Best Left Handed Electric Guitar Package

left handed electric guitar
left handed electric guitar

Best Left Handed Electric Guitar Package

What to look for in a left handed electric guitar package? Usually the package will have a beginner left handed electric guitar, the amplifier, and some accessories.

Cut to the chase! The Editors Choice of the Best Left handed guitar for a beginner is without a doubt the Fender Squier by Affinity. Top 3 reasons why:

  1. Best Quality for a beginner guitar, with years of Fender experience .
  2. Unique Classic Tone, with Fender Single coil pickups.
  3. Best Value in design, and is perfect for aspiring musicians today.

Best Budget price for Fender Quality & Value! Click on over to Amazon and Get your Fender Squier by Affinity Today.

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There are a lot of left handed guitars for sale. Most guitar packages have a guitar strap and power chord. Sometimes there will be guitar picks, and an extra pack of strings. Rarely but occasionally there will be a guitar stand included.

The gig bag is included, but to get a hardshell case you would need to upgrade, and buy the case separate. Therefore I have done a review on Gator cases, which is one of the best brand of guitar cases you can get.

Some Call them Lefty Guitars

Sawtooth Satin Black Left Handed Maple Top Electric Guitar

Left Handed Electric Guitar Package
Sawtooth Satin Black

This lefty guitar package comes with the works. First off this Sawtooth satin black cutaway guitar has 22 Medium Jumbo frets, with a 25″ scale Ebony fretboard.

Second a contoured Mahogany comfort body and Vintage neck. To finish an Adjustable tale Bridge, and gold hardware to give a Modern look.

Select your unique sound with a 3-Way Selector Switch, 2 Volume, and 2 Tone Controls.With the Sawtooth Alnico V Humbucker Pickups, its the perfect blend of Tone and play-ability.

Warranty and Support

Sawtooth Manufacturers offer a one year warranty. They have designated independent authorized service centers to ensure customer satisfaction. Defective components that qualify for coverage under this warranty will be repaired, or replaced at Sawtooth’s sole discretion.

Things that are not covered are regular maintenance, damage from misuse, accidents, or from unauthorized modifications.

Buy the Sawtooth Satin Black left handed electric guitar on Amazon.

The kit includes

  1. Pick Sampler
  2. Extra Pack Guitar Strings
  3. Folding Guitar Stand
  4. Padded Gig Bag
  5. Guitar Tuner
  6. 15 ft Guitar Cable
  7. Faux Leather Guitar Strap
  8. Polish Cloth

See what customers are saying about the Sawtooth Satin Black Guitar.

Need a Great Amplifier to go with your new Guitar? Then take a look at the post on the Top Seller Worldwide, Roland Micro Cube GX.

Left Handed Electric Guitar Package with a Hard Shell Case

Another Sawtooth Left handed electric guitar is the ChromaCast Pro Series, which is another Les Paul style guitar. This guitar package is different than the rest, it comes with a hard case and accessories.

The price is still a “Budget price,” See the Low price of the ChromaCast Pro Series on Amazon. 

This Beautiful guitar has a mahogany body, and a maple top. In addition a 25″ Rosewood fretboard with 25 medium Jumbo frets.

Three great qualitys of this guitar are; the Alnico Humbucker Pickups. They give a classic guitar Tonal quality. Alnico is one of the highest quality, and strongest magnetic pickup in the industry.

Second is the three way selector switch to simply switch from bridge to neck pickups with ease. The third great aspect of the Sawtooth guitar is the two obvious controls. The Tone and volume controls positioned in the body just like the Les Paul guitars.

Finally the ChromaCast Pro Series by Sawtooth has that vintage Style and look in the adjustable tailpiece, and tuning pegs. This left handed guitar package comes with a leather strap, Strings, a guitar tuner, and a hard shell case.

Purchase at a bargain price the ChromaCast Pro Series on Amazon. 

If You Can’t Find What Your Looking for Build it Yourself!

Shop our Left Hand Guitar Kits Now! 

Sawtooth Logo T-Shirt
Sawtooth T-Shirt

Cali Blue is the manufactures color spec of the ChromaCast Pro , but it also comes in a Tuscan flame color which can be seen on amazon.

Best Left handed electric guitars for beginners 

But as you will see not all guitar packages are created equal. You want a good guitar, and a halfway decent Amp. Then take a look at two of the best left handed electric guitars for beginners.

Click on over to Amazon to View the pictures of the Squier Telecaster and Squier Stratocaster

The Fender Squier telecaster is a quality guitar. Another good left handed electric guitars for beginners is the Fender Squier Stratocaster By Affinity.

The difference in these two left handed guitars is:

  • The Stratocaster has a double cutaway, and the Telecaster has a single cut away.
  • Squier affinity telecaster has two single coil pickups, where the Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster has three single coil pickups.
  • Both the Telecaster, and Stratocaster have the C neck for easy play-ability and Classic Fender Tone.

