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How to sound proof a music studio

How to Do Cheap Soundproofing

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Sound travels through vibrations.To stop sound you have to stop vibrations. Thus when you add layers for sound to travel through then the sound loses its energy.

Furthermore sound that passes through medians becomes quieter. At last an easy way you can soundproof a room and to start soundproof walls with acoustic foam. Which is Soundproof foam.

People who own a home have a variety of different solutions to soundproof a room. It is a bit harder and is more expensive, but the end result is more of a permanent solution to eliminate sound vibrations.

However homeowners can soundproof your own home with this 5 step easy how to soundproof DIY article.

If you are a renter you will learn how to soundproof in an apartment. Maybe you live in a condo or townhouse where you are attached to neighbors. Follow the five soundproofing steps and it will show you how to soundproof a room from noisy neighbours.

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Why do you want to sound proof ?

You may want to soundproof a room so that the neighbors will still like you after you have been banging away on the drums or testing out your new guitar amp. With the five steps you will learn how to soundproof a room for music.

Sound Barriers for Home

There are different ways to sound proof a room, and different sound barriers for homes. But how to soundproof a room cheap, well in my opinion this is the way. Hands down this is cheap soundproofing! It’s also something that anyone can do. In 5 easy steps you can sound proof walls.

In a condominium or Renters situation you will not be able to change the framing or construction of the room so this will limit what you will be able to do to sound proof the room.

There are still easy solutions to sound proof a room so you do not take away from the structure you are adding to it. When you leave the material used to sound proof can easily be taken down.

Whether you rent or own you will want to try to find a room that is on ground level or in a basement so sound doesn’t leak through the floor.

DIY How to Sound Proof a Room

Here is an easy way to sound proof a room without damaging the walls and it is at a relatively low cost. The home sound dampening material is:

  • First thing you need to buy are some soundproof tiles they come in different colors. Most of the acoustic panels are all 12×12 square. So this makes it easy to figure out how many you will need for the size of room you are working on. Here are a couple of different acoustic foam panels that come from Amazon.

How do you Sound Proof an Interior wall? How to Soundproof a Room from the outside. The Studio Foam Wedge Panel comes 12 in a pack. It is a sound absorbing foam, and great for this type of easy soundproof application.

The pack of sound foam panels cover 12 square feet and are 1 inch thick. Great for the home studio, home entertainment room, home office. Used to professionally reduce waves, Reverb and is a echo proof foam. They come in Charcoal tile, Red tile, and Red & black checker tiles.

How to Sound Proof a Room Cheap? This panel covers 12 Square feet, and  the ice blue with the charcoal foam wedge gives a really sexy look. You can buy the soundproofing tile on Amazon, you won’t believe the low prices.

Adhere the soundproof foam panel to the wall with 3m strip
Picture hangers for Soundproof tile
How to soundproof a room DIY
Velcro for Tile Hangers

 5 Easy Steps to Sound Proofing Your Room.

Measure the room and buy the materials to sound proof the room.

  1.  Roll out the Velcro adhesive leave it laid out flat, Then cut the Velcro hanging strips down the center and discard the spikyside of the Velcro.
How to Soundproof a room for music
Cut Velcro hanger strips
  • Attach the Cut Velcro picture hanging strips to the Velcro strip making sure it is adhered firmly to the strip.
  • Cut the Velcro between the picture hanging strips.
  • How to soundproof a room from noisy neighbours
    Cutting between the Strips
  • Grab the foam tile and firmly stick the adhesive to the tile.
  • How to soundproof a room in an apartment
    Insert to top & bottom of soundproof tile

    You can turn the tile so that the pattern is going in a different direction and stick the adhesive, one at the top and one at the bottom of the tile. Making it look cool when hung on the wall.

  • Apply the tile to the wall start in the corner of the room and work your way down the wall. Pressing the tile firmly with force making sure they adhere to the wall surface. Remember to alternate the direction of the tile to get a crisscross look.
  • how to soundproof a room from outside noise
    Attaching Soundproofing tile

    The method described above will only work on painted walls. It will not work on brick or wall papered walls. If you were not worried about tearing up the walls then you could use a hot glue gun and glue the tiles to the walls. So now you know how to use recording foam.

    How to Soundproof a Door

    There are places in a room that sound can leak in and sound can leak out. One of these areas is a door. To sound proof a door you can replace the door or you can try a cheaper soundproof method. This would be done when you soundproof a room.

    To soundproof a door first take off the knob. Then get some thick rigid sound dampening foam. Make sure the foam is straight and flush on all sides. Grab roofing screws and a hammer and tap the nails in so it holds the foam in place.

    Take a utility knife and trace the door. Cut off any excessive foam. After tracing the door pull up on the foam until it bends a little then use the utility knife to go through the fold or crease on the foam, cutting it off.

    Then tack the rest of the soundproof foam down and install the handle. You may not want the interior door to have a sheet of foam attached to it. Read the next soundproof tip, a seal kit for the door.

