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3 Bohemian Guitars You Will Love at First Sight!

In this line up of guitars we will look at some of the best vintage oil can guitar looks from Bohemian Guitars.

Whether your at the gig, or just playing at home on the porch this guitar is a must have for your bag of tricks. From the cool look of the tin can guitar to the thin easy to play neck. This is a great  looking guitar from the onset. Its looks defiantly make it a conversational piece. In today’s conversation I will dig deep past its Vintage oil can look, and into its DNA.

Oil Can Guitars & African Instruments

Bohemian Guitars started in Johannesburg Africa, Founded by two brothers Shaun and Adam Lee, who while growing up found it awe inspiring that the locals were so resourceful that they would re-purpose discarded Materials for musical instruments. Each guitar was built by the musician and totally unique. Basically making there own homemade guitar.

Once Shaun moved to Atlanta Georgia he embarked on a musical journey of his own and started hand crafting guitars. These guitars were made from scrap metal and old oil cans. Like they say “the rest is history”, Bohemian Guitars was born.

What Makes a Bohemian Oil Can Guitar

Bohemian Guitars have that vintage oil can look, but lets look at the nuts and bolts of the tin guitar. Since the body is small on a tin guitar can and the neck is heavier, it would naturally fall down when holding the neck.

To compensate for this and to also make this guitar more structurally sound Bohemian handcrafts the guitar so the neck goes all the way through the body of the guitar. Making the neck of the guitar rest comfortably when playing.

There is a panel on the back of the oil can guitars for easy access to the interior frame works and electronics. The guitars come in a variety of distinct rich tone with P90 pickups or with single coil pickups.

Custom Pickups are not only sensing the vibration of the strings, but with the metal in the old oil cans the pickups are able to get the metallic range of tones also. In turn producing a wider range of tones.

Guitar Pickup is Really An Electromagnet

A side note just in case you were not aware the electronic pickups sense the vibration of the strings. Pickup is just that a “Magnetic Pickup.” Hence it is a bar of magnets that is rapped in wire thousands of times. Once the bar is rapped in wires it is now an electromagnet. The vibration of the strings go into the coil and the electromagnet senses these vibrations.

All this being said there is another unique tone that the electromagnetic pickups, pickup and that is from the body of the oil can guitar. These vibrations that are not found in a wooden body guitar, are a display of rich unique tones resonating from the metal.

Bohemian guitars keep true to the African instrument local folklore, by using less lumbar than most guitars, recycled materials and handcrafted displays of art.

The neck is made from a sustainable forest or from reclaimable woods, and the body is made of recycled materials. Bohemian oil can guitars are unique in its own rights, and are made with that unique guitar player in mind.

Boho Series Oil Can Guitars by Bohemian Guitars

Bohemian guitars oil can guitar
Bohemian Oil Can Guitars

First off the bohemian hot sauce electric oil can hollow body guitar. This is a sexy guitar with a maple neck and not one but two P90 pickups for that rich harmonic tone. Following  modern ideology the neck on this guitar is ergonomic for ease of playing to hit every note. Next great playability factor is the Rosewood fretboard. In addition the headstock is endowed with beautiful Chrome hardware. With a Classic Tune-o-Matic bridge to keep the Vintage appeal.

Unlike Traditional guitars there is no “Switch,” another unique aspect of the Bohemian oil can guitar. This guitar has two controls, one is the volume, and the other controls the tone.

Boho Series also stands alone in its unique squared bottom that has rubber knobs that allows the guitar to stand upright without any additional guitar stand. To see all the specs on this Bohemian hot sauce click on over to Amazon.

Bohemian Ale Can Guitar

Bohemian Guitars for Sale

Handcrafted with love for that special guitar player, the can guitar Bohemian Ale. Like it sounds a smooth brew of Unique tone. Bohemian Guitars uses that through neck design, and inside wood structure to create balance to allow for a comfortable playing experience.

Bohemian hollow body guitar electric oil can has:

  • Three single coil pickups.
  • A maple neck and fretboard.
  • Metal hollow body with removable back panel.
  • Interior wood bracing for integrity.
  • Beautiful Glaze finish.

This guitar also comes with a tone and volume control, Chrome tuners and a Tuno – o – Matic Bridge. Made to stand alone the rubber knobs on the bottom lets the guitar stand upright. No need for a guitar stand like the one in the musical instruments

Check the specs and the Bargain price of the Bohemian ale on Amazon.

Made of old Oil Cans Bohemian TNT

Bohemian Can Guitar 

Dynamite! That’s the explosive sound, and look you get from the Bohemian TNT. A Vintage oil can look with some bang for your buck. Three good reasons to buy a Bohemian oil can guitar. First you get two custom P90 magnetic pickups. Second a Signature sound from the metal interacting with the pickups. Third is the great quality from the material to the craftsmanship of Bohemian Guitars.

If your looking for a great amp to accompany your new bohemian guitar. Then have a look at the Roland Micro Cube GX  at Amazon. The top seller Worldwide.

Bohemian Surf Wax Oil Cans Guitar

Bhemian oil can guitar surfwax
Bohemian Oil Cans Guitar Surf wax

This oil can can rock with its P90 Pickups. Bohemian Boho Surf wax has a versatile sound. Smooth and Crisp; add some gain and you have a rocking tool. This guitar works great with a slide it has enough grit to slay the blues. Yet the Hollow metal creates a unique rich tone that is original.


