Best Guitar With Stainless Steel Frets

If your looking for a the perfect guitar then look no more. In this post I will show you why this is the best guitar with stainless steel frets.

First things first read on to find out why I can say this is the best guitar….

What is an Affordable Guitar with Stainless Steel Frets

Finally I found what I call the best guitar with stainless steel frets. That’s right I say best. And it is affordable. Check out the price here on Reverb.

Features of this Modern day Fender Telecaster. This guitar has it all starting with a Solid Ash Semi Hollow Body. A Set-in Maple guitar neck. Just like what you would find on a higher end guitar.

The finger board is easy to play. It’s Made of Indian Laurel. The frets are Jumbo Stainless Steel. The neck is shorter like on a Gibson guitar. Coming in at 24.75 scale legnth.

But the feel is that classic C shape neck for fast and fun playability.

This Fender Telecaster comes in three colors. White body to match the headstock. Also a clear red finish. It also matches the headstock, and a gloss finish.

I picked the wood grain with a gloss finish.

What is unique about this telecaster is instead of having a single coil pick up. It has two Seymour Duncan P90 pickups. And a three way switch.

Also most telecasters have a volume and a tone knob. On this bad boy there is a volume and tone knob for both the Neck pickup and the bridge pickup.

This allows you to adjust for several different tones.

The Tail piece and bridge are like that of a Gibson also. But I swear this it is a Fender guitar.

The JA90 Telecaster Thinline is one of the Best guitars that is very affordable. Check the different colors here at Reverb.

What Do Stainless Steel Frets Look Like

See they look like frets…

Look at the feature on this JA P90 Telecaster:

  • First off Stainless steel frets
  • Two P90 Pickups
  • Volume and tone controls for both pickups
  • Gloss finish
  • Semi Hollow

On this guitar it is a fender the neck is shorter just like that of a Gibson. But it still has the feel of the Fender. It has the C neck, which I think makes it smoother and more comfortable to play.

The pickups are great! They have a warm sound. And with the individual volume and tone controls for each pickup.

Makes it easy to set one for a clean sound and with the flip of the 3 way switch you can turn on the gain. Take a look at all the details (on Amazon here).

What is the Benefit of Stainless Steel Frets?

According to Wampler there are many benifits that the stainless steel fret offers.

  1. Playability – Your fingers don’t need as much force on the strings to get the tone.
  2. Easier (smoother) strings bends.
  3. The Fret lasts longer.
  4. Vibrato is easier.

Since I own a guitar with stainless steel strings I would agree that it is easier and I have more fun playing this guitar. Plus it sounds great.

Why are Stainless Steel so Expensive?

When you buy the guitar with SS Frets the cost is part of the overall price so you don’t really notice it. But the labor to have the Stainless Steel frets installed can be pricy. Source

Do Stainless Steel Frets Sound Different?

Yes is the answer Stainless Steel frets sound different. The stainless steel fret has a brighter sound. See some of the differences in sound below.

Does Fender Use Stainless Steel Frets?

According to guitar world May 2021; Fender takes the fender Ultra Range to the next level with stainless steel frets! Source

Check out the Fender Limited Addition on Amazon.

Listen to the Different Tones of the Telecaster

  • It’s a little bit hard to capture the sound with a computer. But when you hear it in person; Sweet!

Neck Pickup With Some Gain:

Bridge Pickup With Some Gain:

Bridge Pickup Clean Channel:

Both Pickups With Some Gain:

Both Pickups Clean Channel:

Check out more Details on Amazon of this JA Telecaster. It’s now my favorite go to guitar!