Easy Country Love Songs to Play on Guitar 10+

When it comes to love songs its hard to beat the ones on Country Radio. I decided to put together a list of Easy Country love songs to play on guitar. After all that’s why you want to learn guitar so you can play songs.

If your ready for some easy country love songs to play on guitar. Then take a look at these 11 Easy Country Love Songs to Play on Guitar. Starting with these 11

  • He Stopped Loving Her Today
  • I Believe in You
  • Amanda
  • Your Still the One
  • Tennessee Whiskey
  • Til a Tear Becomes a Rose
  • More of You
  • Amazing Grace
  • The Story
  • When You Say Nothing at All
  • Mama He’s Crazy

These are Just a few of the Easy Country Love Songs to Play on Guitar. I will show you the chords strumming and chord progression. This will be everything you need to learn these great country love songs.

So if your ready grab your guitar and let me teach you some Easy Country Love Songs to Play on Guitar. Starting with the best song ever written for Country music.

The Best Country Song Ever

This takes a lot to be able to say the best country song ever. But who can do it better than George Jones. The Possum himself. If you haven’t guessed which song it is. Then let me tell you. “He Stopped Loving Her Today. I Knew you would agree!

Okay so first let me tell you what chords you need. So that you can play this great country Love song. G C and D. If you need to know how to read a chord chart click the link. For a Quick review!

Here are the chords in the song He Stopped Loving her Today.

This song changes keys in the middle of the song. No worries though. You can use a capo. So to start out you are playing open chords. The ones listed in the chord charts above.

The song is at a relatively slow tempo in the beginning. The chord progression is G C D and back to G. G C D G G G. Then the key changes. If you don’t want to play bar chords just place the capo on the 4th fret. And then you will play these open Chords E A and B. Here are the Chord diagrams of these chords.

The chord progression is E A B and back to E two times then the Tempo picks up. You can Also Play this song without a capo and Finger style. Take a look at the Video guitar lesson from my YouTube Channel YourGuitarGuide.

Acoustic Guitar Lesson (George Jones, He Stopped Loving Her Today)

If you are a little more advanced at playing guitar or you are ready to learn an easy finger style of playing. Here is the George Jones song He Stopped Loving Her Today finger style pattern. Also without the Capo.

Starting out you will use the chords G C and D. I will explain what strings to pick while picking the individual strings in each chord.

To be sure we are on the same page. Here are the strings numbered from thickest to thinnest. 6 5 4 3 2 1 Or E A D G B e.

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Arpeggiated Chords

When you play the G chord you want to pick these strings. In this order: 6 4 3 4 2 4 3 4 it does it twice.

Then the chord progression switches to the C major chord. These are the string to pick when playing the C chord. In this order: 5 43 4 2 4 3 4. Pick those strings two times. Then play the D chord.

Here are the strings to be picked when playing the D chord. In this order: 4 3 2 3 1 3 2 3. Pick those strings in order two times through.

Next the Chord progression goes back to the G and you are going to play the picking pattern 4 times. Then C for 2 measures and D for two. Then it repeats the same G C And D.

And it switches keys. And you are going to play G# Bar chord, C# D#. This chords are played in the second position. You are going to pick the same strings as you did before moving up a key. Then after you have played through the chords two times. The same chord progression is being played. And now you are strumming and the tempo picks up.

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I Believe in You

What better easy Country love song to Play on Guitar than a Don Williams Classic Country love song. This is such a cool fun song to play. Let me get right to it, and give you the chords to I believe in you.

There are 3 open chords used to play I believe in love. The chords are three G C and D. The strumming pattern to this song is D D U U D U. Or you can look at it as Down Down Up Up Down Up. Down Down Up Up Down up.

This song has two chord Progressions one on the verse. And the second is on the chorus. C G G D D G Then the verse starts on the G. For 4 Measures of G and then two measures of D. Two measures of G. Then there is the chorus.

On the chorus it starts with two measures of C. Then two measures of G, and two measures of D. And back to G with two measures. If your not sure what a measure is. It is the same as a bar. Which is 4 beats. Marked on a staff as vertical lines.

If You want a step by step guitar lesson for beginners. Click this link for the video guitar lesson I Believe in You by Don Williams. And Don’t forget to Subscribe!

Amanda a Country Love Song Easy to Play on Guitar

Another Easy Country Love Song to Play on Guitar is Amanda. Which also happens to be a Don Williams song. That should be surprising as he made a lot of great songs. Let’s take a look at what chords are in the song.

3 easy chords are in this song. A D and E. Three easy chords. Look at the chord diagrams for Amanda:

A D E Open Chords

This song is in 3/4 time Like a waltz. Most songs that you here on the radio are in 4/4 time. So you are counting the beats 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4. But with a Waltz or 3/4 time. The beat is like this, 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3. The accent is on the 1.

The song starts with the A chord. The way the chords are played. You want to pick the bass string and then strum the chord.

So first is the A chord. Pick the A string. Which is the 5th string. Then strum the A chord. Just strum down two times. You do that two times then switch to the D chord. When you play the D chord. You first pick the D string. Which is the 4th string.

Then Strum down two times on the D chord. Then it goes back to the A chord. Where you are going to pick the A string and strum down two times. You play that 4 times. Then you move to the next chord.

The next chord is the E chord. When Playing the E chord. You want to pick the E string, the 6th string. And then strum down two times on the E chord. The E is played one time then it switches back to A and then D. Go back to A again A E A. Click the link to see the Video Guitar lesson for Amanda

Your Still the One

Here is the link to the YourGuitarGuide Video Tutorial Your Still the One by Shania Twain. Here is some more information on how to play your still the one easy Country songs to play on guitar.

