Best Guitar Strings for Beginners using Acoustic or Electric

I had to think back, way back to my early years of playing guitar. To really understand what a beginner guitarist has to over come. I realized that when you are a beginner guitarist there is a lot to learn. Like whats the best guitar strings for beginners. Since I have been playing for over 30 years. I’ve learned a lot along the way.

f you are new to guitar and you want to know the best guitar strings for Beginners. Then you are in the right place to find the answer to the best guitar strings for beginners. It stands to reason that strings that are coated are usually a little easier on your fingers. And you want a string that is light to extra light so that your fingers don’t get tired as quick.

That answer was short and sweet. But there is a lot to consider when choosing a good guitar string.

If you want to know the in’s and outs of guitar strings, and exactly what the best guitar strings for beginners. Then let me explain everything to you so that you will be better informed to make the right decision when you get ready to by your next set of guitar strings.

Best Guitar Strings for Beginners using An Acoustic Guitar

If your busy and want to cut to the chase here is the answer to the best guitar strings for beginners: Click for current price of D’Addario 80/20 EJ15 the extra light string on Amazon.

Like I said there is a lot that goes into making guitar strings. And if you are wondering can you use your electric guitar strings on your acoustic guitar? The answer is no! Why because it will sound bad. Why will it sound bad?

Well, electric guitar strings are going to be heard through the amplifier. Where as the heavier strings of an acoustic guitar need to vibrate and resonate louder. This vibration goes through the body of the acoustic guitar, and comes out of the sound hole.

If you were to try putting electric guitar strings on your acoustic guitar you would find. The strings are so light. That in order to even attempt to tune the guitar, the neck would have to be adjusted. This is done with the truss rod. Here is a link to see how to adjust the string tension.

Which is usually done in a guitar shop, by a technicians. Also the tension on the acoustic guitar with electric strings is so different. That the bass strings. Which are the thicker strings. Fall out, in other words you no longer have a nice bass lower end range. The strings come out of tune very easy.

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Back On Track D’Addario Guitar Strings

But lets get back on track. To find out why the best guitar strings for beginners is a light coated string. There are several brands to choose from. I love and use D’Addario guitar strings. They make a great quality product, and stand behind them.

Strings come in different sizes and are measured in gauge. To get a more in-depth look at how the string thickness is measured click this link.

Beginners Best Guitar Strings for Acoustic Guitars

When you are a beginner guitar player your hands are not used to the conditions that your fingers are under. Moving up and down the fingerboard. Putting force on your fingers when holding the strings down on the guitar.

Most beginners have week hands and fingers. Which is normal, but to compensate for the lack of finger strength you should go with a lighter set of string. Your fingers will not tire as easy.

Also as you probably know that the tips of your fingers can become sore fast. No matter what, until you build up calluses on the ends of your fingers. All strings will cause your fingers to be sore.

But you can reduce the amount of soreness and extend the length of time to practice. Before you have to stop for a rest. Just by using a coated string. Which makes for a softer more pleasant feel. I know some people want to know will my fingers get ugly if I learn the guitar. But that is another story all together.

Phosphor Bronze Best Guitar Strings for Beginners

The best string when you are beginning to learn acoustic guitar is the phosphor Bronze 80/20. Which means the string is coated with 80% copper, 10% Tin and another 9% phosphorous. This is a very popular string. And has a warm, bright sound with a balanced tone.

The best guitar strings for beginners are light gauge strings which are 10 – 47. A very popular string for beginner guitar players and players that just don’t want there fingers to tire out. Click for current price of D’Addario 80/20 EJ15 the extra light string on Amazon.

Best Guitar Strings for Beginners (Brands)

Like everything new it is a challenge to be on top of every aspect of the game. That’s why I made a list of the best brands for guitar strings. Click for current prices on Amazon.

String Gauges Table

String Gauges Measured in ThousandsEBGDAE
Extra Light 10-13 i.
Light strings 11-52 .
Medium strings 13-56 .



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Best Guitar Strings for BeginnersElectric Guitar

On the electric guitar the strings are lighter than the acoustic here are the best guitar strings for electric guitar and best for beginners. Click the D’Addario NYXL to see the current price on Amazon.

The NYXL strings are strong and durable. The durability factor allows the strings to stay in tune longer. These electric strings are louder and have a distinct bright tone.

The NYXL come in a variety of string gauge. from Regular light Nickle wound to Super Light. See the current price on Amazon by clicking the link.

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How to Replace Guitar Strings?

Don’t forget you are going to have to know two things after you buy your guitar strings.

  1. How to replace guitar strings.
  2. How to Tune a guitar.

Don’t worry neither one is that difficult once you know how. It is a stepby step process. And one that you need to learn if you are going to be playing the guitar. I’ve got you covered click the link to learn how to replace guitar strings. And how to tune your guitar.

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What Guitar Strings Should a Beginner Use?

A beginner guitar player should use strings that are coated for comfortability and light. This way if the strings are light. Your fingers won’t become prematurely tired from playing. Here are some recommendations.

Get the Current Price on Amazon.

Which Strings are Best for Acoustic Guitar?

Strings come in different thickness, Winding’s, and Coated and Non Coated types. The strings are measured by the Gauge. To see how strings are put together Click this link here. The best strings for acoustic guitar are listed below. Which are also the most popular.

  1. D’Addario Phosphor Bronze (3 Pack)
  2. Elixir – Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
  3. Earthwood Light Earnie Ball Priced on Amazon

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