Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Chords(Complete Guitar Lesson)

I was thinking about doing a guitar lesson on some old Country songs. When I remembered the guy with the saddle bag. And a great country song Yard Sale by Kenny Kershaw. After checking out some of his work. This is what I decided to do a complete guitar lesson on “Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Chords.”

Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Chords(Complete Guitar Lesson). See what will be covered in Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Chords:

  1. Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Chords
  2. Chord Progression to Yard Sale
  3. Strumming Pattern to Yard Sale
  4. Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Lyrics
  5. Yard Sale Chord Sheet
  6. Bonus Yard Sale Tutorial

If your ready to learn Yard Sale on your guitar then grab your guitar and let me teach your Yard Sale by Sammy Kershaw.

Sammy Kershaw Yard Sale Chords

First things first we need to know what the chords are and how to play them. If you need help learning how to read a chord click the link. Here are the chords to play. 3 easy open chords and they are E A and B

How to Position Your Fingers For the E Major Chord

  • Place your first finger on the 3rd string. (G string). At the first fret.
  • Your second finger is on the A string. (5th string). Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the D string. 4th string, second fret.
  • When strumming the E chord you can strum all the strings.

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Finger Position of the A Major Chord

  • Place Your first finger on the 4th string. The D string. At the second fret.
  • Your second finger is on the 3rd string. Which is the G string. Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the B string. At the second fret. This is the 2nd string.
  • When strumming don’t play the 5th or 6th strings.

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Playing the B Major Chord, Where to Place Your Fingers

  • Place your first finger at the 2nd fret of the 5th string. (A string).
  • Your third finger is on strings 4, 3, and 2, at the 5th fret.
  • Don’t play the E string. (6th string).

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Capo Position

To play this song place the capo on the second fret. This will make it easier instead of having to play bar chords. Even though you are playing the E A and B chord shapes those are not the actual chords because of the capo. If you want to know more about whats the use of a guitar capo click the link.

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Strumming Pattern to Yard Sale

The song Yard Sale is played in 4/4 time. Which means you are counting 1 2 3 4. Which is the beats. So as long as you can count to 4 then you will be able to play this song. And most songs that you hear are in 4/4 timing. The strumming pattern is DD UU DU, or Down Down Up Up Down Up. Practice that strumming pattern with those chords. Next is the chord progression.

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Guitar Chords Sammy Kershaw (Progression)

Now that you know what chords are in the song. You need to know what order to play them in. This is called a chord progression. The chord Progression for Yard sale has like most songs an intro, verse and outro or ending.

  • The intro progression is E E and AA.
  • Then the verse is E E E E   AA A  EE  B B   E    A A  E  BB.
  • There’s a interlude E E A A 
  • Chorus E E A A  A  EE  B B     EE A A  E B  E
  • And the end or Outro E E E A A A B E  E E E EE A E B E E E

Check for the button on this page to get the Chord sheet. This will help you learn the song.

The intro of the song starts with two bars of the E chord. Then there is two bars or measures of A. Then the verse starts. Four bars of E and back to A for three bars. And then there is 2 bars of E, and two bars B. Then a bar of E, two bars of A. Then a bar of E and two bars of B.

After that there is an interlude. Which is simply an instrumental. Which has two bars of E and two bars of A. Then there is the chorus.

The chorus chord progression starts with the E and you play two bars of the E. N.ext is 3 bars of A, and go back to the E chord. Play two bars of E and two bars of B. Then two bars of the E chord and two more bars of the A chord. Then play a bar of the E, B and back to E

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The Outro

The End of the Song, the Outro is more of the same. It starts with three bars of the E and then three bars of the A chord. After that there is a bar of E, B and back to E. And then three bars of E.

Then it repeats two bars of the E chord. One bar of A E and B. Finishing with three Bars of E.

This is a great song. Be sure to get a copy of the Chord Sheet. This will make is all come together for you. The Free Chord Sheet is below.

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Bonus Yard Sale Tutorial

The Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Lyrics

Cardboard sign says Yard Sale
Real estate sign says sold
Family picnic table holds all that it can hold
On the grass and on the sidewalk
well there must be half the town
Ain't it funny how a broken home 
Can bring the prices down

Oh they're sorting through 
Whats left of you and me
Paying yard sale prices
For each golden memory
oh I never thought 
I'd ever live to see
The way there sorting through 
Whats left of you and me

You left two summer dresses
In the backyard on the line 
A lady just brought them to me
Says she thinks they'll fit just fine
Well there goes the baby's wagon
And the mirror down the hall
I'd better take just one last look
Before they take it all down

Well I wonder what you'd say 
If you could see 
The way there sorting through 
Whats left of you and me

Get the Yard Sale Chord Sheet

Related Questions

Yard Sale Sammy Kershaw Song

Believe it or not Yard sale is 28 years old. It was released in 1992 y Sammy Kershaw. With his Saddle bag looks and George Jones melodic voice. Yard Sale was the 3rd single off the Album “Don’t Go Near the Water.” Try Amazon Prime & Listen to Sammy Kershaws Songs Free 30 day Trial.

Garage Sale Sammy Kershaw

A lot of people think that the song Yard Sale is called Garage Sale. A common mistake. The song is really called Yard Sale. When listening to the lyrics it describes a garage sale. And describes the items that are now for sale that used to be the happy pieces of a marriage that once was. You are watching with the owner. As he can’t believe that people are sifting through his belongings. And now the only things left of his failed marriage. Source

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How Old is Sammy Kershaw?

When this article was written Sammy Kershaw is 62. He was born in Kaplan Louisiana, on February 24,1958. Source


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