Best Guitar Humidifiers for Your Acoustic Guitar

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Reason to by a Humidifier
Lack of humidity is the number one cause of guitar repairs.

Best Guitar Humidifiers for Your Acoustic Guitar

Many new acoustic guitar owners of course want to keep there guitar looking good, and plan on keeping it for a long time. They wonder if there acoustic guitar needs the best guitar humidifier and if so what’s the best humidifiers to get.

You do need a guitar humidifier if you live in a climate with little humidity then you may get by. But basically for the small price of the best humidifiers it is worth buying one for the added assurance.

Any product that is wood “breathes”, an acoustic guitar reacts to humidity and the temperature. This can happen while your guitar is in your home or if you have it outside in the sun. It’s not just the extreme conditions that this occurs. The guitar reacts to seasonal climate conditions too. 

Due to these changes the wood encounters, the body and neck of the guitar fluctuates. Swells and shrinks causing the frets to buzz, the bridge could become loose or as a result bad action. Furthermore the top could crack and warp. If the wood drys out all the way the guitar will crack, if the guitar is over humidified then the wood will swell. In either scenario the end result is a guitar that is useless and can no longer be played.

Anyone who owns an acoustic guitar will want to keep an eye on the humidity and temperature. There are several good humidifiers that are available to monitor the humidity.

What is the optimal humidity level for your acoustic guitar?

Humidification should be between 35 – 50 percent if the temperature is between 70 – 75 degree weather. Some of the best humidifiers can obtain these percentages, and sustain the correct humidity lever in all conditions of weather.

You can get Humidity sensors and Hydrometers to help assist you with digitally identifying the Temperature and the Relative humidity levels. A lot of Hydrometers will read either in Fahrenheit or Centigrade to suite your needs. Hydrometers are easy to read yet very precise with a wide range of capability.

Digital readings from  -32 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Most Hygrometers and Temperature sensors are compact, but again very accurate. I would recommend that you get a Humidity Monitor a small price to pay to keep your acoustic guitar healthy.

There are several different kinds of humidifiers. Take a look at the differences in this humidifiers review, to find the best one that suites your needs.

Whats the best Humidifier for Your Acoustic Guitar?

There are several different kinds of humidifiers, guitar case humidifiers that sit inside the guitar case to keep the case humidity regulated. If you have more than one guitar a room humidifier is a good choice. There are also sound hole humidifiers that cover the sound hole or sit between the strings and goes down into the guitar.

The last two humidifiers mentioned are basically a sponge that is enclosed, you only need to saturate it with water about every two weeks. With this kind of enclosed sponge the water doesn’t drip into the case.

D’Addario Two-way Humidification System

Whats the best humidifier for your acoustic guitar
D’Addario 2 Way System

                      The D’Addario two-way system maintains a constant 45%-50% relative humidity level within your instruments case. Buy your Guitar Humidifier today, and save your guitar the pain of cracking.

Get current price of the D’Addario two-way system  on Amazon.

  1. Automatically protects your instrument against warping, cracks and other damage caused by lack of humidification
  2. Humidipak is the only maintenance free, two-way humidity control system for guitar.
  3. No more manual adjustments based on seasonal changes, eliminates the guesswork of maintaining the proper level of humidity. The two way system lasts 2-4 months depending on the area you live and season. When its  winter and low humidity the pack may only last 4-5 weeks.

Frequently bought together

Humidity Monitor with Indoor Thermometer, Digital Hygrometer and Humidity Gauge Indicator
Acurite Humidity Monitor

AcuRite 00613 Humidity Monitor with Indoor Thermometer, Digital Hygrometer, and Humidity Gauge Indicator.

Digital Hygrometer Features and Benafits.

  • First off this hygrometer shows the current Humidity in your house.
  • Second it will give readings of the low and high Humidity for the last 24-36 hours.
  • Third thing the Acurite monitors the Current temperature and records the low and high temperature for the previous 24-36 hours.
  • Finally the Humidity gauge indicator has a humidity icon indicator that indicates the high, low or ideal humidity level.

