How Much Should I Spend On My First Guitar?

how much should I spend on my first guitar

How Much Should I spend on my first guitar? Well to tell the truth I was 7 years old when I got my first guitar. So I didn’t have to really think about the price. But Since then I have had many new guitars.

So if you are wondering how much should I spend on my first guitar? How much should I spend on your first guitar will depend on what type of guitar you are buying. Whether your first guitar is an acoustic guitar. Or if your first guitar is an electric guitar. A reasonable price for a decent first guitar is around $200.00.

Even at that price $200.00 which is nothing to scoff at. You want to make sure your getting a good quality guitar for your dollar. I can help you get past the weeds, and onto the green.

Acoustic Guitar-How Much Should I Spend On My First Guitar?

Guitars can be separated into prices. The more the guitar cost the guitar will have more quality’s that come with it. Quality’s like the type of wood used in the body, neck and fingerboard.

What type of tuners are mounted on the headstock. Of course if the guitar is electric. Then those electronic components are added to the cost as well.

Price ranges very, starting from $100 – $200, $250 -$300 $400 – $500, $800, $1000 and Up. Usually you will find a brand in each price class. With similar quality and craftsmanship.

The range for a beginner guitar is usually between $100 on up. For a first guitar I would not spend over $200 dollars.

Reason being; First you may not like playing the guitar. I know this may seem highly unlikely. But a lot of people like the idea of playing the guitar. When it comes to actually spending the time to learn to play. Some people just give up.

That’s when it hits them that they only like the idea of playing the guitar. Usually this is when the guitar gets placed in the closet never to be seen again.

Secondly; When your learning to play guitar, you just need a starter guitar. You just need something that is going to be good enough to learn the rudiments.

Don’t Spend A Lot Up Front

There is no reason to spend a lot of money up front on a guitar with all the “bells and whistles”, Because no matter how well that guitar is designed to make it sound good. The fact is you don’t know how to play it. Yet!

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I recommend learning how to play. Then after you have a year or so under your belt. You can graduate to a more expensive guitar. By then you will have some idea of what it is you want in a guitar.

What kind of guitar you will need to advance your playing. This will depend on what kind of music you intend to play on your guitar.

If you want to play Heavy metal. Well then there will be no need for your second guitar to be an acoustic guitar.

Likewise if you want to learn to play Classical guitar. Again no need to look at buying a Gibson Flying V. So I think you get my drift, and why I recommend waiting to buy that second more expensive guitar.

Most acoustic guitars are going to be more than $100 dollars. I came across a very impressive guitar. As far as the quality, and the sound of this guitar. It was purely by accident that I found this guitar.

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What’s a Good Choice for My First Guitar?

I decided to do a review on an acoustic guitar. So after a lot of research I found the Jasmine S35 Guitar. Takamine Manufacturer company first designed this guitar.

What I liked about this guitar is the big sound that resounds from it when played. This guitar is defiantly a good choice for a first guitar. This guitar has all the quality’s of a more expensive guitar.

Like a truss rod that runs through the neck. To keep the neck from bending from the tension of the strings.

This is usually not found in a guitar that is in this price range. To see what others are saying off the record about the Jasmine S35 click the link to Amazon Reviews.

Beginner Electric Guitar- How Much Should I Spend On My First Guitar?

A Good electric guitar in the beginner guitar price range. One with great quality for a first guitar is the Yamaha Pacifica. I did a case study, so to speak. A comparison of the Affinity Strat VS the Yamaha Pacifica.

Both are light weight champions in the guitar arena. I must admit that I am partial to Fender. But I did the comparison video unbiasedly.

After over 6,500 views. The people have spoken! The Yamaha Pacifica wins hands down. You can feel it when you play it. The Yamaha is well built. It has a great sound. One that you would not expect to hear in this Bargain price range.

This is partly due to the humbucking pickup at the bridge. If that’s not enough there are two single coil pickups too. A Bolt on neck with a Rosewood fretboard.

