Are Guitar Stands Bad for Your Guitar?

Was this you? After purchasing my new guitar. I was extremely wary that I might accidentally damage it. In fact I even wondered are guitar stands bad for your guitar? So I did some digging around and this is what I found.

If your wondering are guitar stands bad for your guitar? I too thought of this question are guitar stands bad for your guitar. Until I did some research. Now I can bring you the results of what I found. The most popular guitar manufactures all sell guitar stands. And recommend the use of guitar stands.

I scurried the internet through forums, and there was a lot of discussion about guitar stands. And possible damage to guitars. Could the continuous use of a guitar stand damage your guitar?

Are Guitar Stands Bad for Your Guitar

The damage that could occur would be to the finish. That is why guitar cases are better for long term storage. I would and do use my stand when I am using my guitar. For easy access to it. But if I plan on not using it for a while. Say I’m going to use one of my other guitars. Then for example I would put my fender back in the case.

This is for protection against accidentally scratching the guitar. Or accidentally dropping the guitar. Things that are beyond your control knocking the guitar off it’s stand. But other forms of damage could occur to the finish.

This would be due to the chemicals of the finish on the guitar. The parts of the stand that may touch the guitar. Especially if the guitar has a nitrocellulose finish. That is found on Gibson guitars. A couple of fixes to help prevent marks on your finish. Would be to cover the parts of the stand with cotton or Felt. Or you can get a nitrocellulose Safe stand that is very inexpensive.

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Another safe place for your guitar. Keep it in it’s case at all time. See some of the best deluxe cases TSA Safe. Then when you use this strategy of keeping your guitar safe. How do you know how to store your guitar? Should you store it standing up or down?

Are Guitar Stands Bad for Keeping Your Guitar Clean

When your guitar is out on a stand all the time. Your guitar is out with the elements. Dust and maybe worse the climate. Keeping your guitar clean is a big part of owning your guitar. The later of the issues being humidity. Humidity can reek havoc on your guitar. To much humidity is bad for your guitar and too little could be worse. Do you need a humidifier for your guitar?


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What Guitar Stands are Better

In the past Gibson guitars have had issues with the head stock breaking off. But this is obviously hasn’t been an issue in resent years. Gibson offers one kind of guitar stand. The stand holds the guitar at the headstock. Like most wall hanging guitar wall hangers.

The Gibson stand stands alone. And has eye appeal. Like this hand crafted Z Mahagony Stand.  Safe for nitro finished guitars.

Show off your guitar with this work of art. The shape of this guitar stand works for hanging electric guitars & acoustic.

Fender Wood Hanging Guitar Stand

With this style of guitar stand it works great for electric guitars or bass. And it is nitrocellulose Safe. It also looks great with cherry wood color.

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Are Multiple Stands Bad for Your Guitar?

This type of multiple stand takes up less room in the room. And is great for the guitar enthusiaste. The guitarist that has more than one guitar. But does this style of stand do any kind of damage to your guitar? The answer is no. In itself as far as physical damage none. Can there be accidental damage.

Yes… sure, look how close the guitars are to each other. There is always a chance of you hitting one of the guitars, that are already in the case. But minor scratches and dings make your guitar more distinguished. Of course that first ding is always the worst.

Stage Guitar Stand

To reduce the risk of guitars touching in the case. K & M builds a stand that has individual dividers to protect against this sort of damage. This unique style prevents the guitars from spinning in the case and touching another guitar. Look at the K & M Guitar Stand. Safe for Guitar finishes.

The K & M Guitar Stand holds up to 5 Guitars. Has built in easy fold down arm for portability. Uses are for Electric, Acoustic, Bass guitars. In the studio, at home or at the gig. See current price on Amazon.

Stage Guitar Stand & Guitar Chair

Another guitar stand choice for the stage. Is the stand that is built into the chair. It is very economical, and folds for easy transport. See guitar chairs for studio gig and lifestyle.

What About A Frame Small Guitar Stands Good or Bad?

