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Some people want to know, can you Capo an electric guitar. The answer is yes. You don’t see it a lot because it is easier to use bar chords on an electric guitar rather than a guitar Capo. Specially engineered electric Capo’s are made to be used on an electric guitar. There are several electric guitar Capos. The best Capo for electric guitar is the Shubb Deluxe Series GC30-C

Lets dive right in and find out what is the best capo for electric guitar, and acoustic guitar capo. There are many different kinds of Capos and brands, but today we will unveil the secrets that make an electric Capo or acoustic Capo better than some others, and the guitar capo price.

Then we can take a look at the Classical Guitar Capo Review. Then the best Capo for 12 string guitar. Finally the acoustic guitar Capo price.

The biggest difference between the electric capo and the Acoustic

The biggest difference between the electric capo, and the Acoustic is the tension. The tension that is needed on an acoustic guitar is greater than a Capo on an electric guitar, and more sensitive. The strings don’t need to be held down as firm.

 Good Capo for Electric Guitar

electric guitar capo
Shubb Deluxe Series

 What makes this Capo stand out above the rest? 

  1. Unique design – set tension on strings and never need to adjust it again.
  2. One lever Lock and remove feature.
  3. Customized to keep your guitar in tune.
  4. Stainless Steel.

Shubb has been around for over 35 years and have built a distinctive Capo design. First thing that stands out is the unique tension adjustment. It can be adjusted to the correct pressure for the strings, and the pressure never needs to be adjusted again. Furthermore to lock the Capo and remove it is simple. With one lever just flip the lever. Finally the custom rubber keeps your guitar in tune.

Click to see current pricing of the Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30E today on Amazon.

Guitar Capo

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Thalia Capos 200 Series 

This Capo is a professional capo with 24 carrot Gold plated finish inlays. Thalia Capo is made specifically with the musician in mind. To begin it comes with 14 interchangeable fret pads to fit your guitar. Then a jewel case and a gig bag.

Third thing that makes this capo special is it is perfect for electric guitar, classic guitar, acoustic guitar, 6 string guitars and 12 string guitars. No matter what guitar your playing this one Capo will do the job. See what other guitarists say about the Thalia Capo.

  1. Perfect for Electric, Acoustic, Classical 6 or 12 String Guitars.
  2. 14 interchangeable fret pads.
  3. Seamlessly move capo up or down the fretboard with your fretting hand.

Click to get current pricing for the Thalia Capo on Amazon.

Dunlop 87B Electric Trigger Capo

Electric guitar Capo
Trigger Capo
  1. Dunlop offers a padded handle with a ergonomic shape that makes fretting easy.
  2.  Spring action clamp keeps Capo clamped securely in place.
  3. Pick your choice available in nickel or black.

Kyser Electric Guitar Capo

electric guitar Capo
Quick Change Capo

Kyser Capo specifically engineered for electric guitars. With a smaller body and less tension. Finally a Capo that works as designed. First of all raise the pitch with the Kyser quick change and start playing in other keys. Second it is built to last and makes transposing easy. The Kyser quick change Capo on Amazon.

  1. Fits all fret positions.
  2. Affordable
  3. Professional quality.

Editors Choice

This is the Editors thoughts and expert conclusions about the electric guitar Capo’s mentioned in this post. What is the best Capo for electric guitar? The Shubb Deluxe Capo precisely adjusts the tension and adheres to the same tension. In turn a plus for an electric guitar, as one doesn’t want to have too much tension and go out of pitch.

In addition the Shubb is Stainless Steel built to last. Consequently with all the features of this Capo and its affordability this Capo is the Editors Choice for the best Value.

The Thalia Capo is magnificent a truly professional Capo. First of all the Thalia has 14 interchangeable fret pads. Second it fits perfect for electric guitar, classic guitar, acoustic guitar, 6 string guitars and 12 string guitars. 

This Capo is a great choice especially if you have more than one guitar. This Capo is priced the highest. Not out of the ball park for what it is its well worth it, but its the highest price of the Capos listed here. This Thalia Capo on Amazon.

Both the Kyser Capo and the Dunlop Trigger Capo are Budget priced they are both good Capos designed for your electric guitar in mind. The Kyser is a quick change Capo. I actually own several Kyser Capos and like there simplicity.

guitar capo
   Artist Capo Bundle

Why Do You Use a Capo on a Guitar?

Before we cover what kind of Capo for acoustic guitar. It is important to understand how a Capo works for a guitarist. If you are already well versed in this then go straight to the next part of the discussion on acoustic guitar Capos.

