when your guitar sounds good. It is much easier to make an acoustic guitar sound good, apposed to trying to make an electric guitar sound good.

The tone is constant on an acoustic guitar. Where as on an electric guitar there are lots of different tones to manipulate. Like all the different aspects of operating an amplifier. Then there is the 5 way switch to control the pickups on the guitar. Not to mention the tone and volume controls, just to name a few variables. These are all things that take time to learn. Which may take away from the time you could be learning to play.

Those aforementioned variables are great fun after you have been playing for a long time. When your starting out you have enough going on, and don’t need to overload, and worry about all that. Keeping things simple will make learning easier. As a beginner the best beginner guitar is an acoustic steel string guitar.

What About the Classical Guitar?

I would not recommend a classical guitar for a beginner, and here’s why.

On a classical guitar the width of the guitar neck is thick and wide. Two reasons why beginners stop playing before they have had a chance to enjoy all that the guitar offers.

It is natural as a beginner guitarist that the guitar is going to feel like a foreign object, in your hand. When you start learning chords it will feel unnatural. Because you are not used to moving your fingers and hands in those positions. Also your hand is not used to stretching your fingers like you will need to on some of the chords. So you will only complicate matters if the guitar neck is thick and wide.

The best beginner guitar is one that has a thinner neck. It makes it easier to play. That’s what we want as a beginner, an easier way to play the guitar. This is why a classical guitar is not a good beginner guitar. Again it all leads back to an acoustic guitar, with steel strings, being the best beginner guitar.

What about Learning the Electric Guitar?

Learning to play the electric guitar is great, and everything has a time and a place. But for a beginner, well you have heard the saying; “you have to crawl before you can walk.” The best beginner guitar is an acoustic, it is easier to make it sound good. Second reason is, you will build up finger strength when playing on an acoustic. After you have learned to play on an acoustic guitar then you can learn an electric guitar.

Don’t forget on an acoustic although you are playing melodies, there is a lot of rhythm going on. Where as on an electric guitar, yes you still have to play rhythm, but there is more picking individual notes to solo. So there basically two different ways of learning how to play. Acoustic guitar is the best choice when you first start playing guitar.

After you learn the fundamentals of playing on an acoustic guitar, then you can buy an electric guitar, an amplifier and learn the ropes.

 I Only Want to Learn Electric Guitar

If for some reason you don’t want to learn acoustic guitar, and  you want to be an all out Rock god playing only an electric guitar. Well then play till your hearts content. I will still maintain the best beginner guitar is an acoustic, but if your dead set on an electric guitar then you need to know the best guitar to use, which is next.

Best Beginner Guitar for Electric Players

The best beginner guitar for electric players is the Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster . The neck is thin to make playing easy and comfortable. There are two controls, tone and volume and a 3 way pick up selector. Best Value

Best beginner electric guitar
Fender Affinity Telecaster

It’s Better than other guitars for beginners because it only has 3 pick up positions and 2 controls. Another nice feature is it’s not to heavy, and it sounds great. Having the thin neck makes playing chords easy. That’s what makes this guitar the best beginner guitar for electric players. Don’t forget you will want a guitar amp so that you will be able to hear your new Pride and Joy. If your in the market for a guitar amp take a look at the top 5 amps.

4 Critical Aspects to know when going to Buy the Best Beginner Guitar

The best beginner guitar for electric players can be easy to find once you have examined these four criteria:

  • Comfortability
  • playability
  • Budget
  • Sound

Let’s take a look at these:

Let’s take a look at these four aspects when buying the best beginner guitar. First we will start with budget, since it is the most important. No matter how nice that guitar may look if you only have a $200 budget, then looking at a guitar that is $700.00 is no good.

When you are starting out a good price for an electric guitar is in the price range of $200.00. Really you don’t need to go out and spend a lot off money on a guitar in the beginning. It will not make you sound any better! This will happen after you learn how to play guitar.

