Campfire Songs Guitar

When you go camping nothing can be more fun than Campfire songs on guitar. I have compiled a list of songs. That are guitar lessons for you. So that you can learn them and use when you go camping. If you want to learn 21 easy campfire songs continue reading. Country Roads Country Roads Take… Continue reading Campfire Songs Guitar

Am Chord Guitar

If you are a beginner guitar player there are several chords you will need to learn. And Am is one of them. So in this Am chord guitar lesson. I will give you a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about the Am chord. Am Chord Guitar Lesson: The Ultimate Guide. How to… Continue reading Am Chord Guitar

What’s the Difference Between American Strat and Mexican

Before you buy your next Stratocaster you might want to know what’s the difference between American Strat & Mexican. Lucky for you I got it all in this article. What’s the Difference Between the American Strat and Mexican: The body, and Neck Material, The amount of frets, Quality, Price. So if you are interested in… Continue reading What’s the Difference Between American Strat and Mexican

How to Build Chords Guitar

In this Guitar Lesson I want to show you how to build chords. Not every chord, but the ones called triads. The basic open chords. This will be a step by step how to lesson. So if you are interested in learning this keep reading … Building Major Chords: Triads The formula to building the… Continue reading How to Build Chords Guitar