Jamstik+the Smart Guitar for Music Creators(Review)


 Jamstik+the Smart Guitar is the Best Portable Smart Guitar for Beginners & Music Creators

Are you a beginner guitar player, and want to learn how to play chords? Or maybe you have been playing for a while, and need to be able to practice anywhere and everywhere you go. Maybe you are a music creator. Well let me introduce to you JamStik+ the smart guitar. Jamstik+(Link to check the price on Amazon).

In this post you will learn what makes the Jamstik+ the best portable practice guitar that is also a Midi controller. It’s unique, fun and easy to use.

Jamstik+Wireless Smart Guitar is More than Just a Guitar

Jamstik+ works wireless with your devices using Bluetooth connectivity. When I say all your devices I mean the laptop, cell phone, and yes your tablet. See the Chart below to see if your device is compatible.

With this capability you are able to play guitar with hundreds of compatible apps using the JamStik+ Midi controller (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

Jamstik+ is built to the specs of a real guitar so playing it will be as comfortable to play, and easy to learn with it too.

Jamstick+ is a Digital Smart Guitar with real strings & Frets

With Jamstik+ you can learn to play guitar and play any sound. The technology behind the Jamstik+ allows you to play as though you were playing a full size guitar, with real strings and frets. So you get the feel of a real guitar, but at the same time the technology uses light to scan your fingers while you play.

The sensors in the Jamstik+ detects where your fingers are playing, and places it into the app.  It has low latency, and You’re still able to bend the strings. All wrapped in a nice small affordable package. With the Jamstik+ no music experience is required. You don’t even have to tune it.

There is an interactive app that comes with the JamStik+ that makes learning to play the guitar easier than ever. This app is a series so anyone from beginner to Pro and in between can play.

Since the Jamstik+ is small and light weight it is easy to take anywhere. It can fit into a backpack for easy access on the train, in a car wherever. No more wires, allowing you freedom to play anywhere. The Bluetooth connection to your device is fast and stable. If you want to practice but your in a quiet location, no problem just plug  headphones into the JamStik+ and practice.


Jamstick+the smart guitar
Truefire Learn Guitar 1

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The Features of the JamStik+the Smart Guitar

  • Portable 16 inches tall & 32oz – So Compact take the Jamstik+ with you to play anywhere and everywhere
  • No tuning Required
  • Patented sensing fretboard
  • Magnetic Pickup
  • Micro USB Port
  • Mute Switch
  • MIDI – Create virtually any sound and create your own song
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Play to learn – Learn guitar with interactive apps. 
  • Authentic- Real strings & Frets for a real guitar experience that can later be used on a traditional guitar.
  • Wireless- No wires! Stable Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
  • Compatible- Works with Iphone, Ipad, Mac and select Android devices. See List Below.

JamStik+ works so well that JamStik+ team has partnered with various music education programs and charities to share the magic of music, and bring the music to the kids.

Follow this Link to Amazon to see the low cost of the Jamstik+

Whats in the Jamstik+the Smart Guitar Box?

  1. Jamstik+
  2. Rechargeable Battery
  3. Guitar Strap
  4. Guitar Picks
  5. Hex Tool
  6. Micro USB Cable
  7. Manual and Warranty

Zivix Jamstik Travel Case

Zivix Jamstick guitar case
Zivix Jamstik gutiar case

Skin for Your Zivix Jamstik+

Zivix Jamstik+ guitar skin
Jamstik+ Skin

Protective, Durable, and Unique Vinyl Decal wrap cover | Easy To Apply, Remove, and Change Styles. See all the different colors of Skin follow the link to Amazon.

Jamstik+ Apps

  • Jamstik+ App
  • JamTutor 1
  • JamTutor 2
  • JamMix
  • Four Chords JamStik+ Edition Guitar Kareoke

So What are you waiting for? Follow the Link to Amazon to get the Jamstik+

Jamstik+the Smart Guitar Review – More than a Guitar

The Jamstik+ is more than a guitar it is a Midi Controller. Which means you can virtually play any sound. Sounds such as Drums, Banjo, Saxophone, or  maybe you want to have a synth. With the Jamstik+ you can create a song or mix a song. Which is great for creating music with apps like Garage band.

It is also compatible with apps such as Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Sampletank, Animoog, and hundreds of more apps & DAW. For the artist in you, great fun and easy to use.

Customize your Jamstik+ 

You are able to customize the feel of the Jamstik+ for your own personal preference. Using the companion App makes fine tuning your Jamstik easy. The App allows you to adjust the sensitivity and one touch tuning and more.

Jamstik+ App Features

Navigating the Jamstik+ App

Jamstik Jamtutor App
JamTutor app

With JamTutor you will be on a straight easy pathway to learning how to play the guitar. Once you are connected to the app. The app walks you

through step by step. Learn at your pace. The Smart guitar senses where your fingers are before you even pick a string. This makes learning very intuitive using the guitar teaching curriculum.

Jamstik+ AppThe Js+ Jamstik+ app is the companion app that connects your device to the Jamstik+ which is easy. The Jamstik+ app also monitors battery charge, updates, and connections.