It also has a Tremolo. You may know it as a whammy bar. There is a 5 way switch so you can select what coil you want.

All these quality bits and peaces add up. Making this a great sounding, and one of the best beginner electric guitars. Click the link to see the price of the Yamaha Pacifica on Amazon.

You will also need an Amplifier. But before you buy one take a look at What is the Best Portable Amplifier.


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Are Expensive Guitars Easier to Play?

This is a myth! The easiest guitar to play is one that you have spent blood, sweat, and tears learning how to play. No matter how expensive the guitar is. If you have not learned all the basics of guitar.

Like how to play chords or how to play first position chords... And More! There are so many basic concepts that need to be learned. Which does not happen over night. If you don’t learn the basics it doesn’t matter how expensive the guitar is.

You could have a 59 Gibson Like one of the guitars Slash uses. Priced at $267,721.05. Source Reverb Nation

That guitar probably sounds great when the right set of hands gets a hold of it. But you know if someone that doesn’t know how to play gets a hold of it. Even though it is very, very expensive. It is still going to sound like pooh!

I say all that to say this: Expensive guitars are only easier to play if you know how to play guitar. You can sound just as bad on a cheap guitar!

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What Makes A Good Acoustic Guitar?

Before you buy your next acoustic guitar. When you are looking at the guitars in the store. There are several things you should check.

Here are some of the pros and cons of a good acoustic guitar.

  • Guitar Body size & Shape
  • Neck size
  • Sound of the guitar
  • What is the construction of the guitar (wood)
  • Price of the guitar

First thing you want to do is; Pick it up and play it. Even if you don’t know how to play it. Maybe it is your first guitar. But put it on your lap, hold it and strum it. You want to see if it feels good.

You don’t want the guitar to feel awkward. Or make you feel obstructed by it. It should feel comfortable while sitting playing it.

Next take a look at the neck of the guitar. Put your fretting hand on the neck as if you were going to make a chord. See what that feels like. You don’t want the neck to be to wide and thick.

A good choice is a thinner neck if you have small hands. If you have big fingers you may feel more comfortable with a guitar with a thicker neck. There is no right or wrong with this. It is all preference.

So sit and play the guitar. You should also be aware of the thickness of the guitar. Typically a big body guitar gives you a big sound. With more of a bass tone.

Which is nice, but you don’t want such a big bodied guitar that it becomes cumbersome to play. This happens sometimes with shorter people.

The Size of the Guitar Matters

On the same note if you are smaller. Or a child your arms may not be as long. So keep this in mind. If this is the case. You may want to look at a 3/4 size guitar.

Another thing concerning the size of the guitar. A smaller body guitar usually has a smaller sound. So if you want that big sound for a lot of strumming. A Smaller thinner body guitar may not be your best choice.

Make sure your guitar has a truss rod. When the strings are completely tuned on the guitar.

There is a lot of tension placed on the neck of the guitar. Which is normal. To counter act this force against the neck. There is a truss rod which is placed through the neck.

The truss rod is made of steel. It keeps the neck at a perfect angle with the strings. If the neck moves which is also normal after time. The strings will become to high on the neck or to low. This is called string action.

The action of the guitar effects your ability to play the strings. This is the second reason you want to make sure the guitar has a truss rod. If the string relief becomes out of adjustment. Then it can be adjusted with the truss rod.

To know if the guitar has a truss rod. You can see where it goes through the neck of the guitar. In the sound hole. At the base of the neck.

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Body Woods and Sound

We already touched on the Body of the guitar. Here Is an in-depth look at what are the different guitar shapes.

The type of wood on the body of the guitar gives the guitar its resonance. When you have a mahogany wood you will have a solid low tone. Where as when you have a lighter would like alder. You get a brighter sound.

Likewise the type of wood on the neck and fretboards makes the sound bright and other quality’s. Such as a warm, rich sound from a rosewood fretboard.

These are all the things I would look at when looking for a good acoustic guitar. While some of the items mentioned are your own preference. All items are things to consider when looking for your next guitar.

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