Kenny Rogers Lucille Guitar Lesson (Complete)

While watching the news. Trying to absorb the overwhelming crisis, that is happening around the world. Then I also saw the sad news, that Kenny Rogers had passed away. Right then I decided I was going to do a guitar lesson in memory of his Life. Thus the Kenny Rogers Lucille Guitar Lesson came to fruition.

This is what I will cover in this lesson: Kenny Rogers Lucille Guitar Lesson.

  • Kenny Rogers Lucille Guitar Lesson
  • Kenny Rogers Chords
  • Timing for Lucille by Kenny Rogers
  • Chord Progression for Lucille Kenny Rogers
  • Country Style Picking
  • Lyrics for Lucille by Kenny Rogers
  • Bonus Video
  • Related Topics with Downloadable

Are you ready to learn a great Country song Lucille? Then Grab your guitar, and I will teach you how to play Lucille by Kenny Rogers.

Kenny Rogers Chords

First things first. Which are the chords to the song Lucille. I’m not going to take any thing for granted. If you already know how to play these chords great skip to the next part of the lesson. But for everyone else here are the chord diagrams. To show you how to play the chords.

The Chords are A E and D. If you need help reading a chord diagram here is a quick reference guide How to read a chord chart.

Finger Position of the A Major Chord

  • Place Your first finger on the 4th string. The D string. At the second fret.
  • Your second finger is on the 3rd string. Which is the G string. Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the B string. At the second fret. This is the 2nd string.
  • When strumming don’t play the 5th or 6th strings.

E Major Chord Finger Position

  • Place your first finger on the 3rd string. (G string). At the first fret.
  • Your second finger is on the A string. (5th string). Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the D string. 4th string, second fret.
  • When strumming the E chord you can strum all the strings.

Fretting the D chord

  • Place your finger on the 3rd string. The G string. At the second fret.
  • Put your second finger on the 1st string. (E string). Also on the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the 2nd string. (B string). On the third fret.
  • Strum from the 4th string down. Don’t play the 5th or 6th string.

Next we need to cover the timing of the song.

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What is the Timing for Lucille Kenny Rogers Song

Most songs that you hear on the radio are in four four time. 4/4 time. But sometimes especially in Country Music there are songs that are in 3/4 time. Like this Kenny Rogers song Lucille. It is in 3/4 timing. What does that mean?

Simple when a song is in 4/4 timing you count the beats. The beats are 4 beats per measure. Which is 1 2 3 4. When you have a song that is in 3/4 timing you count to 3. So in a measure you are counting 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3. The accented beat is on the one. 1, 2 3. You can here this beat in a Walt’s. Like what is in this Mull of Kintyre Guitar Chords & lesson with Video. Paul McCartney.

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How to Pick Country Style for the Kenny Rogers Song Lucille

To get the Country feel of this song here is how to play it. You can just strum the chords and put the accent on the first strum. But here is a better more Country Style of playing.

When you play the A chord you pick the A string. Then strum down two times. Next pick the E string – 6th string and strum down two times. When playing the E chord. You are going to pick the E string. Strum the E chord, two times in a downward motion. Then pick the 5th string, (A string), and strum down two times.

When you play the D chord. Pick the 4th string. Which is the D string. And strum the chord, Two times down. Then pick the A string and strum down two times.

This might take some practice. But like all things with the guitar break everything down into small chunks. Patrice that one little part until you can play it. Then move on to the next chunk. That goes the same for these chords. If you find them difficult play one at a time until you perfect it and go to the next chord. Need Help with Chords? Stop struggling. Look at my Complete Guitar Course.

Chord Progression

This is a easy beginner chord progression. There are only three chords. And the Lucille chord progression goes like this.

The chord progression in the intro starts on A. You Play it for 8 bars through. Then the verse starts. You are still playing the A chord for 6 bars. (beats of the A chord). Then it goes to the E chord for 8 Measures.

After that go back to the A for 4 measures. Next play the D for 2 bars. Then the E chord for 6 measures and one bar of A. Repeat the chords sequence again then When you get to that last A, there is a pause or rest. That’s when Kenny Rogers starts singing the chorus.

The chorus chord progression is : A  D A D A E A Then the song changes keys. There are 3 bars of A, 4 bars of D, 2 bars of A, 6 more bars of D. Two Bars of A, Two bars of E and 2 more bars of A.

After the Chorus, The song changes keys. But you are playing the same chord shapes and progression. What you want to do is move the capo. From the first fret to the third fret. Play the verse. Get the Downloadable to help with playing the song. (Below)

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Lucille Kenny Rogers Lyrics

In a Bar in Toledo across from the depot
On a bar stool, she took off her ring
I thought I'd get closer so I walked on over
I sat down and asked her name
When the drinks finally hit her she said I'm no quitter
But I finally quit living on dreams
I'm hungry for laughter and here ever after 
I'm after whatever the other life brings
In the mirror, I saw him and I closely watched him 
I thought how he looked out of place
He came to the women who sat there beside me
And had a strange look on his face
The big hands were calluses, he looked like a mountain
For a minute I thought I was dead
But he started shaking,his big heart was breaking
He turned to the woman and said

You Picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille
With four hungry children and a crop in the field
Iv'e had some bad times, lived through some sad times
But this time your hurting won't heal
You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille

After he left us, I ordered more whisky
I though how she made him look small
from the lights of the barroom
To a rented hotel room
We walked without talking at all
She was a beauty, but when she came to me
She must of thought I'd lost my mind
I couldn't hold her cause the words that he told her 
Kept coming back time after time

You Picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille
With four hungry children and a crop in the field
Iv'e had some bad times, lived through some sad times
But this time your hurting won't heal
You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille 

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Related Questions

Kenny Rogers Song Lucille Download

What Key is Lucille by Kenny Rogers in?

Lucille has three chords in the song. And they are A D and E. Typically the first chord is the root chord. For Kenny Rogers song Lucille, the song is in the key of A. To learn more about the Major and minor keys consider this resource How do you know if a Chord is Major or minor.

Did Kenny Rogers Write Lucille?

The song Lucille was recorded by Kenny Rogers in 1977. And was on the album named Kenny Rogers. But Kenny Rogers did not write the song Lucille.

Who Wrote Lucille?

The song Lucille was written by two song writers. Roger Bowling and Hal Bynum. Roger Bowling specialized in writing songs for Country Music. Some of his hits that he wrote were; Coward of the Country, Lucille, and a hit made famous by George Jones and Tammy Wynette called Southern California, in 1957.



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