    How to Soundproof a Door With a Seal Kit

    how to soundproof a door
    Door Soundproof Seal Kit

    Doors are one of the areas that air and vibrations can leak out of and into. Remember sound is a vibration. So to eliminate the leakage of sound and air buy this Acoustic Geometry Door seal kit from Amazon, it will do the trick.

    It is a DIY door seal kit, and works great when you want to soundproof a room. You will need some tools and be a little mechanically inclined for this installation. The kit is cost effective, and is a simple installation. The most effective sound isolation for the price.

    The tools that you will need are:

    1. Tape Measure
    2. Screw Driver
    3. Drill
    4. Table Saw
    5. Scissors

    Start by measuring the door frame before cutting the seals. Measure the door jam on both sides of the door. Then measure and mark the position on the aluminum door channel not on the rubber gasket.

    Put the channel on the saw with the rubber seal facing the saw back stop. Make sure the saw blade is set for a 90 degree cut. Remember SAFETY first, wear glasses when cutting to prevent injury.

    Drilling the Soundproof Door Seal

    Soundproof door seal
    Mounting a Soundproof Seal

    You can use a regular screw driver, but to make the job easier. A more efficient tool is the electric drill. One of the best cordless drill is the Dewalt 20v Max lithium ion drill/driver. 

    Carefully measure the second jam seal and mark the line where you want to cut. Use a Chop saw to cut the channel. If you don’t have a Chop Saw one of the best Chop Saws is the 14″ Dewalt Chop Saw, it is very economical. Pull the rubber on the non cut end back into the channel. Place the hinge seal channel against the door stop with the cut end down.

    Make sure the door opens and closes without binding the gasket. Drill the center mounting hole into the door stop and screw in the seal. Drill the rest of the holes and screw the seal in place. Then repeat the same process on the latch side of the door.

    Next measure the top of the door between the door jam channels. Then cut the door stop seal. It should fit tightly between the two channels. Drill the wholes to mount the seal and screw it in place. If you don’t have a chop saw you can buy it on Amazon using this link.

    Check and Adjust the Soundproof Door Seals

    How to sound proof a room DIY
          Adjusting the soundproof door seal

    Since the channels have been installed it is time to check and adjust the seal gaskets. Using a piece of paper slide it between the door and the channel seal to determine where the seal kit needs to be tightened.

    Turn the adjusting screw counter clockwise. Adjusting the screw pushes the gasket towards the door. Turn the screws until the seal is lightly against the door with no binding when opening and closing the door.

    Last but not least measure between the door jam channels at the bottom of the door. After measuring mark the channel end without the actuator screw.

    Next pull back the rubber on the end without the actuator screw. With the aluminum side against the saw back stop. Cut the Channel making sure you don’t cut the rubber.

    Install the Actuator Screw and Check the Adjustment of Seal

    Install the actuator screw end towards the hinge end of the door. Using scissors cut the rubber seal leaving an 1/8 reveal over the end of the channel. Do the same on the other end. The bottom seal must cover the floor. To hold the soundproof seal level to the door threshold use spacers (cardboard).

    how to soundproof a door
               Measure Door Seal Threashold

    Check the fit of the seal with the actuator screw at the door hinge side. Drill a hole in the Center and screw it down. Then drill and screw in the mounting screws, make sure not to over tighten as the gasket will not seal properly. Adjust the actuator screws so the gasket drops when the door is closed.

    When properly adjusted the soundproof door seal will adjust around the door. This seams like a lot of work, but it is actually quite simple. Take a look at this easy installation video.

    Note that the kit will come with its own instructions and that one should follow the instructions in the kit. The article is an overview of how to soundproof a door. So you can get a good idea.

    How to Soundproof a Window

     Soundproof a room with a soundproof window
    Amazon Picture Soundproof Curtain

    Are you trying to keep noise from going out of your studio. Trying not to bother your neighbors, then try this for keeping the sound from leaking out. Buy Soundproof thermal blackout curtains.

    The curtains come in several different sizes and they are patented acoustic curtains to reduce noise 70 – 90 percent. Using sound absorbing material. Further more the acoustic soundproofing, thermal blackout curtains stand alone with an STC Rating of 29. Which stands for Sound Transmission Class.

    This rating is widely used in the USA for windows, door, and floors. To determine the building partition intensity of airborne sound.

    Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs

    The Blackout sound blocking curtains are perfect for office, bedroom, living room and more when you soundproof a room. Or if you want less noise coming in from the window. The Acoustic Curtains also blocks out 99 percent of the light.

    Since the heat and cool entering and leaving the window is reduced. In turn the utility cost is also reduced. Buy  Soundproof Thermal Blackout Curtains, because they are easy to install and cost effective. They really pay for themselves with smaller heating and cooling bills. 

    Now that you have your room soundproofed it’s time to play loud! Take a look at the top 5 Guitar Amps and pick one. For a Bigger variety of guitars, and accessories the Gear Shop has what your looking for.

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