Guitar Maintenance Products

Guitar Maintenance Products

Guitar Maintenance Products to Clean up Your Act 

Clean the fretboard with a soft cloth.

Guitar maintenance products are a small price to pay to keep your guitar looking and sounding Great.


Fretboard conditioning cloth
Conditioning Cloth picture from Amazon

Use to clean and polish your pride and joy. Cleans the dirt and oil off of the fretboard and frets, polishes and protects your instrument. Grab your JJ’s Gorgomyte cloths from amazon.

D’Addario Instrument Care Kit 

Everything you need to take care of your guitar!

Click for the price on Amazon.

StewMac Fretboard Cleaner

Premium Guitar Care Set

  • Silicone-free and repair shop friendly
  • No wax or silicone residue, no stickiness or build-up, and no smudging
  • Preservation Polish gently cleans, polishes and protects lacquer and varnish finishes

Buy Guitar Cleaner Kit click to see price on Amazon.

Guitar Cleaner

Fret erasers work like magic for getting rid of scratches and nicks out of the dull frets. Leaving a pristine shiny fret.

Prolong the Life of Your Guitar Strings with String Cleaner

Finger Board Guards Saves You from Scratching Your Fretboard

Fingerboard guards
Stew Mac Finger Board Guards

Guitar fingerboard Guard from Stew Mac has a New design that makes them better than other fingerboard gaurds. The New design fits all frets anywhere on the fretboard. 6 stainless steel Guards make them durable. Check the low price of the Fingerboard Guard on Amazon.  

Usually you clean the guitar with the strings off so you can get full access to the fingerboard. This would also be a good time to replace your guitar strings. Here are some Good Quality Acoustic Guitar Strings.

If your looking for more guitar strings check out The Gear Shop. Where you will find name brand guitar accessories.

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