What is the Best Portable Amplifier?

What is the Best Portable Amplifier
Roland Micro Cube GX

There are a lot of good amps out there. It is a very competitive market. So to find out what is the best portable amplifier can be very time consuming. Trying out all the different amps. So to make it easy for you. I have taking out all the hard work. I will show you why this is the best portable amp.

What is the best portable amplifier? This is my choice for what is the best portable amplifier. The Roland Micro Cube Amplifier has it all rolled into one small portable case. With the COSM Technology that is unique to Roland, packs a punch. When you ask what is the best portable amplifier Roland Micro Cube is the Champion for many reasons.

I have this world class cutting edge Amplifier. Made by Roland a leader in technology and sound. That is why I can assure you with confidence that this is the best portable amplifier. The sound is impeccable, and once you read about all the goodies that are at your finger tips. All with a turn of a dial you will be impressed with the big sound in this little package.

What is the Best Guitar Amp?

A day at my friendly music store. Where I frequent quite a bit. When I heard this gritty, booming sound! I was immediately drawn to the narley screaming tube like sound. Coming from the amp section of the store.

I hurried over to see this middle aged guy. With long hair, a Harley shirt and studs sticking out of his arm bracelet. He was playing some Metalica riffs, and really had some good chops.

I was amazed, not at his great melodic composition. But the amplifier that he was playing the guitar through. The big screaming sound that it made you would have thought it was coming from a Marshall. No! This was a small amplifier that was approximately 10 inches wide and tall. Then about 8 inches in depth. I was shocked at the big sound.

After the customer left the amp. It was my turn to see what all this little firecracker had to offer. It is simply amazing everything the micro cube has, and at a bargain price.

What is the Best Mini Amp For Guitar?

The Roland Micro Cube is the best mini amp for guitar. Like I said it is small in stature, but tall when it comes to sound and quality. This amp has everything you need. With it’s compact size it makes this amp very portable. So you can take it with ease everywhere and anywhere.

No need to worry about lugging a huge heavy amp with you. Then figuring out how to lift it in and out of the vehicle. Wondering if there is enough room for the amp. None of that hassle exists with the micro cube amp.

The micro cube ways in at 5.16 lbs. Making it so easy to carry. Finding room for it in the car is not a problem. It is small; The Width is about 9 inches high, 6 inches thick and the height is a little over 8 inches. Very easy to find space to put it.

COSM Amplifier

Another thing that makes this a winning amp is the Roland Technology. They call it COSM Technology. Which is found on the Micro Cube GX. The COSM amps allow you to play any styles of music. With the COSM you can play 8 different amps. Tones ranging from a British Combo amp, to a rectifier, Stack Classic, JC Clean, Black Panel, and even an acoustic amp. Oh and there is even an option for a microphone. All with the turn of a knob.

The Technology takes the tones, and elements found in the original amps. Then recreates the sound digitally. By spinning the dial you can go back in time, and get that Classic sound. That made that era famous from 60’s Rock and Marshall Amps, a Fender Twin, or to an extreme high Gain distortion amp. This little amp has the tone.

Go from playing some chunky blues sound, to classic rock, then JC Clean Jazz all with a dial. Then you can use the Gain knob to get a really distorted tone.

Control the metal with the Gain and volume control. Roll the Gain knob over to one o’clock. Then Set the Volume to limit the volume of the distortion so you can play without disturbing your neighbors. While still having that gritty tone your looking for.

You can also Roll the volume up, and get ready to have your hair blown back with the Big Booming sound of the micro cube.


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DPS Special Effects

The amp also has special effects so you won’t need to carry any pedals with you just this amp. Also with the roll of a knob you can dial up these effects. A Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo. There is also a delay and reverb. Just with these effects alone you can create 1000, of your own personal tones.

What is the Best Battery Powered Amp?

How many amps have a built chromatic tuner? Also an I Cube Link audio interface for iphone, ipad, and iphone touch. There is also a recording output headphone jack. So you can practice with headphones on in private.

Also a stereo Aux input jack located on the back of the amp for connecting to a CD Player, Keyboard etc. Of course a 1/4 inch input jack located at the top of the amp for your guitar or a microphone.

If that’s not enough technology packed into a micro amp take a look at this. A 3 watt 5 inch speaker amp that is powered by battery. This is the best battery powered amp in it’s class. With up to 20 hours of playability.

At first I was skeptical about it. Thinking that the sound would wane with the use of battery’s. But like everything else about this amp this two was a pleasant surprise. When powered by battery’s there is no difference in sound and tone or the playability.

The amp comes with the AC adapter so it’s your choose. If your off the grid in a remote location in a camper, and you want the capability of jamming. There you have it. Just install 6 AA battery’s and your good to go.

Don’t worry though the amplifier comes with the power adapter, and a thick sturdy strap for carrying. After all this is a portable guitar amp.

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Okay I think that’s all I have to say about the Roland micro Cube GX. I really, really like this amp. I use it all the time. It has such a variety of tones that makes playing it fun. It is light weight, this makes it easy for me to take with me when I go camping. I can play it anywhere even when there is no electricity. These are just a few of the reasons I can say this is the best portable amp. But the best reason is the bargain price. This micro Cube GX Amp is such a great value.Click to see on Amazon.

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Best Portable Headphone Amp

There maybe a lot of headphone amps out there. The best one that I have found is the Vox amPlug The Vox amPlug has a unique set up. Where plugging it into your guitar does not become a problem. It swivels to accommodate all models of guitar input locations.

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