Easy to Connect & Pair

  1. First Activate your Bluetooth on your phone or Ipad
  2. Launch the Js+ app and select a Jamstik+
  3. Select the Jamstik+ ID found in the list on the battery cover. (a Unique number)
  4. The LED turns green when connected

How to Connect the Jamstik+ to a Mac 

  • Start by pressing the power on your Jamstik+
  • With Bluetooth turned on launch the Midi setup application in your utilities folder. If you don’t see it select show Midi studio from the drop down window menu.
  • Double click the Bluetooth Icon. (the JamStik+ has an 8 digit ID that starts with JS). Select it and then select connect.
  • The LED status of the Jamstik+ should tern to Green once selected.
  • The Bluetooth discovery pane will change the Connect button to disconnect. Your JamStik+ is now connected to your Mac.

This app provides ours of music fun when connected to the JamStik+ you have instant music creating fun.

Jamstik+ 4 Chords Learn to play thousands of songs with the Fourchords App. Guitar Karaoke.

  • Fourchords is the fastest way to learn New songs, and easy to play versions of over 1700 songs.
  • Perfect learning tool for the beginner.
  • Great for more advanced guitarists – a great songbook collection.
  • Easy to learn guitar with it, Even if you have never played before.

See if Your Device Will Work With Jamstik+

Iphone 4S (or Later)
Iphone 6 (or Later)
Ipad 3 (or Later)
Ipad Air (or Later)
Ipad Mini (1st Gen)
Ipad Mini (2nd Gen)
Ipad Pro 9.7″
Ipad Pro 12
ios 8.12 +
ios 8.12 +
ios 8.12 +
ios 8.12 +
ios 8.12 +
ios 8.12 +
iOS 9+
iOS 9+
Mac mini ( Mid 2011 or Later)
MacBook Air ( 2011 or Later)
MacBook Pro ( Late 2012 or Later)
iMac (Late 2012 or Later)
Mac Pro (early 2014 or Later)
OSX 10.10
OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)
OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)
OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)
OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)



nVidia Shield K1
HTC Nexus 9
HTC m9 One
Google Pixel C (tablet)
Google Pixel Phone
Motorola Nexus 6
Huawei Nexus 6P
LG Nexus 5X
LG V10
Sony Xperia 6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7
Motorola Moto Z Play Droid
If your Device is not in the list check with the Manufacture

 Jamstik VS Jamstik+

What is the Difference between the first generation Jamstik and the Jamstik+?

  1. Basically the Jamstik 1st Generation  used a Wifi connection which is a great connection that has low latency. But limits the use of Web and to download apps when connected.
  2. Compatible with JamTutor 1 and 2 and JamMix.


  1. The second Generation Jamstik+ BLE connects your device with Bluetooth wireless connection. It is easy to sync your device to the Jamstik+ with just a couple of taps your ready to Jam. Because you are connecting to BLE and not the Wifi there is less power needed. Which intern makes the battery’s charge last longer.
  2. Jamstik+ has a magnetic pickup that senses the pick action.  Which makes the feel more like a real guitar. Faster processing, and simplified engineering makes it more durable.
  3. BLE lets you connect multiple JamStik+s  to a device at the same time.
  4. The JamStik+ has tap mode for soloing, and Hammer- on mode that is accessible from the settings menu.
  5. Jamstik+ app is redesigned to make it easier when adjusting the performance settings, tunings, and d-pad controls. The JamStik+ is also compatible with Fourchords Guitar Karaoke app.

Follow the link to Amazon to see that the Jamstik+ is a Great Bargain for the price.

See the Jamstik+the Smart Guitar Reviews from Leaders in the Tech industry & Media 

  • MakeUseOf – “A month ago I had never picked up a guitar in my life. By practicing a couple of nights a week for the past month, I’ve got from zero guitar playing ability, to something I’m at least reasonably impressed with, and I’m confident I’ll get better as I practice even more.” James Bruce – Make Use Of.
  • Engaget – “The free jamTutor app contains a series of interactive lessons that walk newbies through everything from plucking strings to playing chords. If you’re already competent with a guitar, jamstik+ is the ideal way to play MIDI synths and apps in a way you’re already comfortable with.” James Trew – Engaget
  • TechTimes – “The Jamstik+ is a great tool for guitar players looking to translate there skills into playing virtual instruments. In fact I would argue it is one of the best Midi Guitars on the market.” – Christian de Looper  Tech Times
  • Tech Crunch – “Think of the Jamstik+ as a keyboard for guitar players. Exactly the feedback you would expect from a guitar.” John Biggs – TechCrunch
  • CNN – “I’m no Jimi Hendrix, but the Zivix guitar isn’t just meant for professionals. What’s cool about this [guitar] is that it could be acoustic, Spanish, electric, or any type of guitar that you like.” Jack Regan CNN
  • HuffPost -“The Jamstik is great for beginners and experienced players alike. Connected to your smartphone, the app can help train an early learner. Light and convenient, it’s great for the musician on the road.” Andre Bourgue -HuffPost These are quotes from Jamstik.com.

Take your Music to the next level of playing with the Jamstik+ buy on Amazon click the link to start your journey.

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