How Many Guitars Should a Beginner Have

Do you remember the day when you woke up and decided. I’m going to learn to play guitar. You probably new what kind of music you were going to learn. Then you had to think about how many guitars should a beginner Have? What kind of guitars will I need to learn to play.

If your wondering how many guitars should a beginner Have? I want to tell you how many guitars should a beginner Have. The answer is one. You need a good beginner guitar, a pick & good guitar teacher.

I want to be that teacher for you. And explain what you need to look for when you are buying a guitar. So that you get the Best beginner guitar that is economical. Not just any guitar. Because if you just buy any guitar, and it doesn’t fit you properly. Then the chances of you playing it is slim. So stick around. Let’s get you on the right path.

Do You Need More Than One Guitar?

Maybe you have seen your favorite guitarists Like Joe Bonamassa showing off their collection of Les Paul’s. If your wondering how many guitars should a beginner have? You only need one. Then you need to decide what one. What style and if it’s going to be acoustic or electric.

When you think about it you just need a couple of things. A guitar, a pick and a good guitar teacher. Some one to take you through a step by step process. So that you can learn how to play in the shortest amount of time as possible.

How Much Should I spend on My First Guitar?

Here is the truth when you are a beginner guitar player. It doesn’t matter if your one guitar is $200.00 or $3000, the outcome is the same. It is not going to sound better because it cost more. Sure an ES 335 will sound better than a cheaper guitar. But in the beginning when you don’t know how to play it. You are going to get the same results. Like I said the truth! both will sound like pood!

What you need is a guitar that fits your body. Which sounds weird, but if you are short and have short arms maybe a full size guitar is going to be awkward to play. Thus hindering your ability to play. What are the different guitar shapes?

Maybe your first guitar should be a Parlor guitar. Since they have a smaller body and shorter neck making it easier to play.

The truth is your first guitar should be between $100-$250. That’s it! If you need more insider information on how much should I Spend on my first guitar. Then click that link.

I wrote this article for all the top tips on the 5 reasons you should learn acoustic before electric. This may help you in your quest.

What is a Good Guitar for a Beginner

A good guitar for beginners is one that is economical, Is comfortable to play. And sounds good too. I set out to find such a guitar. So after a lot of research. I came across a guitar called the Jasmine S35. It was a little over a $120.00 so I purchased it. I thought well it’s not expensive so I will get it to try.

I was pleasantly surprised. This is a Dreadnaught guitar. Which is a full size guitar. It sounds Great! The tone of this guitar is very warm, with lots of bass. It has a rich sound. There were a few bad reviews on this guitar. Which mostly had to do with the strings.

So what I did when I bought this guitar was also buy some strings. So I could change the strings. But when I got it out of the box the strings were fine. So now I have a set of strings when I need to change them. Here is how to change the strings. If you need to know how to change guitar strings.


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Best Beginner Electric Guitar

Maybe your wanting to play an electric guitar. There are two beginner guitars that I have tryed and can recommend. The first is the Fender Squier. And the other after doing a review on the Yahmaha Pacifica. I found that a lot of people commented and liked the Yamaha.

Being that they are both electric guitars they cost more than the acoustic. But they are both very economical. See for yourself the current price on Reverb.

Both are good guitars for the price. The Yamaha has a humbucking pickup. And two single coil pickups. The Fender Affinity Strat has three single coil pickups. Here is the complete review on both guitars see for yourself.

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Best Cheap Guitar for Beginners

Here is a list of the best Cheap guitar for beginners.

Guitar Name Brand Style of GuitarPro’sCon’s
Jasmine S35- TakamineDreadnoughtEconomical & Sounds GreatFull Size Guitar (not for smaller beginners).
Yamaha Pacifica Electric Solid body Guitar Versatile- Has humbucker/ 2 Single coil pickups, Inexpensive guitar.Need to also purchase an amp. Best Electric Guitar Amp for Beginners.
Fender Affinity StratSolid Body Electric Guitar3 Single Coil pickups, Classic Fender Sound, Budget friendlyHas Jumbo fret’s ( Which may not be an con, if you have large hands).
Baby Taylor Acoustic GuitarSmall Body 3/4 size, Great to take every where. Has a big sound for a smaller bodied guitar.A little more pricey, but well worth it. See current price on Amazon.
Washburn Parlor GuitarParlor Series GuitarSmall guitar, easy portability, Sounds great, great for blues.A Little more expensive. Great sound for the price and size.

After making your guitar purchase you will still need a place to start. Your in the right place start with the 10 things every beginner guitar player needs to know.

Guitar Center

When it comes to guitars especially beginner guitars. It’s hard to beat the selection of guitars that are on Reverb.

Best Guitar for Female beginners

The main difference as you might of already known. When it comes to the best guitar for female beginners is the size. Usually women are smaller more petite, than a man. It stands to reason that the Best guitar would be a smaller guitar. Here is one from a women artist. I have tried this guitar out. And can vouch for the great tone of this small guitar. Check out the Signature Taylor Swift on Amazon.

I have done a lot of research to help you pick out the best mini guitar. What is great as being a small guitar they are easier to take anywhere.

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