  • Maple Neck
  • Through Body Neck
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Headstock Yellow Glazed Finish
  • 21 Frets

Surfwax Bohemian guitar is made of maple wood that has been sourced from sustainable wood. Buy your Bohemian Boho Surf wax Guitar here on Amazon.

Bohemian Guitars Boho Motor Oil

bohemian oil can guitar -motor oil
Bohemian Motor Oil Guitar

Red is my favorite color and the red on this Boho Motor Oil – oil can guitar just pops. The Boho Motor Oil guitar comes with not one but 2 Humbucker pickups. This guitar is definitely made for the rock star in you. With the double Humbucker configuration there is a fair amount of overdrive tone. It also has reverb for Jazz or dial it back for clean tones.

Designed for the Rocker in you! See the low price of the Boho Motor Oil Guitar here on Amazon.

Why Make a Homemade Guitar when Bohemian is Priced Right, Kids Like it Too!

If your Son or Daughter is asking for a guitar, and you think this might be a good idea. Now could be the right time to start them on a musical instrument. You want to see if they really want to play, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something that might just be a phase they are going through.

There are a couple of things to consider one of course is the price you want a descent guitar, but not one that is to expensive. Second thing would be the size of guitar. This will depend on the person or student you are buying for.

With the Bohemian Guitars you don’t have to worry anymore. The Quality is handcrafted with the finest of materials so you can be assured you are getting the best quality for the best price. Furthermore the size of the oil can body is Great. I don’t mean Great as in Giant. I mean great to fit all people, Kids or Adults. This guitar is not a “kids” Guitar per say. Meaning a Toy guitar, No it is a real guitar that is a great size for kids and adults.

The playability is another good reason to look at this guitar. An electric guitar is easier to play because you don’t need to push down as hard on the strings. Like you do with an acoustic guitar. When you are a child, or even adults starting to play guitar you do not have a lot of hand strength in the beginning.

If you decide on one of these great oil can guitars there is a great amplifier that is small but has a Big sound and is very inexpensive. I own the Roland Micro Cube and love it. Here is a post on the review of the top 5 amps.

Take a listen to how good the Bohemian Guitars play and sound.

Bohemian Ukulele

Don’t forget the Uke Life!

Just when you thought you’d seen it all. Look at these beautiful instruments.

Bohemian Ukulele
Bohemian Ukulel

Ukulele Life Surf Wax Uke is a Bohemian Ukulele Line of handcrafted products. This Uke has that signature sound with the metal hollow body. Like the guitars the back panel can be removed. In addition an internal wood frame for increased amplification.

Hawaiian Bohemian Cute Ukulele Case 

Bohemian Ukelele Case
Bohemian Ukelele Case

Keep Your Ukulele away from the everyday elements such as dust, dander and humidity. The three prime enemy’s of your ukulele. Be assured that your ukulele is safe and secure whether resting in the case waiting to be played, or taking it to the Gig.

This Cute ukulele case comes with padding inside to protect your Uke. The case has a heavy duty zipper to make open and closing a breeze. The Backpack style straps are adjustable, and there is an accessories pouch.

Look here at the different colors, and bargain price of the Cute Ukulele Case , on Amazon.

Bohemian Ukulele like there guitars has a tone that has uniqueness of its own due to the tin can body and With the single coil Pickup to create a new set of harmonics. Unlike a wooden bodied Uke.


  • A Maple Wood Neck
  • Maple fretboard
  • Bohemian Through neck
  • Offers Smooth economical playability.

Bohemian Ukulele Aloha

Bring the Islands to you with the Bohemian oil can Ukulele. Aloha means Welcoming, Friendly, and Hello. That’s the three things you can take away from this Ukulele. First is the look of the Aloha is so  welcoming with the Blue Green splash on the body and the palm trees. Like the can says on it “Good Vibes.” Next the sound is a warm friendly sound. That is a mix from the 4 pole single coil pickup and the tin can.

Hello, well Hello is what you will be saying all the time when you are out playing with the Aloha Ukulele. Click the link to see the low price of the Bohemian Aloha Ukulele check it out on Amazon.

Don’t forget the Amp and Chord! 

Fender Amp
Fender Amp

Buy the Fender 10G Amp  its  Great for playing a Uke.


Good Travel Guitar?

Well the Bohemian Guitars is small in size and the Ukulele even smaller. Which is a plus both are very portable. This will make taking them everywhere you want to go easy. One you negative would be you need to carry an amp with you, but the upside of that is the size of amp is minimum.

Now a days a nice amp that will fit in the car with ease, and not take up to a lot of room is very practical. You can get a light wait amp that could even fit in the luggage compartment of the plain. For that matter the Bohemian guitar would fit too.

In my opinion this would be a good travel guitar. Here is a link on Amazon to see the current price of a Cube Amp by Roland.  I recommend this because I own one just like it. It is great, light wait with a Big Sound. Check it Out.

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in some reviews and How To’s. Check out the posts here at about more guitar products, and how to play guitar. Have a look at the Guitar Essentials Blog.

Where helping you find Your sound is my mission.

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