The first thing you will need a Capo. It is placed on the first fret. If you don’t have a Capo, you can choose Electric Capo VS Acoustic.

The chords in Your Still the one are: D G and A. Three easy open chords. What makes this song a little tricky is; The chords change in the middle of the strumming pattern.

The strumming pattern at the beginning of the song is Down, Down Down, Down Down, Up Up Down, Down Down Up Up Down, Down Down Up Up Down.

The strumming for the Chorus is. Down Up Down Down, Down up up Down Down, Down Down, Down Down up up Down.

The chord progression is D G A. Be Sure to check out the Guitar Tutorial for a more in depth look at how to play Your Still the One by Shania Twain.

A Great Song to Play on Guitar is Tennessee Whiskey

This is a hit song sung by Chris Stapleton. One thing that makes this song a Unique Country love song. Is the timing of this song. Most songs that you are going to hear are in 4/4 time. And then in Country music you may also hear some songs that are 3/4 time. This song is in 6/8 time.

To find out about 6/8 timing. And what chords and chord progression are in this song. Click this link to learn How to Play Tennessee Whiskey.

Til a Tear Becomes a Rose

This is one of my favorite Keith Whitley songs. A true easy Country love song to play on guitar. This guitar lesson is based off of the Keith Whitley Lori Morgan version of Til a Tear Becomes a Rose. This song has three easy chords in it. A capo and a key change.

Til a Tear Becomes a Rose has a little bit of everything in it. The Capo is placed on the first fret.

The chords are E A and D. The intro starts on E and then it goes to A. In this song you pick the bass notes of the chord. This type of playing is found a lot in Country music.

When you play the E chord for instance. What you want to do is pick the E string. Which is the 6th string. Then strum the chord. Then pick the A string. This is the 5th string. Strum the E chord again. This is called alternate bass line picking.

The next chord in the progression is the A chord. So after positioning your fingers to make the A chord. You want to pick the 5th string (A string). And then strum the A chord. Then pick the 6th string, (E string) and strum again.

Then there is a walk up to the next chord. What you want to do there is pick the open E string.

There is a lot of cool little parts to this song. If you want a complete guitar lesson that includes the video and it’s all free click this link How to Play Til a Tear Becomes a Rose.


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More of You By Chris Stapleton

This is a great song it’s in ¾ timing which is a waltz. Its so much fun to play. One of the reasons is there are three easy chords in the song. The 3 chords are the E chord, A and the B7 chord. Click this link to learn how to play more of you. Which includes a video tutorial.

how to play Chris Stapleton more of you

Amazing Grace

Maybe your thinking; Amazing Grace, How is this a love song or even a country song. Well it is both the ultimate unconditional love. And if you take a look at this guitar lesson you will see how it is also a Country Song. So I think it passes as an easy country love song to play on guitar.

Have fun learning How to play Amazing Grace on Guitar.

The Story By Brandi Carlile

I wonder if you were like me? In that I never heard of Brandi Carlile. Who is one of the best kept secrets in Country Music. If you haven’t heard of her check her songs out on YouTube. Any way once I learned about Brandi Carlile. Then I found a lot of new music that is fun to play. The Country Love song called The Story has some easy chords.

And some are a little more challenging. This would be the F#m Chord. If you need help with barre chords I invite you to take a look at the Guitar Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp will take you from the beginning of your guitar journey. You will learn the essential chords to start with. The ones every guitarist needs to learn. It shows you how to switch between the chords. Do you struggle with switching between chords?

Well this course will show you the secrets to make changing between chords easier. Then it covers the notes and how to find them on the fingerboard. You will learn how to make barre chords. And the different shapes of barre chords. Also all the little tips that makes it a heck of a lot easier to play them. Take a look at whats included at a Bargain price.

What are the Chords in The Story By Brandi Carlile

The chords in this Easy Country Song are: A E F#m and the D chord. Let me show you with this chord diagram below. But if you really want the complete lesson including the solo and Tab Click this link for The Story Brandi Carlile Chords Acoustic Guitar Lesson.

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When You Say Nothing at All

Another Keith Whitley song. And yes a Easy Country Love song. A lot of keith’s songs were love songs. This song has easy open chords. And they are D G and A. This When You Say Nothing at All Guitar Tutorial has everything you need to play this great song.

Mama He’s Crazy By the Judds

Two things can be said about this song. One it is definately a Country love song. And 2, it’s and easy Country love song to play on guitar. I did the Guitar lesson on my YouTube Channel Here it is.

There are three chords in the song and they are G C and D. The song starts with the G Chord. There is some finger picking going on. But strumming at a slow tempo will work too.

If you want to finger pick the G chord here is how. After making the G Chord Pick the 6th string and then pick the open D string. 4th string. Then the 3rd string. And Hammer on the D string and pick it.

For everyone that is a beginner and you just want to strum the chords. The Chord Progression is G C G D. The strumming is:  Down Down up up down up. Take a look at the video Tutorial on YourGuitarGuide. Don’t forget to Subscribe!

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The chords for the Willie Nelson song On the Road Again are: C E7 Dm F G But the trick to using open chords in this song is placing the Capo on the 4th fret. Start with with the C chord. The Next Chord in the progression is the E7. Then the Dm, F, G and back to C. Take a look at the chord diagrams to see how to place your fingers.

Also there is a part of the song that the chord progression goes like this. F C G. Willie Nelson has great songs. I hope this helped. Have fun!

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