What’s the Difference Between American Strat and Mexican

Before you buy your next Stratocaster you might want to know what’s the difference between American Strat & Mexican. Lucky for you I got it all in this article.

What’s the Difference Between the American Strat and Mexican: The body, and Neck Material, The amount of frets, Quality, Price.

So if you are interested in finding out about the contrast of the Mexican Stratocaster and American then continue reading to find out…

Which One is the Right Stratocaster to Buy?

Although both stratocaster’s look the same. You will see that there are quite a lot of things that are different between the American strat and the Mexican strat.

After you read what the differences are you will be able to make an informed decision on which strat is the one for you.

Whether it’s the American Standard on Amazon or the Made in Mexico Stratocaster, both are good guitars and you will be happy with your decision.

How Much is the Price of Fender Stratocaster

Of course there is a price difference that goes along with the contrast in the two Stratocasters in question. The American Strat is anywhere between $999.0 and upwards of $1500.00. Compared with the Made in Mexico Strat starts around $859.00.

Leo Fender Pioneered the Stratocaster in 1952. And Since 1954 Fender Corporation has manufactured Fender Strats.

Both the American and Mexican Strats are double cutaway solid body guitars. And both have that Fender sound.

Even though there are differences in the guitars. Starting with where they are made. The American Stratocaster is made by Fender in the Corona Manufacturing facility.

The Fender Player Series Stratocaster (Mexican) is made in Ensanada, Baja California, Mexico. source

What Makes the Two Fender Prices So Different?

For one reason the Mexican Fender Stratocaster is made in Mexico. But this does not take away from the Quality of the product.

The Fender Player Series is not made of the same parts as you will find on the Fender American Standard.

Here are some of the differences that keep the price point down on the Mexican strat. So that guitar players who may not be able to afford the cost of the American Standard by Fender.

Can still afford a good Quality guitar at about half the cost of the American Stratocaster.

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Big Differences to Shave the Cost

Fender American StandardMexican StratParts
Made in Taiwan Made in Taiwan Potentiometers/ Bow
Made in Mexico Made in Mexico5 way switch
Made in AmericaMade in Mexico or KoreaPickups
Made in America Made in AmericaPick Guards
Can be adjusted 2 waysone AdjustmentTruss Rod
Made of AlderMade of AlderGuitar Body
Improved 2 way system made in AmericaPop Metal Made in Korea Bridge
22 (Longer Neck)21 Frets
Polyurethane (Lacquer) Polyester Finish (Gloss)Paint
Click to Unlock the Gear

As you can see the differences in the chart above. When it comes to some of the tonal differences with the two piece Saddle on the American Strat.

And then also the Longer Neck, and using different wood in the body of the guitar. All these make for a different tone.

This is not to say one is better than the other. Just that they both have there own unique sound.

Although both guitars have a Truss rod adjustment. Which is great, I would not buy a guitar without a truss road. The American Strat has a 2 way truss rod adjustment. Verses the Mexican Strat having one.

The Pickups are made in different Country’s, but this does not mean the quality of sound is lacking. In fact the sound is very similar.

The Guitar Body wood is different on the American Standard VS that of the Mexican Strat. Which on an acoustic guitar will definitely make a difference in the tone.

But when your dealing with electric guitars you can make an argument either way that the sound of the Alder body is not much different sounding than the Ash wood. If any difference at all just a unique presence of each guitar.

And with the electronics of the guitar and amp. One can customize each guitars tonal quality’s to their liking. And bring out the best tones of each guitar.

The Bridge of the American Standard VS the Mexican Stratocaster

There is a difference in the quality of the bridge of the two guitars. On the American Strat Bridge is a 6 Saddle Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo.

The Stratocaster made in Mexico has the 2 Point Fulcrum Tremolo Bent Steel Saddle. Which is also a Tremolo design.

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American Standard With HSS Pickups

That’s right! With this guitar you get the cake and eat it too. This guitar gives you the classic sound of the Fender single coil pickups. With also that Rocking sound of the Humbucking pickups.

This guitar has it all!

What is the same on the American Strat and the Mexican Strat

The Body of both guitars are the same. Both bosting that double cutaway Body made famous By Fender.

Both guitars use the Fender Tremolo system or as some call the Whammy bar system.

The necks of the Mexican Stratocaster and American Stratocaster are both the classic C shape for easy Playability. Which is really nice and comfortable to play.

Each guitar come with the maple neck. Both are bolt on.

The American Strat has the Alder Body. And guess what so does the Mexican Strat.

And as you know, the wood that the guitar is made of. Helps to give each guitar it’s unique sound.

The Scale Length is the same. So as you can see there is so much that is the same on these guitars.


Both the American Stratocaster & Mexican Stratocaster are unique guitars. Just like every guitar that you play. They take on there own coolness and comfortability and sound. Both guitars are made for guitarists that enjoy playing. The guitars have some differences. And the Mexican Stratocaster is made so that everyone can afford a Fender Stratocaster. And still have Quality, Reliability and Great Tone. Without the cost that comes with some of the American Standard strats.

Whether your looking for a American Strat like this on Amazon or A Mexican Strat. You will be happy with the Fender Classic Sound.

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