Campfire Songs Guitar

When you go camping nothing can be more fun than Campfire songs on guitar. I have compiled a list of songs. That are guitar lessons for you. So that you can learn them and use when you go camping.

If you want to learn 21 easy campfire songs continue reading.

Country Roads

Country Roads Take Me Home is a great song to sit and play around the fire. Take a look at the chords that are in the song.

If your not sure how to place your fingers for these chords click here for Country Roads Take Me Home Chords.

There is some bass line picking in this song. And it has a great Rhythm.

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Starting with the A Chord you want to pick the A string and then strum the A chord.

Then you pick the E string (6 string) and strum the A chord.

The next chord is the F#m Chord.

your fingers are in position you want to pick the E string and strum the chord.

Then Pick the A string (5th string) and strum the F#m Again.

The next chord to play is the E chord.

Your going to pick the E string, (6 string) then strum the E chord.

Then pick the A string and strum the chord again. Going back and forth between 6 string strum, and 5th string strum again.

Next your going to alternate pick the D chord.

First pick the D string. Which is the 4th string. And then strum the D chord. Then pick the A chord and strum the D chord again.

This type of alternate picking is very popular in Country music. If you are not used to it. I would practice once chord at a time and continue to the next chord once you get the hang of it.

Country Roads chord progression

  • Verse – A F#m E D A A F#m E D A
  • Chorus – A E F#m D A E D A
  • Bridge – F#m E A D A E F#m G
  • Outro – E A  E A

Get the tab here!

Friends in Low Places

Another great song by Garth Brooks, and so much fun to play. People love this song and want to join in.

And the great thing about it is there are just 4 chords. Take a look:

Click to Get the complete guitar lesson.

Tennessee Whiskey

What is a campfire without Chris Stapleton. This is a fun song too. And an easy campfire song. Take a look at the chords:

Click to get the tab: How to play Tennessee Whiskey on guitar.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale by Sammy Kurshaw even though its a sad song. It has a great up beat feel to it. And makes a great campfire song to play on guitar. Click to for the Yard Sale Guitar Lesson.

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Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker is another easy campfire song and fun to sing along too.

Check out Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker chords:

If you need help making the chords click this Wagon Wheel link for complete lesson.

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How to strum Wagon Wheel

The Strumming Pattern for Wagon Wheel goes like this. D D U D U. Which is Down Down Up Down Up.

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Tin Man

Tin Man by Miranda Lambert is a not so popular campfire song. But it has some great Rhythm. Which makes it fun to play around the fire. Click the link to get the complete guitar lesson.

Tin Man Guitar Lesson Miranda Lambert (Chords).

It’s Your Love Guitar Lesson

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: It’s Your Love is a great sing along song. Just 4 chords

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: It’s Your Love Guitar Lesson.

The Story Brandi Carlile

This song is perfect for an acoustic guitar. There are some bar chords in the song. So if you are a beginner it might be a little tricky at first. See if you can play these chords to The Story.

The Rhythm and the strumming pattern goes like this: DD U D DD UD DD UD. Which is the same as Down Down Up Down, Down Down Up Down Up Down.

At the beginning of the song it is a slow tempo click to see how to play The Story.

The Blues Man

The Blues man first done by George Jones then again by Bosefus. The chords in the song are listed below.

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Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, & Nash

Learn this song and play it by the campfire! Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, & Nash Easy Chords.

Statue of a Fool

Ricky van Shelton Statue of a Fool. A classic Country song. Related Article: Ricky Van Shelton Statue of a Fool Chords (Complete Lesson).

Remember When

Remember When by Alan Jackson lots of chords, but fun to strum along. Check out all the chords in this song.

Here is the link to Remember When – Alan Jackson Guitar Lesson.

The Running Kind

When your at the campfire you need cowboy songs and Merle Haggard songs fit the bill. The Running Kind campfire chords.

Get the Tab: Merle Haggard Guitar Lesson: The Running Kind.

Lover Taylor Swift Chords

The chords to Lover are G D C Em F and Am. In that order. Get the complete “How to.” Related Article: Lover Taylor Swift Chords & “How to” Guitar Tutorial Video

Let It Be Me

Click the link to get the Let It Be Me The Everly Brothers Guitar Lesson. And learn how to play campfire songs.

Why Me Lord

Why Me Lord is the perfect campfire song! There are 3 easy chords to the song. And if you want to learn this song check out the related article: Kris Kristofferson Why Me Lord Guitar Lesson.


Kenny Rogers Lucille a fun Country song to play by the fire.

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John Lennon has some great hit songs. But one of my favorite is Imagine. Click to for this related article: Imagine Beginner Guitar Chords Songs.

You’ll Always Be My Baby

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Red Solo Cup

Red solo cup is a camsite favorite and one of my favorites. Check out the related article to learn How to Play Red Solo Cup Chords-Guitar Lesson with Lyrics


Another Country Classic for the campfire. Grandpa as you know was made famous by The Judds. Here is the related article: How to Play Grandpa by The Judds on Guitar(Lesson)