When you are playing a guitar in the first position or open position. You have basic chords  that you play. The strings plucked in the open position are E A D G B E. This is the order of the open strings.

There is a nut at the headstock where the strings go through. So for example the 6th string plucked is an E if you were to put your finger on the first fret now your playing an F. Put your finger on the 6th string second fret it is a F# and so on. The pitch and notes change for every string. The Capo takes over the job of the nut and acts like a guitar clamp.

So if you are playing a G chord on the third fret and you want to play a G#, then to play that chord you would need to bar the chord at the 4th fret.

Guitar bar chords for beginners are usually very difficult to play for several reasons. First off as a beginner your hands are not used to playing and get tired quickly. They also may not be as strong. It just takes time to learn how to play bar chords. So if you want to make a G# without a bar chord a Capo is needed. The Capo allows the guitarist to play the same open chords in a different key.

 If you want to learn more about s to use a Capo click this link Whats the use of a capo.

Whats the Best Capo for Acoustic Guitar 

acoustic guitar capo
Buy Capo for Acoustic Guitar

The best Capo for acoustic guitar is the Kyser Quick Change Buy yours today from amazon. This is a 6 string capo that can be used with one hand. Easy to clamp on the fretboard and fits the guitar neck perfect.

This Capo price is right. With the Quick Change engineered design you can transpose your guitar instantly. Look at the different Kyser Capo Colors Here.

Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Capo

acoustic gutiar capo
Jim Dunlop Acoustic Capo

 First off the Acoustic Trigger Capo by Dunlop makes fretting easy with the padded handle and its ergonomically shape. Second this Capo is built to last with aircraft quality aluminium. Furthermore this Dunlop Capo can be used on a 6 or 12 string guitar, and can be purchased on Amazon here.

G7th Performance 

guitar capo price
Acoustic & Electric Capo
Buy a capo for acoustic guitar

When you say acoustic Capo, that could refer to a lot of different types of guitars. Like a 6 string guitar Capo is what one might think of when you say acoustic guitar Capo. What about 12 string acoustic guitar Capo. Then there is also the Classical Capo.

These are all acoustic guitars. But is there a difference between an acoustic Capo and Classical guitar Capo? And what about a 12 string Capo? What’s the best 12 string Capo?

Let’s take a look at all three. So we know that there is a difference between an electric guitar Capo and an acoustic. Some people want to know if you can use an acoustic Capo on an electric guitar. The answer is it will fit, but it puts to much pressure on the strings and the guitar pitch will be off. To come is a list of 12 string Capo Review.

12 String Capo Review

A 12 string Capo is different than the Acoustic Capo. Reason being is it takes more tension to hold more strings. Consequently the shape of the capo, while it looks the same it is actually bigger than the acoustic guitar Capo. In turn a 12 string Capo is specially designed to hold the correct pitch of the 12 string Capo. Since the pitch needs to be raised so you can play in a different key. Capos for sale here! A link to Amazon to get the current pricing on the best 12 string Capo.

Shubb 12-String Guitar Capo

Shubb 12 string guitar capo
        12 string Capo

The New Designed Shubb Capo has a roller that resists wear. A Stainless Steel contruction with nickel finish. See pricing for the Shubb 12 String capo on Amazon.

Kyser 12-String guitar Capo

Kyser 12 string Capo
         12 String Capo
  1. Fits any fret position
  2. Features bridge pin puller
  3. Affordabel, professional quality
  4. Get Your Kyser from Amazon today!

 Classical Guitar Capo Review

Classical guitar Capo Differences

The Classical guitar Capo is different from the Acoustic Capo, and 12 string Capo. Because the fretboard is different than on an acoustic guitar. Therefore the Classical Capo has to be different.

The guitar fretboard is flat on the classical guitar so the Classical Capo has no radius. Thus the Classical guitar Capo has to be specially designed with zero radius and a specified amount of tension for the Classical guitar strings. Shop Amazon for the Best Capo for Classical guitar.

Kyser Classical Capo

Kyser classical capo
              Classical Capo

 Kyser Quick Change is affordable and easy to use. In addition engineered with precision and built to last. See what other musicians are saying about the Kyser Classical Capo and Buy yours today.

Shubb Classical Guitar Capo

Shubb Classical guitar capo
    Stainless Steel Capo

Get your Shubb Classical guitar Capo on Amazon.

In Conclusion: In the first place the best Capo to buy will depend on what kind of guitar you have. Second “Capo Price”, What is the best price for a Capo. Which may not be the best guitar Capo lowest price. Finally the easiest and most functional for you to use.

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