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When it comes to a mini travel guitar it is not just the size of the guitar that makes it convenient to carry anywhere in life, but the playability and tone that is equally as important. Not to mention the price. The price for a travel guitar should not break the bank, just in case you have an accident and scratch it or worse.

The following is a list of guitars that are good travel guitars that also fit the other two previously mentioned criteria tone and playability. In my opinion just as critical as the size of the guitar.

Martin Backpacker Mini Travel Guitar Portable, but Practical?   

Martin Backpacker travel guitar
Backpacker acoustic guitar

First off this guitar is small, one of the smallest travel guitars around. This is due to the shape of the Martin Backpacker. I owned a backpacker and was initially intrigued by its small size and shape.

When I got it you could tell it had the feel that only Martin Guitars can seemingly put into the build of a guitar. It played smooth and the craftsmanship was that which you expect from CF Martin Co.

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The Spruce top and unique neck shape let it play smooth. The size lends itself to a 24 inch scale legnth with 12 frets. This alows it to be such a small acoustic guitar.

Backpacker acoustic guitar is a great travel guitar. This guitar has steel strings and comes with a carrying bag. The Backpacker comes with Great reviews from Amazon, check them out.

I found a couple of negatives with this guitar . First off the shape is so small that when you are trying to hold it where your strumming arm would usually perch on the body of the guitar, there is no body.

So the size makes it a little awkward to manage, but maybe you could get used to it. Second and more obvious is the weight of the neck of the guitar is heavier than the body. So I would find that when you are playing it you were constantly trying to hold it up in a comfortable playing position.

Third thing I will mention is the Tone of one of the smallest travel guitars is quite good. Though due to the size of this guitar the sound is small too. There is no volume to the sound, especially if you are outside where sound escapes. Like at the campground for example. Finally on a positive note the price is right! See the Bargain price of the Martin Backpacker on Amazon.

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Taylor Travel Guitar 

Taylor GS Mini Guitar
GS Mini Guitar

Next on the list of mini guitars though it is not as small as the Backpacker it has a Great Big Sound, and that is the Taylor Mini acoustic guitar. Every time I go to the Music Store I find myself picking up the Taylor Mini to play it. I’m amazed again as though it was the first time I played it. That it has such a rich sound as though it was a full size guitar.

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Taylor Travel Guitar

Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar has a 23.5 inch scale length 
Solid Mahogany back and sides to help give that full size acoustic guitar tone. The fingerboard is ebony wood to allow for smooth and ease of playing. With a grand total of 20 frets this mini packs a punch in sound and playability. In My opinion one of the best mini acoustic gutiars for the price. You can buy the Taylor GS Mini on Amazon, just click the link.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Guitar with Full Size Sound

Yamaha 3/4 size guitar
Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

APXT2 has all the bells and whistles for a small price. Fist it is a 3/4 size guitar, and an Acoutic Electric guitar. So you have the best of both worlds. This guitar will make a good guitar for travelling due to its smaller size. It also comes with a gig bag. Or you could upgrade here for a Hard Shell Case, see the post.

Travelling to the campground or somewhere where electricity is limited this Acoustic guitar will do the job for you. Then when you get back home you can plug it into the amp and start to Rock out. If you are in need of an amp check out this post on the 5 Top guitar Amps.

The Yamaha APXT2 has All the Bells and Whistles. Buy it here on Amazon.

Best Travel Guitar Acoustic Sound

Martin Lx1E
Little Martin

 Martin LX1E Acoustic guitar also has the fishman sonitone electronic features a preamp with controls for volume and tone. So you get the best of both worlds. It is compact for portability, but big enough to sit around the campfire to sing your favorite tunes. Yet with the Fishman electronics you could also bring your favorite amp and let the fun begin.

First off Martin LX1E is known as the “little Martin”. For a good reason, it only has 14 frets. The small body guitar is made of  Stika Spruce, and Martin guitar Quality. Mahogany (HPL) back and sides. This guitar is versatile with it’s Fishman Sonitone great for playing around the house or for a travel guitar. Without loosing sound and Quality.

The playability and portability is Great, this is Martins Smallest Guitar. You can see the Reviews, and low Price of the Little Martin on Amazon.

Maybe you don’t want the electronics on your guitar and only want an acoustic version. Buy the Little Martin  LX1 guitar without the Fishman Sonitone on Amazon and compare the price.

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Washburn Parlor Guitar a Good Choice in Travel Guitar

Washburn Koa Parlor Guitar
Washburn Wp55NS Parlor Guitar

The Washburn guitar is one that I would recommend due to its small size it is easy to take with you. It is a Parlor guitar that will fit in your life easily. In case you are not familiar with the Parlor guitar they are not a toy, yet they have a smaller body. This style guitar has been around since before the Civil War. Washburn History Video.