Kyser Humidifier for Acoustic Guitars

Lifeguard Humidifier System fits quickly
into the sound hole of guitars, effectively

best humidifier to put in sound hole
Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier

maintaining the interior environment at
proper humidity levels.

See the current price of the Lifeguard Humidifier  on Amazon.

When storing your acoustic guitar or a musical wood instrument use these three easy steps to keep your instrument safe from the climate changes. You simply immerse the Lifeguard humidifier in water. Then shake off the excess water. Step three install the Lifeguard humidifier in the sound hole.

This is a great humidifier that only needs checked about every two weeks. The Lifeguard humidifier will keep your guitar in great condition for years to come. Your guitar is an investment that if taken care of properly will last a lifetime.

Frequently bought together

Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer w/clip

Digital Hygrometer

Its all about relative humidity, and once it drops below 40% then you run the risk of ruining your instrument. So take the guessing out of the equation. After Spending your hard earned money on your guitar, why run the risk of it warping or cracking. Just because you didn’t know you needed to control the moisture level in your guitar case.

Oasis Digital Hygrometer has you covered, and takes the guess work out. Oasis is precise when it measures the relative humidity. Click the link to get a bargain price on the Oasis Digital Hygrometer from Amazon.

Music Nomad MN300 Humitar Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

best guitar humidifier

The Music Nomad MN300 is Long-lasting, low-maintenance acoustic guitar humidifier that Hangs from the strings. Don’t wait until your guitar cracks.

Wood instruments need some moisture to keep playing and sounding great. Not to mention looking great. The Music Nomad humidifier works to keep your guitar from warping, cracking, and keep the wood from shrinking.

Music Nomad works in the case to prevent the aforementioned mentioned disasters from occurring. The Humiditar releases an even amount of controlled moisture to eliminate those problems. No mess, and easy to use solution. It even works on electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Semi hollow guitars, Mandolins and Cellos.

Click the link to Buy the Music Nomad MN300 humidifier on Amazon.

  • The innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge holds 10x its weight in water and features anti-drip, no-mess material. 
  • Convenient quick-flip top lets you check if Humid-i-Bar sponge is wet or dry

Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier

Best Guitar Humidifier

Get the Oasis OH-6 for your guitar case. This humidifier fits neatly in your guitar case. You can see when its ready for refill. Follow this link to Amazon to get a budget price on the Oasis OH-6 .

As you can see the Oasis clips onto the side of your guitar case. Which makes it great for other wood instruments that are stored in a case. Such as Violins, Cellos, and other woodwind instruments. There are two magnets in the seem of the oasis and a backing strip provided with the humidifier.

This allows the humidifier to attach to the metal clip or a stainless steel strip. The magnets are powerful enough to hold the humidifier in place, but it is still easy to remove from the case when needed to refill. This setup allows you to move the humidifier to different positions in the case.

Oasis comes with a syringe to add water to it. It is recommended to use distilled water when refilling.

Some Pros of the Oasis Humidifier

  • You can see when Oasis is ready for refill
  • Long lasting humidification
  • Won’t leak due to overfilling

Check out the Reviews on the Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier on Amazon

Oasis OH1 Guitar Humidifier with OH-2 Digital Hygrometer

Best guitar Humidifier
best guitar humidifier

Oasis OH-1 Original Guitar Humidifier check the price on Amazon.

  1. Long lasting humidification
  2. Won’t leak due to overfilling
  3. You can see when Oasis is ready for refill

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Guitar Humidification

See what other guitarists are saying about the Bravada two way Humidity control

Two way guitar humidifier
Bovedo 2-way Humidifier

Keep humidity at a constant level with Boveda technology. Boveda adds and removes moisture to maintain 45-55% relative humidity inside your guitar case.

Boveda works to moisten exposed wood whether in an acoustic guitar, or an electric hollow body guitar. Any wood instrument with exposed wood. The packages of Boveda eliminate all the work.