Another important aspect when looking for the best beginner guitar is the playability. This is how easy it is for you to play. You will want the neck of the guitar to fit your hand like a glove. This is the same for comfort-ability. The guitar will need to be comfortable sitting on your leg, and not awkward. There is more to be said about this below.

Whats the Best Beginner Guitar for Petite Adults and Kids?

The best beginner guitar for Kids is not a Jumbo Guitar.

Whether you are an adult that is small, or a child a smaller size guitar will probably be better. For the simple fact that a 3/4 size guitar will be easier to rap your arms around it to play. There are a lot of different size guitars which were mentioned earlier. But if your not sure about what guitar size will suite you best. There’s only one thing to do.

Go to the local music store, and put one on your lap to see which one is the best for you. This might seem intimidating to you, but don’t worry your just trying it out. You don’t need to know how to play it.

The Main things to consider at the music store

  1. Is it easy to get your arm around the guitar?
  2. Is the guitar in your way or limiting you from playing?

If the answer to these Questions are Yes and no. Then you found the perfect size.  What do you mean there is more than one guitar that meets this criteria? Don’t worry read on.

How to Find the Best Beginner Guitar for You


When it comes to guitars they usually fall into price ranges as far as having the same overall quality in its class. On an electric guitar it starts at $100- $150, Then the next scale is $199-350, $499- 799.00, $1200- 1700, $2099, and upward. Keep this in mind when your shopping.

First decide on your budget before you start looking to buy. Once your in the store be strong stick to that budget, and don’t wander over to the guitars that are over that budget you set for yourself. (it’s hard but you can do it!).

How to Find the Best Beginner Guitar for You

Comfortability & Playability

Next to consider is the comfortably and the playability. They are both very important. You will want to consider things like the guitar neck. You will probably want a thin guitar neck. This will make it easier to play. The size of the guitar will play a part in how easy it is to play.

Also you don’t want the guitar to weigh a lot. You might want to learn how to stand and play in the future. Lastly when it’s on your lap make sure it’s easy to reach around and over to play comfortably.

How to Find the Best Beginner Guitar for You


Sound is a big part of every guitar players quest. You want to sound like your favorite guitar hero. So when you have narrowed it down to a couple of good choices, that are in your price range, it feels right, not bulky to hold or to heavy. It even looks good! Now lets here what it sounds like. The best beginner guitar for you is the one that sounds great to you. The sound is purely subjective.

Maybe you like a deep rich sound that you can get from a Dreadnought guitar or a pair of Humbuckers. Maybe you like that thinner sound from a Fender Startocaster. These are all great sounds to capture with an instrument, and there is no wrong sound. Unless your guitar is out of tune, but that’s another story. So once you have met these 4 criteria to your satisfaction, well then you have found the best beginner guitar for you.

Whats the Best Beginner Guitar for Acoustic Players?

Best Beginner guitar for acoustic players
Jasmine S35

Jasmine S35

The best acoustic guitar for beginner players is the steel stringed acoustic guitar. Because it is the easiest to learn with. The shape, size, feel, and sound are all up to you. You will even set the price you are willing to spend to make your dreams come true, to play guitar.

I will give you the name of a great beginner guitar. It is in my opinion one of the best beginner guitars for acoustic players. This guitar I purchased to do a review on it. Then after reading what other guitarists were saying about it. I did the review, and found that this guitar was truly the best beginner acoustic guitar. I decided that I was keeping this guitar for my collection.

I use it as what I call a “kick around” guitar that I take camping. It has that thin neck that makes it easy to play, and it sounds great. But the best thing about this guitar is the price. Click the link to see bargain price of the Jasmine S35. You won’t regret buying this guitar.

I hope the information in this post will help you make your decision a little easier. Remember this is your first guitar not your last. If you decide to continue learning the guitar you will probably get another guitar in the future. But for now take what you have learned here and run with it.

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