Vox amPlug AC30 | Vox Headphone Amp Review

Vox amplug AC30


Three reasons to buy the Vox Amplug AC30 Headphone amp:

  1. Small enough to take with you anywhere and play everywhere.
  2. Easy to use just plug and play, no need for a guitar cable.
  3. Best price for a great sounding Amp for your headphones.

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Compact Headphone Amp for Electric Guitar


To use the palm sized amPlug, just plug it into your guitar and grab your headphones.

Amplug analog circuit has been improved, and provides 3 modes. The AC30 provides use of a tremolo circuit, as well as nine selectable effects with three types of Chorus, Delay, and Reverb.

Vox AmPlug AC30
Vox amPlug AC30 Amazon picture

Vox amPlug AC30 offers true analog sound into your headphones. The mini amp replicates some of the iconic sounds you have learned to enjoy in the history of amps. Such as Classic Rock, Blues, Clean, Lead and Metal. The AC30 mimics sounds like you would find with a Marshall amp.

There are two buttons on the side of the amPlug AC30, one is to power it on, and the other turns it off. When you power up the unit, you get three different delay options.

First you will see a green light that indicates power and no delay. When you press the power button again, an orange light is illuminated, and there is slight delay. Press the button again, and there is a lot of delay, indicated by a red light. Finally there is another button that turns off the amPlug AC30.

A foldable plug mechanism that can be moved 180 degrees, makes plugging into your guitar easy. The Vox amplug plugs directly into the guitar jack, where you would plug the amp cable into the guitar.

On the other side is an auxiliary input so you can listen to music while you are playing. Next to the aux input are three controls. Used to dial in your signature tone.

3 Controls

First is the Gain control, to dial in a clean sound or maybe you want a gritty crunch. It’s all at your finger tips. Next is the Tone control, you can go from a bright sound all the way to a darker tone setting. The third dial is your volume control.

On the other end is an FX button. You can cycle through 4 different effects. They include Reverb, Delay, Tremelo and Chorus. Then of course there is an input for your speakers.

Plug the amPlug AC30 into your guitar and enjoy serious sound. It’s that simple!


  • Modes: Tremolo Off/1/2
  • Effects: Chorus 1, 2 & 3, Delay 1, 2 & 3, Reverb 1, 2 & 3
  • Headphone Out
  • AUX In
  • Dimensions: 86 x 80 x 31 mm / 3.39″ x 3.15″ x 1.22″
  • Weight: 40 g / 1.41 oz. (excluding batteries)
  • Accessories: two AAA alkaline batteries
  • battery life:
  • 11 hours (With alkaline batteries, FX on)
  • 17 hours (With alkaline batteries, FX off)

Vox amPlug AC30 the Ideal Choice for Any Guitarist 

Vox amPlug Ac30 is great for:

Great for practicing and playing while you’re in the living room, and the rest of your family is watching TV. No problem you will be able to enjoy the best of both with the Vox amPlug AC30. Your family will also enjoy an evening of fun with no noise while you practice.

The Vox amPlug AC30 works Great for playing your guitar in your room late at night without waking up the entire house.

Use the amPlug AC30 when you want to play your guitar, but it’s quiet time in your apartment complex. Never have to worry about your amplifier being too loud for your neighbors. Plug in your AC30 grab the headphones and rock out.

Warm up before the gig with the Vox Amplug AC30. Don’t forget about the Aux in to connect your MP3 to help you jam.

Beginners – A Great way to practice, and still sound like a Rock Star. Even if you are a beginner there is nothing complicated about the Amplug. It is easy to plug into your guitar, and use headphones for practicing.

Traveler – Vox amPlug AC30 is small and compact great to put into the gig bag, day bag, or your case to take with you. Just throw in your amPlug, a set of your favorite headphones into your backpack, and your ready to go.

Play it when you are in transport on the train, in the car, it’s all good, because you will be quiet while you are practicing, and enjoying your commute.


  • A completely analog design accurately simulates the circuits of classic tube amplifiers, resulting in a rich, detailed sound.
  • No need for a guitar cable, plugs directly into your guitar.
  • Use the Aux input and Jam with your Smartphone, Tablet or Mp3 player.
  • 3 amp modes
  • 9 selectable effects
  • 3 controls & a foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees for ease of use.
  • Play anywhere at anytime with plenty of battery power.


Q. What headphones are good for the amplug?

A. A good pair of headphones will do the job. Here are Headphones that are comfortable and sound great. They are Wireless headphones, but can be used with the auxiliary cord that is included. Get SkullCandy, headphones from Amazon.

Q. What size headphone jack does it have?

A. 3.5 mm jack like on a Smartphone.

Q. Does the Vox Amplug AC30 have an Overdrive/Distortion Mode?

A. It has a Volume and Gain so you can dial in the tone.

Buy your Vox amPlug AC30 from Amazon, and start your jam session today!

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Now available in Blues, Clean, Lead & Classic Rock models!

Vox amPlug AC30
Vox amPlug LeadAmazon image
Vox amPlug AC30
Vox amPlug Blues picture from Amazon
Vox amPlug AC30
Vox amPlug Classic Rock Amazon image
Vox amPlug AC30
Vox amPlug Clean  Amazon image
Vox amPlug AC30
Vox amplug Bass Amazon image

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