Take a package put it into the supplied cloth; one on each side. and put it in the guitar case. Hang it over the strings into the sound hole. Another one can go in the case by the headstock. If for some reason the package were to break for some weird unusual reason the cloth will resist any leakage.

Boveda works to monitor the humidity and adds moisture when necessary. If need be absorb humidity. The package never needs refilled and it lasts for 2-5 months. No maintenance.

The science is certain salts and a package to regulate moisture. Never worry the package can not harm or damage the instrument.

Take a look at the low cost of Boveda on Amazon.

Guitar Room Humidifier 

If you are in an area with extreme climate conditions and you have more than one guitar, you may want to invest in a guitar room humidifier.

Honeywell guitar room humidifier
Console Humidifier

The Honeywell Console Humidifier will work great in your guitar room to eradicate dry air. First of all the humidifier has a 3 speed adjustable setting for humidity control.

Second great aspect that makes this humidifier a no brainier is the automatic on/off level control that keeps the humidity at a steady level. Third reason you must have this one is the duel tank design allows for up to 24 hours of consistent humidification.

The Honeywell Console will do the job to keep your guitar room at a constant level of humidification so you never have to worry about your guitars cracking, warping, or coming unglued.

How Does the Honeywell Quickcare Humidifier work?

Honeywell Quickcare Humidifier works by taking the dry air in and pulling through the Quickcare humidifier system. Then the Quickcare sends an invisible moisture filled air into the room. Using a fan that blows the air. Any unwanted mater such as minerals or bacteria are trapped inside the Quickcare filter.

When the Honeywell Humidifier is operating you won’t hear or see any mist. You only notice that the water is depleting from the holding tank.

There is also a Pre filter to help trap dust, pollen, and other small particles. This filter has been specially treated to help prevent growth, mold, mildew and other odor causing bacteria from migrating onto the filter.

  • The Humidistat allows you to adjust the humidity level. Honeywell will cycle on/off periodically to obtain and maintain the desired humidity level.
  • The Humidifier automatically starts on high, it is recommended to leave on high for one hour to obtain the desired humidity level. Then you can adjust the fan speed.
  • Three fan speeds for fast humidifying, moisture control, and minimum operation (like night time operation).
  • After setting the humidity level and reaching that level the humidifier fan will shut off. When the humidity level decreases the fan will operate again until the level is reached again.

Click here to buy at a bargain price the  Honeywell Humidifier on amazon.

Whole house Humidifier 

Aircare whole house Humidifier
House Humidifier

You can protect your guitars and your wood furniture at the same time with the Essick Air, Aircare Humidifier. In the first place the Aircare Console Humidifiers will work up to 3600 square feet. A true whole house humidifier.

Second reason this humidifier is a solid choice, is the digital humidistat that controls the humidity level. To keep the precise humidity level there is an automatic on/off.

Third reason the Aircare Humidifier has multiple speed control, Digital display to maintain humidity levels, and a detachable fill tank for easy use.

The aircare Humidifier will cover up to 3600 Square ft. The tank holds 3.6 Gallons and the Run time is 36 hours. If that’s not enough goodness, it also comes with a two year warranty.

How the Aircare Humidifier Keeps Your Home or Business at the Proper Humidity Comfort Level

The Aircare humidifier takes in the dry air through a saturated wick and adds moisture (that you can not see) back into the air. During this process any mineral or other particles are evaporated and only invisible clean moisture is released into the air.

As part of the evaporation process the wick absorbs the minerals and traps the particles. Decreasing the ability of the wick to absorb and evaporate water. It is recommended to change the wick once a year.

Previously mentioned the dry air passes through the sides of the unit. Then air is moisturized and evaporated when it passes over the wick. The air is then pushed through the units top grill by a fan and into the air.

  1. Auto Humidistat (Digital Display)
  2. 4 fan Speeds
  3. Easy fill Bottle
  4. Four Caster

Click here to Buy the economical Aircare humidifiers on Amazon.

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