The guitar neck offers 24.75 inch Scale with 20 Rosewood frets. This Parlor Guitar is one of my favorites Guitars. It Packs a punch with its small body, but yet has great tone and intonation. The price is Great.

I take my guitar everywhere. It’s no secret that I love camping. The thing is when you take a guitar out and about you have to be care full with extreme temperatures. Either to hot & to much sun, Or just the opposite, to cold.

I want to bring my guitar, but I’m not going to bring my most expensive one to go camping. Too risky! So to have the best of both worlds I take my Parlor Guitar. For the reasons aforementioned. I don’t have to constantly worry about it. So I can enjoy playing and  having fun camping.


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The Washburn Parlor Guitar is a Great Travel Guitar

Washburn WP55 is Compact, and light weight to fit into lots of small spaces. Even though this guitar is small Washburn didn’t cut back on Quality and Sound. It has the Look of a 100 year old guitar with all its gold open gear tuners. Check out the origional Coffin Case its a Hardshell Case that is unique, and fitting for your parlor guitar.

Washburn Hardshell Case
Washbiurn Hardshell Case

A Satin Natural finish that is a Koa top. The sides and back are Koa. Also the fretboard is rosewood and makes playing it nice and easy. The tone is well balanced. Great for the blues, finger pinking or using a pick still rings out sweat. Beautiful Pearl Dot inlays.

Do you know a Bargain? Then buy the Parlor Koa Guitar, it’s very economical. Check out the price on Amazon.

Here is a post on several of the washburn Parlor Series Guitars. They are all Unique!

Washburn Travel Guitar

Washburn Travel Guitar
Washburn Rover Travel Guitar

I have to admit I’m not to keen on the looks of the Washburn Travel Guitar. But like other Washburn guitars Quality and sound is what it’s all about. Of course Playability too.

The R010 has a Solid Spruce Top. Maple back and sides. There is no cutaway, but not necessary with the body shape. The neck is Rosewood and a 24 inch scale. This guitar comes with a soft shell case an instructional DVD, strap and picks.

Buy a Great guitar the Washburn Rover Travel Guitar on Amazon. 

Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar

Cordoba Mini Travel Guitar
Cordoba Mini Travel Acoustic Guitar

Talk about Mini Cordoba puts a new meaning into Mini. With the Cordoba Mini M Acoustic Guitar 20″ Scale. This travel guitar is for All Guitarist who want to practice without taking a full size guitar with them. The tone is sweat with a surprisingly Big sound.

There are 14 frets its small, but has the feel of a full size guitar. The full size neck makes it easy to play. This guitar comes with nylon strings so if your just starting out the tips of your fingers won’t bleed. For the price this is a great travel guitar. Don’t take my word for it see what other guitarist are saying about the Cordoba Mini Guitar on Amazon.

Yamaha GL Series Guitar

Yamaha GL 1 Series Guitalele
Yamaha GL1 Guitalele

Is it a Guitar or a Ukulele? Well the Yamaha GL1 is a guitar. The GL1 has 6 strings and is a 17″ scale. The Tabacco Sunburst finish is a great look for this pint size guitar. This Yamaha guitalele comes with Nylon strings.

The Yamaha GL1 would make a good practice guitar to sit around with or take on the road instead of lugging your full size guitar with you. It would also make a good guitar for a child since the frets are closer together. See the Reviews on the Yamaha GL1 on Amazon.

Best Travel Acoustic Guitar for Your Dollar

There are several travel guitars, but the old adage “you get what you pay for,” still rings true. Why sacrifice Tone, Sound and Playability just because you want a guitar to take where ever you go.

Whether it’s to the camp site, on the train or just sitting at home enjoying some tunes and practicing. You want a good guitar that won’t break the bank, so if you were to accidentally knock it on something you can forgive yourself. Also not be afraid to take it out as a “kick around” guitar.

So in this list of great guitars here is a summary of the pros and cons of buying a travel guitar.

  1. The Martin backpacker is defiantly the smallest and easiest to transport, but as aforementioned has some playability issues.  It is a budget saver guitar.
  2. Taylor GS Mini has it all, the size, sound, and shine. It also is the highest price tag on this list of travel guitars, but still a great price for a good travel guitar.
  3. The Martin Guitar has the quality you can expect from Martin guitar Co. The price tag is on the money this is the best Travel guitar on this list. You can the LX1E with the Fishman Sonitone for about $100.00 more. Without the Fishman the LX1 model is about $100 Less. Click the links to See the prices on Amazon.
  4. Washburn Parlor Guitar Dear to my Heart, and makes a great side kick for just playing around the house or taking on the  trip. The Price is Great, a Great Value.
  5. If you just want a travel guitar and that’s it well you found one in the Rover Travel Guitar.

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