How to Play B7 on Guitar Easy Beginner Tips

If you struggle playing the B7 chord. I have some good news for you. A lot of beginners struggle playing this chord. In this guitar lesson I will give you some tips on How to play the B7 on guitar easy beginner tips.

What will be covered with How to Play B7 on Guitar Easy Beginner Tips?

  1. How to Play B7 on Guitar Easy Beginner Tips
  2. Placing your fingers on the proper strings
  3. Fretting Hand Technique
  4. How to build muscle memory to play the B7
  5. Bonus B7 guitar Tutorial

If you are ready to learn the tips, that will make playing the B7 easier for you. Then grab your guitar and lets begin.

B7 Chord Guitar Finger Position

Let’s start with how to place your fingers for the B7 chord. This is in the open position. Which are the chords you learn first when playing the guitar. Look at the B7 chord diagram.

B7 chord
  • Place your first finger on the 4th string at the 1st fret. The D string.
  • Next place your second finger on the 5th string at the second fret. (A string).
  • Your third finger is on the 3rd string at the 2nd fret. (G string).
  • Then your Pinkie is on the 1st string at the second fret. (E string).
  • Strum the first 5 strings only.

Tip Number one: If you find it difficult to place your four fingers on the strings. You can play it without using your pinkie. If you don’t fret the 1st string, then don’t play the first string. Just play strings 5 4 3 2. If you need help reading chord diagrams take a look at how to read a chord chart.

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B7 Chord Notes

The notes when Playing the B7 are as follows. The 6th string you are not going to play. Your second finger on the 5th string at the second fret it playing the B note. Next is the fourth string. Your first finger is on that. The note that is being played is the D#.

  • B
  • D#
  • A
  • B
  • F#

Then on the third string is your third finger. It is playing the A note. And the second string is the open B string. Which is the B note. Your Pinkie is on the first string. And playing the F# note on the second fret. To learn more about chords, notes, strumming and more, take a look at the Bootcamp Course.

B7 Fretting Hand Technique

Now that you know where to place your fingers. You need to know some techniques so that the chord sounds like a B7. Meaning that you are not muting any strings or hearing a buzzing noise. Some common problems for beginner guitar players.

First you want to play on the tips of your fingers. If you are not on the tips of your fingers you fingers are flat. This means that your fingers can touch other strings. Proper technique is playing on your finger tips. To see this technique and 9 more take a look at 10 things every beginner guitar player needs to know.

When you think your fingers are on there “tips,” and your ready pick one string at a time. To see what it sounds like. If there is any buzzing or the sound of the string is muted. Then find out why. Make an adjustment as needed. Then strum down one string at a time. If it sounds good then all is well. But you may find if you remove your hand off the guitar. Then you will back to square one. No problem I have some tips that will help.

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B7 Chord Sound

Listen to how the B7 chord sounds. First arpeggiated and then when strummed.

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How to Build Muscle Memory to Play the B7

Muscle memory is a big part of playing the guitar. What is muscle memory? In laymen terms muscle memory is when you take a task and repeat the motion until it becomes in your muscle memory. So that you do not have to pay attention to it.

For example when playing the guitar. When you first start holding a pick and learning how to use a pick. It is awkward and you may have problems keeping the pick in your hand. But if you practice picking the strings. It won’t be long before you can pick the strings without thinking about it.

And the same with fretting chords. The more you practice placing your fingers on the strings to make a certain chords. Then before long you don’t have to think about what fingers go where. Your muscle memory kicks in and it becomes second nature.

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A Good Way to Practice Playing the B7

A Good way to practice this is:

Set your fingers on the strings to play the B7. Look at where your fingers are on the strings. Then practice taking your hand completely off the neck of the guitar. Hold your hand down b y your side. Then place your hand back on the strings to play the B7 chord. What does that feel like? A little awkward? Keep working on that.

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This is going to take some practice and patience. Another thing that may help. If you look at the B7 a liittle differently. Look at the D7 chord. It looks like this.

D7 Guitar Chord

That chord is the same shape as your first three fingers when making the B7 chord. Then all you need to do is work on placing your pinkie on the E string.

Try removing your fingers on and off the neck of the guitar several times again and again. To gain muscle memory. (Do this until you don’t need to think about it).

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Playing the B7 Chord

Now that you have practiced getting your fingers on the right strings. Let’s practice going from a D chord to the B7 chord. You can practice any chord. But I want to start with the D chord. If you are not sure how to make the D chord. Then take a look at the chord diagram below.

Open D
  • Place your finger on the 3rd string. The G string. At the second fret.
  • Put your second finger on the 1st string. (E string). Also on the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the 2nd string. (B string). On the third fret.
  • Strum from the 4th string down. Don’t play the 5th or 6th string.

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Okay now that your hands are set up. Don’t worry about strumming yet. Simply practice going from the D chord. Then to the B7. That seems simple. But did you find it difficult to find the strings at the B7?

If you said yes, then we need to practice going from the D to the B7. If you look at the B7 You will see 3 fingers are the same as the D7 chord. Just on different strings. So take those fingers and place them first on the strings, and then place your pinkie down on the first string.

Now practice going from the D to the B7. You are not trying to win a speed race here. You want to methodically place your fingers on the strings. Watch where you place your fingers on the strings to make the B7.

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Making Sure the B7 is Being Played Correctly

Now when you make the B7 chord. You want to make sure your fingers are being placed on the strings properly.

  1. On the tips of your fingers.
  2. You want to make sure there is room at the bottom of the guitar neck. Between your palm and guitar. So that your fingers are not touching other strings.
  3. To do this make sure your thumb is low at the back of the guitar this will lower your wrist.

Practice going from the D to the B7 several times. Once you are comfortable. Go from the D chord to the B7 and then see what it sounds like strumming the chord.

Now position your fingers for the B7 and strum. Does it sound Nice? If not find out what the problem is. You may have a finger hitting another string or your finger is not holding the strings down. What ever the problem. Look and find out what it is. Make necessary corrections. To make sure its corrected by strumming down one string at a time. If it all sounds good then Great!

Related Questions

What Key is B7 in?

B7 is heard a lot in blues songs. Often when there is a turnaround then this chord is the one that is being played. The B7 is in the key of E, when playing the blues in E. To Learn a Call and Response Blues song check out my YouTube Channel YourGuitarGuide. Have a look around while your there. If you like what you see consider Subscribing for more guitar tips.

What is a B7 Chord

A 7th chord is a chord that consists of a triad. Which has an interval above the root of the chord. There are Major 7th chords, minor 7th chords and Dominant 7th chords. The B7 is a Dominant 7th chord. The Dominant 7 chord consists of the notes in the Major Scale. 1 3 5 b7.

Hence the root of the chord is the B. The third of the chord is the D#. 5th of the chord is f# and A is the flatted 7. For more about scales take a look at how do you know if a chord is Major or minor.



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