How To Tune Your Guitar

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Tune In 6 Easy steps

How to tune your guitar
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Step 1.  Start with the 6th string when you tune, remember this is the thickest string. It needs to be tuned to “E”. Tune it as good as you can, by turning the tuning peg. This peg makes the tension on the string tighter or loosens the string; this depends on which direction you turn them. Tighter of course makes the pitch higher. If you don’t have an app to tune the string you can use a piano or another instrument you just need a reference tone. Here is a Helpful Link to get the reference tone.

Step 2.  Place your first finger on the low E string at the 5th fret. That’s an A note. While pressing your finger on the note at that fret, pick the E and then the A string that is open. Remember the A string is the 5th string. Pluck the E then the A, One after another. Let them ring out. To adjust the pitch of the A string, turn the tuning peg slowly. If you tighten the string it will go to a higher pitch. Likewise if you loosen the string the pitch will be lowered. Turn the peg until the two strings sound the same. Note that if you follow the string up toward the head where the tuning pegs are you will find the correct tuning peg to adjust.

Step 3. Place your first finger on the A string at the 5th fret pluck the 5th string that is fretted and the 4th open D string one after the other. Listen to the pitch if they are not in harmony then adjust the 4th string tuning peg until the pitch is the same as the 5th string.

Your Doing Good Just A Couple Of Strings Left To Tune!

Step 4. Put the same finger on the 4th string at the 5th fret. This is a G note. Pluck the 4th string and then the 3rd string, one after the other. Let it ring out. Using the 3rd string tuning peg adjust the pitch so it sounds the same as the 4th string.

Step 5. Place your index finger on the 4th fret of the G string. That is a B note. Again pluck the 3rd string and 2nd string one after the other to check the pitch. Adjust the second string until the pitch is in harmony with the 3rd string at the 4th fret.

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Step 6. Tune the high e string. Place your finger on the 2nd  string at the 5th fret. That is an E note. Then pluck the 2nd and 1st string one after the other to listen for the pitch. Find the first string tuning peg and adjust the pitch to match the second string pitch at the 5th fret.

How to Tune Your Guitar
Snark SN-5 Tuner

Now that you have learned to tune your guitar the correct way. Lets look at different tuners. Now a days there are Guitar tuners that clip on the neck of the guitar like the Snark shown in the picture, and they work Great. One great thing about the clip on tuner is it works off of vibration. This is good if you are trying to tune your guitar in a loud area you can still tune it.Unlike the analog tuners that hear the tone, and the needle goes back and forth because it can’t hear the pitch. Another good thing is they clip on, they are so easy.

Some are Automatic Tuners. Where you simply turn it on set whether or not your playing an acoustic or an electric guitar. Then all you do is pick the string, and place the open end of  the tuner on the tuning peg and it makes all the adjustments for you. Quick and easy. Click the link to see a picture of the Roadie 2, on Amazon; the fastest way to tune your guitar.

Some guitar tuners have a built in metronome. Like the Korg Tuner it can be used at the same time as the metronome or simultaneously. See it on  Amazon to check the price.

5 Tuning Tips When Using a Digital Tuner

  1. You want to know Standard tuning is: E A D G B E.
  2. Start on the Low E and work your way up to the high e.
  3. Pluck the String firmly with a Pick or Thumb.
  4. Turning the tuning peg towards you flattens the pitch.
  5. Turning the tuning peg away from you Sharpens the Pitch.

When Should you tune your guitar?

Every time before you start to play your guitar you should tune it. When you are a new guitar player clip on tuners help you with the task of tuning your guitar. After you have played for some time your ears will notice when the guitar becomes out of tune.

When your guitar is out of tune the pitch is either Sharp (#) or Flat (b). When you tighten the strings it raises the pitch. So if the pitch is sharp and you want to lower or flatten the pitch turn the Tuning pegs towards you. If the pitch is flat and you want to sharpen it turn the pegs away from you.

Don’t Forget after you put on new guitar strings you will want to tune your guitar. Also if there is a big change in humidity you will need to tune your guitar. Even if its just going from playing outside in the sun and then going indoors. Your guitar will probably need tuned. If there is a lot of humidity the strings usually go sharp, and likewise to little humidity the strings go flat. For more information about what humidity does to your guitar check out this article.

Another time to remember to tune your guitar is after you have used a Capo on the neck of the guitar. Using the tension of the Capo on the strings makes the strings out of tune. Really when the Capo is on you can check to see if the strings are in tune.

You will probably need to tune your guitar if you bend strings a lot your guitar will go out of tune more often. So after your done having fun tune that guitar.

There is another video lesson that pertains to tuning your guitar with a clip on tuner. Remember it doesn’t matter if you own an elect guitar or acoustic the steps are the same. Check it out in the Guitar Essentials Blog Here!

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