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Roland Micro Cube GX
Roland Micro Cube GX
Micro Cube GX

The Micro Cube GX is a high output amp with 3 Watts and a 5 inch speaker. Don’t let the size fool you. This post will unveil the Greatness rapped up into the Micro Cube GX, By Roland a leader in the manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments.

Roland is not just a brand it is 40 years of innovation that continues to shape the sound of modern music. Roland and Boss lineup includes keyboards, synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, and audio processing devices.

Many professional Musicians use Roland Gear to create their music. Now you can too with the Roland Micro Cube GX Amp. This amplifier is a compact guitar amp with 8 amp tones, a built in DSP Effects, I-Cube Link interface, and a Chromatic Tuner. Micro Cube GX has all the Bells and Whistles for such an affordable price. Check the low price of the Micro Cube GX on Amazon it is such a Bargain.

Top Seller compact Amplifier

Micro Cube GX Amplifier a Top Seller Worldwide consistently for nearly 10 years now and still running. The most popular battery powered Amp of all time, or you can use the ac power adapter. The Micro Cube GX has a variety of great Big sounds, in a tiny package. The only time size doesn’t matter. Huge sounds from a legendary processor.

It packs a punch with I-Cube Link, increased output power, and memory settings for saving your favorite settings. Extreme High gain leverages 8 COSM Amps. In addition Heavy Octave is part of the on board effects section, to obtain a Rich low tone.

Enjoy all the fun of jamming at home with the Micro Cube GX powered with Up to 25 hours of playing time. Using the six NiMH AA-size batteries you can take the Great sounds of this compact amplifier anywhere and everywhere you go. To the beach, Camping, parties, anywhere!

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Experience hours of enjoyment and uninterrupted fun. Micro Cube GX has increased power output for a better performance.  Use the built in chromatic tuner to lessen the load of having to bring an additional tuner with you.

Roland COSM Amp is renowned. The Micro Cube GX has tones for any musical style, from one extreme to the next and every sound in between. A Clean Jazz tone to Heavy Distortion the COSM has a wide spectrum of tones. The EXTREME Amp brings a new voice to the table. For crushing your metal riffs.

Micro Cube GX has you covered with a Mic Setting for using the amp with a vocal microphone. Making the sound even better there are 5 different EFX types. An independent Delay/Reverb is on board the Micro Cube GX. In addition it has new spring reverb for authentic Rock Sounds.


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Roland Micro Cube GX

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What is the I-Cube Link?

Innovative I-Cube link Roland’s interface jack is on board the Micro Cube GX. Which lets you work with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using a real guitar amps tone. The I-Cube link connects easily to the ios guitar interface. Unlike some of the more bulky interfaces that are not convenient. Simply connect the supplied cable to the audio jack.

You’re now connected to your favorite music app. With this I cube link you can play your guitar along with music tracks or use a studio quality recording to capture what you are playing into a recording app. You can adjust your effects tones to get the sound quality’s your looking for.

I-Cube Link Jack is versatile, and can be used as a stereo input. Letting you connect any audio device or music player to play through the Micro Cube GX.

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Cube Jam App

Turn your IOS device into a command center for having fun jamming, recording. You can playback songs through the Micro Cube GX when you are tethered via I-Cube Link.

This lets you play riff after riff along with your favorite songs for hours. You can also record your tones when connected through the I-cube link. With a single touch capturing all your jams. In the app you can adjust the level of volume of guitar and backing music to accomplish the perfect mix and export it to a 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV file.

Jam App also includes features such as speed and pitch adjustments for audio playback. This feature makes a better practicing experience. In addition the ability to remove the solo and create your own Jam tracks. Hours of fun and learning with music practice.

Roland Micro Cube GX Demo

Buy Your Micro Cube GX here: on Amazon.

Roland Micro Cube GX Review

Two-way power supply lets you play anywhere

  • The Micro cube GX can be used with either an AC adapter that comes with it or also powered by two AA Batteries.
  • Typically when using AA Battery you can use the Micro Cube GX for 20 hours of non stop fun. (This varies depending on the capacity of the batteries).

Seven types of COSM amps and eight types of effects are built in

  • With the Micro Cube GX you get a wide range of sound for many styles of music.
  • Included amps are Acoustic, Sim, JC Clean, Black pannel, Brit combo, Classic Stack, R-Fier Stack, Extreme.
  • 8 different effects with the use of 2 built in effects processors. EFX: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Heavy Octave, Delay/Reverb:Delay, REverb, Spring.
  • Use the Micro Cube GX as a microphone amp with the Mic input.

A Roland Renowned Exclusive COSM; What is COSM?

COSM Composite Object sound modeling is Rolands inovative Technology. COSM analyzes all the elements that makes up the original sounds. Then produces a digital model that can reproduce the same sound. 

Memory function lets you store your favorite settings and recall them as you wish. Get access to your favorite amp type quickly.

I-Cube Link jack allows convenience when practicing.   

  • The i-CUBE LINK Jack lets you carry out recording and playback using an iPad/iPhone app.