The A frame guitar stand is a popular choice. And very economical if you only have one guitar. What are the Pro’s and Con’s of using the A frame stand?

Pro’s of the A Frame Universal Stand

  • Pro number one – The A frame Universal stand is made to work on any electric guitar. No matter what the body style. The arms and neck of this stand are adjustable. And support any size of guitar.
  • Second pro- The stand is compact. Great for portability.
  • No tools required to adjust the stand.
  • Third pro – Very economical!

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Con’s of the A Frame Guitar Stand

  • If not adjusted properly your guitar could wind up on the floor.
  • Doesn’t work well with double neck guitars (too Top Heavy).

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Are Acoustic Guitar Stands Bad for Your Guitar?

No! Acoustic guitar stands do not hold any more of a risk to your guitar. Than an electric guitar stand. The Top three guitar manufactures all recommend guitar stands. The only risk is every day wear and tear. Due to unforeseen accidents. Which could range from dings to something more devastating.

What is the Best guitar stand for Acoustic guitars? There are a lot of different styles of Acoustic guitar stands. K & M offer the Best A frame stand. Why is it the best?

  1. The stand is made of steel.
  2. Parts of the stand that touch the guitar have a bonded coating built to frame. Unlike sub par stands that use rubber that could tear or fall off. Which would ultimately damage your guitar.
  3. The legs adjust to accommodate different acoustic sizes. Locks in place with a button to prevent accidents.

In conclusion “Are Guitar Stands Bad for Your Guitar?. The answer is no. Heck the guitar Mfg. sell them. I use guitar stands for my guitars. I would recommend using a guitar stand. Even though I use guitar stands. Both the multiple stand and single stand.

I am still cautious, or should I say careful and aware that I could accidentally don’t ding or drop my guitar. After years of playing this has not happened yet. I feel good about it. If you decide to use a guitar stand. The ones that I have shown you in this article are the best stands. To keep your guitar as safe as possible.

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Related Question

Is it Okay to Leave Guitar on Stand

The way guitar stands are made there is no stress put on the guitar. This being said, there are some things. That can be seen as a negative. When keeping your guitar on the stand. This would have to do with dust. Your guitar will get dust on it just like everything in the room. So if you don’t mind constantly dusting your guitar then it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

However the next thing might be. And that is keeping your room at the perfect climate. So that your guitar doesn’t get any damage due to lack of humidity. This can be prevented with a room humidifier or in case humidifier.

Do You Need a Guitar Stand

Yes, you need a guitar stand. This is why. If you don’t plan on keeping your guitar out all the time. Then it is still good to have a stand for when you are practicing and playing your guitar. Without a stand when you stop. You would most likely prop your guitar up against a piece of furniture. Then run the risk of your guitar falling onto the floor. With the stand you can be assured. That when you come back to your guitar, it will be where you left it. And up right.

Also if you are in other locations, playing your guitar. Like at the gig. You will most definitely want a stand for in between sets.

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How to Use a Guitar Stand

There are lots of different styles of stands. The multi guitar stands usually holds 3 or more guitars. They have a base and a neck holder. The guitars fit into each slot. The guitar stand has individual slots for each guitar to fit in to. Your guitar fits in side ways.

Next is the stand alone stand. It unfolds like a music stand at the bottom. Usually has three legs that fold down. To create the “feet”. Then there is a U shape bottom stand. This is fitted into a slot on the middle of the guitar stand. And the top post is fitted to hold the neck of the guitar.

There are rubber or molded and bonded materials. at the points of the stand that touch the guitar. Be aware that if the guitar stand is not a nitrocellulose Safe stand and your guitar finish is nitrocellulose it will damage your guitars finish.

Don’t forget about the guitar wall hanger. Which holds the guitar by the neck. It fits on each side of the neck. And the headstock keeps the guitar in place.

All of the stands primarily do the same thing. Hold your guitar off the ground. By simply resting the base of the guitar, on the base of the stand. And the neck rests on the neck holder.


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