Since 1954 Fender has made the Stratocaster guitar for all Genre styles and class of players. Consequently the strat range has expanded with the Squier. To be more affordable in its class.

Fender Squier Left handed Electric Guitar Without Package, But With Quality & Value

Fender lefty guitar
Fender left handed Stratocaster

This guitar doesn’t come with the amp, strap and power cord, or even a gig bag. But for the price, and Fender quality it is at the top of the list for Left handed electric guitars.

The Fender Squier by Affinity provides the Best Value in design and is perfect for aspiring musicians today.

What makes this a Gem is the brown starburst finish, and the Rosewood fingerboard. In addition it’s not just the look its the easy play-ability. With the C shaped neck.

The 3 single coil pickups, and Vintage tremolo give the authentic classic Stratocaster tone. The Squier is designed by Fender, and has the same DNA that made Fender a household name.

This model Strat is one that I own. I love the way it plays and sounds. Mine is a right handed Fender Squier Affinity. In either case, left or right handed doesn’t affect the Quality, Play-ability, and Tone it is one in the same.

For the price you won’t find a better quality guitar. If your interested in a guitar without the package take a look at:

Buying the Best starter electric guitar Fender Squier on Amazon.

  • Squier’s Affinity Series provides the best value in instrument design available today, and is the perfect choice.
  • Read what customers are saying about the Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster

 Fender Champion 20Watt

left handed electric guitar
Roland Micro Cube

Don’t let the size full you! Get an amp separately & go Big

If you were to get the strat or tele left handed electric guitar you can See the Amp, Strap and Case separate. You will be able to get a better amp at this time. The ones in the packages are usually the smaller less powerful amps. Though there is nothing wrong with them.

There is more value when you buy the amp separately. Here is a list of some good Quality Value Amps. That sound Great!

  1. Fender Mini Deluxe Amp Best Budget
  2. Fender Frontman 10 Watt Amp Best Value
  3. VOX V9106 10W Pathfinder Amp Best Tone 

Or Buy the Roland Cube Amp Check the price on Amazon. You will be presently surprised at the Volume of sound.

Frequently bought together 

Fender Instrument Cable

Left Handed Electric Guitar With Amp

SX RST CAR LH Left Handed Red Electric Guitar Package 

Best left handed electric guitar package

The RST Car Left handed electric guitar with amp. This package  comes with everything you need to start playing. A Full Size Guitar, amp, Tuner, Guitar bag,
Strap, and cable. Included also is a DVD with guitar instruction.

All at one low price. This double cutaway allows for comfortably and easy play-ability.   This guitar Package has Great Value for the Price check the low price of the SX RST Car LH Guitar Package on Amazon Today.

Rondo Music is an American Company that is family owned. Rondo sells a variety of instruments. Founded in 1959 Rondo’s main focus is selling the SX guitars, although they do sell Amps, Banjos and other stringed instruments. There products are imported from China, Taiwan, and Korea. Rondo Boasts that there guitar is a kick around guitar that can go anywhere you go.

  Customers who bought this item also bought 

Fender universal guitar stand
Fender Universal Stand

Don’t just leave your guitar anywhere, Buy the Fender Universal Stand on Amazon

SX RST 3TS LH 3 Tone Left Handed  Guitar Package

Best left handed electric guitar package
RST 3TS LH 3 Tone Electric Guitar

The RX RST 3TS left handed guitar package offers 3 tones. This double cutaway guitar is great for all Genre of music. The package includes the Amp, Guitar Bag, Tuner, Strap, Cable, and instructional DVD. This is a full size guitar with a Great Price. Buy the SX RST 3TS  on Amazon

Left Handed Electric Guitar Starter Kit

Introducing the Sawtooth ST Rise a 3/4 Size Left Handed Electric Guitar 

Best left handed electric guitar package
Sawtooth ST Rise

This left handed electric guitar starter kit bundle includes: 

  •  Guitar Strap
  • Pitch Pipe
  • Pick Sampler
  • Online lesson

This guitar has a Basswood Body, and Maple neck. A 24″ maple fretboard with Dot Inlays.

The Bridge is Chrome and adjustable. With a Sunburst Finish. Great for a kids size guitar, and the cheapest in the lineup.

Rise is a new line of guitars by Sawtooth. Even though it is a beginner guitar, and kids size it is not a toy. It is a real electric guitar.

This guitar pack has everything a starter needs to start there Rock Star journey. It does not come with an amp, but to get a good quality amp check out the Cube by Roland on Amazon to see the Bargain price.

You can buy the Sawtooth ST Rise today from Amazon here.

SX GE Rose Left Handed Purple Electric Guitar 

best left handed electric guitar package
                SX GE Rose

Rondo Music presents this 7/8 size left handed purple guitar. The guitar is a little bit smaller scale/size than a full size guitar. A good starter guitar for a student or someone with small hands.

The kit includes a guitar  bag, strap. Also included is an instructional DVD. The guitar is a double cutaway left handed guitar. The maple neck has a truss rod adjustment.

