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I started a joke, by The Bee Gees

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I started a Joke was written by The Bee Gees, and released in 1968 as a single off of the album “Idea.” The song was written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.

If you need help with the chords take a look at the first position chords right here.

The Bee Gee Brothers

The Bee Gees were formed in 1958. A Trio consisting of three brothers. The Gibbs, Barry, Robin, And Maurice Gibb. The Bee Gees wrote all of there own songs. They also wrote and produced many hit songs for other artists.

The Bee Gees
Barry Robin Maurice Gibb

The Bee Gees were known for there music from these Genres. Pop, Soul, Disco, Rock, and Soft Rock.

The Gibbs were born on the Isle of Man and lived in England for several years until 1958 where the family moved to Queensland Australia. It is in Australia where they made there first Success on a chart with the song Spicks and Specks.

In 1967 they returned to the United Kingdom where they were promoted to a world wide audience.

The group The Bee Gees are one of the best selling music artists of all time with more than 220 million records sold. In 1997 they became inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

The Bee Gees Members

Barry Gibb played Rhythm Guitar. Robin Gibb played Piano, organ and sometimes the guitar. Maurice Gibb played Bass guitar, Acoustic Guitar, lead guitar, harmonica, piano, organ, keyboard, synthesizer, and drums (not all at the same time).

Barry Robin and Maurice were the principle members of The Bee Gees, but there were other artists that were considered part of the band. Colin Peterson who played the Drums from 1967-1969. 1967-1968 Vince Melouney played lead guitar. Still there were numerous “touring members.”

Are Any of The Bee Gees Still Alive

After 45 Years Barry and Robin retire the groups name. Because of the death of Maurice Gibb in January 2003,  at the age of 53. Then in 2009 Robin announced that he and Barry would perform again, and that they would reform the group, The Bee Gees. At the Age of 62 Robin dies in May of 2012, from Cancer and other complications. Leaving a surviving member Barry Gibb.

Bee Gees Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb
Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb the youngest member of the Gibb brothers. Andrew Roy Gibb a Singer Songwriter and teen idle. Born in Manchester England in 1958.

Like his brothers Andy’s music Genres were Pop Disco and Rock. He was mostly known for his singing, but he also played the guitar and keyboard.

He became famous internationally in 1970 when he had six singles that reached the top 10 in the United States. The first of which were “I Just Want to be Your Everything.” Followed by three Top 20 singles. Andy’s Success was brief when he died on March 10th 1988 of Viral Myocarditis inflammation of the Heart muscle.

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