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Best Gear that I Recommend – My Tried & True

I have spent a lot of time testing out and using different gear. Some good and some not so good. On this page you will find my recommended gear & resources. They are not all high end and expensive products. This list is about good quality gear for a really good price. And quality resources to help you with your musical journey.

Resources for Learning to Play Guitar

Easy Blues Guitar

Learn a complete Blues Song on Your Guitar! Everything You Need in one Course

Learn the blues with this step by step system. Licks, Rhythm, & that one most important technique in lesson 5.

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All Instruments including guitar. All levels and Any age group. Self paced, step by step video courses. LEARN More >>

Guitar Lessons

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Recommended Gear

Electric Guitar

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Best Guitar Chairs

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Best Headphones

And it’s not what you think!

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Best Guitar Cases

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Top 3 Guitar Effects Pedal

Top 3 Pedals for All Guitar Players

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Best Amp

You might be surprised at our findings. Simply click the image to find out.

Yamaha Pacifica VS Squier Affinity Strat See Which One is the Best Beginner Electric Guitar?

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top 5 best guitar amps

Top Amps for Gigging

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Best Microphones

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Best Portable Amp

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Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

This was a shocking surprise when I checked this guitar out… Click on the image, your not going to believe it for such a little investment.

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5 Most Essential Guitar Products for Beginners

You will definitely need a capo Acoustic or Electric Your Choose.

You should always use a guitar strap even when sitting to prevent the risk of dropping your guitar. Take a look at these straps & accessories.

After getting your pride and Joy your going to want a good sturdy stand to safely keep your guitar on.

Keeping your guitar clean will make it sound great. A Good Cleaning product kit will make your pride and joy sing. Also a guitar humidifier in the case will keep your guitar in tip top condition.

Your going to need a comfortable seat, without arms so you can sit ergonomically correct. Or a Good stool will Help. Best Chairs for Guitar Players, Studio, Gig & your lifestyle.

Thanks for checking out my resource page. If you need a place to start learning guitar take a look at the 10 things every beginner guitar player needs to know.

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