This guitar is great for someone who wants to play a lighter weight instrument, or has smaller hands. Bargain price for your budget!

Buy the SX GE Rose guitar. Click the link to buy on Amazon.

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Cube amp
Roland Digital Amp Digital Guitar Amplifier

Buy the Roland Micro Cube 3w amp

Sawtooth Left Handed Electric Guitar

Looks like a Left handed Telecaster 

Some people prefer the look of a Telecastor. This is a good looking Surf Green left handed electric guitar made by Sawtooth. First off this guitar pack comes with:

  • A gig bag
  • Pick sampler pack
  • Guitar strap
  • Tuner
  • Cable
  • Sawtooth 10 watt amp.
  • In addition included in the pack are guitar lessons.

The guitar itself has a Sycamore Body,  and a Maple Neck. A  Rosewood Fretboard that sports 21 Medium Jumbo Frets with Dot Inlays. You can control the sound with a 3 way Selector Switch. It has 2 coiled pickups, 1 Tone and a Master Volume Control.

This Sawtooth is a 25.5 inch scale guitar.The Sawtooth ST-ET-LH-SGRW-KIT-3  left handed electric guitar pack comes with all the bells and whistles. It is also priced to sell. Buy on Amazon the  Sawtooth guitar when you click the link.

left handed electric guitar
Sawtooth ST-ET-LH-SGRW-KIT-3 Left Handed Electric Guitar

Best Left Handed Electric Guitars

Manufactures produce a left handed starter guitar, but it is not in a package form. Meaning you don’t get all the accessories. Epiphone a leading manufacturer of starter guitars makes the case in point.

Chicago Musical Instruments purchased Epiphone and is the same company that purchased Gibson in 1944. Thus the quality you can depend on since the parent company is Gibson. Here is the legendary Les Paul Guitar by Epiphone.

Epiphone Les Paul Left handed guitar

 left handed electric guitar
Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

The Custom Pro single cutaway guitar has probuckers, and coil tapping capability. Thus  making this guitar more versatile, and one of the best left handed electric guitars. First of all Coil tapping gives the guitarist ease to switch from a single coil pickup to a full pickup.

Giving you two distinct levels of power. Furthermore the Probucker pickup has a patented Rock n Roll sound patent exclusive for Epiphone.

The king of solid body guitars, the Les Paul Custom made its debut in 1954.

Buy the Epiphone Custom series Les Paul today from Amazon.


  • Solid Body
  • Top Wood: Maple Vaneer
  • Body Wood: Mahogany
  • Body Finish: Gloss
  • Neck shape: Slim Taper D
  • Neck Wood: Mahogany
  • Scale Legnth: 24.75
  • Truss rod: Standard
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • FretBoard Material: Rosewood
  • Fet size: Medium Jumbo
  • Pickups: HH
  • Neck Pickup: Probucker 2
  • Bridge: Probucker 3
  • Special Electronics: Push/Pull phase series switch, and coil splitting

Editors Choice Top 3

  • Comparing all of the guitars, and packages the Fender is the best Quality for a Beginner guitar. With the fender Squier you get the years of experience.

Also the  Fender Single Coil Pickups give the guitar a unique classic tone. None of the other guitars will have the Fender pickups. It comes with the 3 single coil pickups, some of the guitars in the package have less than 3 pickups.

The Synchronized Tremolo gives the fender the Vintage look that is eye catching. This is my choice for the best Quality guitar in its class, Choose your Fender Squier today and buy it on Amazon.

  • Second choice is the Les Paul Custom series by Epiphone. This guitar with Probuckers captures a unique sound. Therefore with the Coil tapping and the sound this guitar ranks high for versatility. Then epiphone has set the stage with the classy look of the black mahogany body and gold appointments with mother-of-pearl inlays.

See the Les Paul Custom Pro on Amazon and buy a bargain guitar.

  • Third on the list is the Sawtooth Satin Black maple top guitar. This guitar has the Alnico V Humbucker Pickups. It is more of a Les Paul shape single cutaway guitar.
  • Therefore it’s like a left handed Gibson guitar. Next this guitar costs more, but comes with two Humbucker’s, and mahogany body for great Rock N Roll Style of playing.

Compared to the other packages this is the only guitar that has the Humbucker pickups, and Gold hardware. Consequently the only guitar that has 3 tone controls and 2 Volume control knobs.

Now it doesn’t come with the amp, but it is still worth the price for quality of guitar that it is. Lastly when you include everything that is included in the package. It’s Worth it. Take a peek at the Satin Black Sawtooth on Amazon, and take one home with you.

See the Top 5 Best Guitar Amps In 2018 Review.

The Best budget guitar is the RST CAR it comes with the amp strap, and instructional DVD. See what Customers are saying about this RST CAR guitar. 

The rest of the guitars are Great beginner guitars. That have quality that was aforementioned.

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