Micro Cube Gx Control Panel

Micro Cube GX Control Panel
Control Panel Micro Cube GX
Micro Cube GX Control Panel
  1. Input Jack – Connect your guitar or microphone here.
  2. I-Cube Link Aux Input Jack– Use the included mini cable to connect your ipad/Iphone or AUX In stereo cable to connect digital audio player .
  3. Memory Button– Turns the memory feature on/off. This feature lets you save your settings for the 8 amps. When the button is on/lit the Micro Cube Gx will sound like the previous stored settings. If the button is not lit/off it sounds like the selected knob settings chosen.
  4. Amp Type Switch– Select from the 8 amp selections shown below.

COSM Amp Type – Explanation – Model Tone

AcousticDynamic Acoustic sound, using a standard electric guitar.This is an original amplifier model.
JC CleanThis model is of Roland’s famous JC Jazz Chorus guitar Amplifier.Smoothe ultra flat, clean Tone.
Black PanelModeled on the Classic Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. This sound can be heard in musical styles such as Country, Blues, Jazz and Rock.Listen to Rich lows and bright high end.
Brit ComboModeled on the Vox AC 30 TB. A Rock sound that was found in liverpool in the 60’s.Producing clean sounds to Overdrive. With greater power in the low midrange. More boost and increased distortion.
Classic StackModeled on the Marshall JMP1987 sound.This is a distinctive rock amp with solid sounds.
  • R-Fier StackModeled on the Mesa Boogie Rectifier.Super High Gain Slash Metal and a wide range of lead tones.ExtremeOriginal High Gain Amp with intense distortion and thick lows, and clarity.Intense DistortionMicSelect this position when using a Mic

5. EFX knob

  • Chorus – This effect gives a greater breadth and fuller sound.
  • Flanger – A Spinning sensation of the sound is created with the flanger engaged.
  • Phaser- The Phaser effect gives the sound a swirling effect.
  • Tremolo- This effect is a cycling change in the sounds volume.
  • Heavy Octave – This adds sound lowered octave, lower than the original sound. You can play chords that become fatter when played with this effect.

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6. Delay Reverb knob – Turn the knob to delay or reverb to switch to the effect. Turn the knob to adjust the level of effect.

  • Delay – Adjust the time and amount of delay effect.
  • Reverb – Adjust the amount of reverb.
  • Spring – Modeled after spring reverb, it produces the reverb of a spring.

7. Gain knob – Adjust the level of your guitar or Microphone.

8. Volume knob – Adjust the volume of your guitar or Mic.

9. Tone knob – Turning the knob clockwise adjusts to a brighter tone. Counter clockwise dials in a milder tone.

10. Master knob – Adjusts overall volume.

11. Tuner Button – Use the tuner button to tune your guitar.

12. Power Switch – Turns the power on/off, when on the power indicator will light.

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The Rear Panel of the Micro Cube GX

  • DC in Jack – Connect the AC adapter to this jack included with the Micro Cube GX Amp.
  • REC Out/Phones Jack- Connect a recorder to the output and use master volume to control level of volume.
  • Use headphones plugged into Phones output jack.

8 – Reasons to Buy a Micro Cube GX

  1. Ultra-compact guitar amp with custom-designed speaker
  2. Eight COSM amp tones, including the ultra-heavy EXTREME amp
  3. Eight DSP effects, including HEAVY OCTAVE and dedicated DELAY/REVERB with spring emulation
  4. MEMORY function for saving favorite amp and effects settings
  5. i-CUBE LINK jack provides simple audio interfacing with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (interface cable included)
  6. Free CUBE JAM app for iOS plays songs and minus-one jam tracks, and lets you record the MICRO CUBE GX’s COSM amp tones along with music playback
  7. Chromatic tuner built in
  8. Runs on battery power or supplied AC adapter; carrying strap included.

Any Questions? Whats stopping you from getting a great amp right here. Click the link to Buy your Micro Cube GX on Amazon. 

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100 pcs Acoustic & Electric Guitar Picks 
Power Output3WOutput
Input Level (1 kHz)INPUT: -10 dBu/1 M ohm
AUX IN: -10 dBu
Speaker12 cm (5 inches) x 1 
ControlsPOWER switch
MEMORY button
TUNER button
GAIN knob
TONE knob
Connectors/JacksINPUT jack (1/4-inch phone type)
i-CUBE LINK/AUX IN jack (4-pole miniature phone type)
REC OUT/PHONES jack (Stereo miniature phone type)
DC IN jack
Power SupplyAC adaptor
Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 6
Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) x 6
Expected battery life under continuous useAlkaline battery: Approximately 20 hours
Rechargeable Ni-MH battery: Approximately 25 hours (When using batteries having a capacity of 2,400 mAh.)
* This can vary depending on the capacity of the batteries and the conditions of use.
AccessoriesOwner’s Manual
AC adaptor
Mini cable (4-pole miniature phone type)
Size andWidth – 247 mm
9-3/4 inches
Depth – 172 mm
6-13/16 inches
WeightHeight – 227 mm
8-15/16 inches
weight – 2.7 kg
5 lbs. 16 oz.

Check out the different colors on Amazon of the Micro Cube GX to suite your style and Budget.

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