Why are Guitars So Popular

Have you ever wonder why are guitars so popular? Well there are several reasons, and one is that it is the best instrument to learn to play.

Why are guitars so popular? 8 reasons why guitars are so popular? Easy to take anywhere. The most versatile. Easy to learn how to play. Capable of playing more than one note at a time. Very economical Instrument. Wide Range of tones. Guitar can be used in all Genre’s. Sexy instrument.

Let me explain to you in more depth the 8 reasons why guitars are so popular.

What Makes Guitar So Popular

One reason a guitar is so popular is it’s so easy to take everywhere. I mean it is like a piano in that it has all the same notes. But when you go camping on the week end, can you take your piano? When you think of it. There are not a lot of musical instruments that are as easy to pack. Are guitars allowed on Planes, I know Piano’s can’t go through the carry on gate.

Guitars come in all different shapes. But there are guitars specifically made smaller. To make it even easier to load into the car, train. Or any where your willing to take it. These mini guitars are just one of the many reasons guitars are so popular.

The popularity of guitars can be due to the versatility of the instrument. You can play any genre of music with a guitar. The different sounds that a guitar makes. From hard rock, heavy metal to classical music.

This are just a few of the reasons of the guitars popularity.

Why are Guitars So Popular-Because There Easy to Learn How to Play

When it comes to guitars. It’s no secret that there is a learning curve. But that can be said of any instrument you are going to learn how to play. Or any thing new, that you are going to learn. But for the most part. With a good teacher you can pick up how to play the guitar relatively easy.

And this is another example of why the guitar is popular. But even with a good teacher, you still need guitar lessons, or a course with step by step guidance. And secrets to make it easier for you. Even with that you will still need to practice.

Guitars are Popular Because They are Polyphonic Instruments

Which means the guitar has many voicing’s and sounds. You can play more than one note at a time. And there are many tones that come from this widely used and popular instrument. There are other instruments like an organ, or harp for example. That can play more than one tone at a time. But as you know they are not favored as much as a guitar.

The guitar has the affection of so many different cultures all over the world. The guitar is so affordable for many people. Hence a majority of people have the opportunity to play the guitar. Or at least try to play the guitar. And since a guitar is economically approachable then if after you buy it. A year later you deride. It’s not for you. Then you have not lost a lot of money by trying the guitar.

Guitars are Popular Among Musicians

Guitars have a Wide range of tones and can reach 4 octaves. This is one reason guitars are used in bands and a lot of musicians are fond of the guitar. Is again due to the fact that a guitar; Especially an electric guitar can go from heavy metal to bright arpeggiated chord melody’s. And much more. There is so much variety with guitar. This is what makes the guitar so attractive. source

Why Guitar is the Best Instrument?

According to the Rolling Stone news guitars are getting more popular. And Fender says in a study they did that more women are taking up playing guitar. Why are guitars the best instrument? A report from research firm IBISWorld, which tracks guitar manufacturing in the U.S., shows consecutive growth in the last five years and a projected upswing through at least 2022. source

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Why Did the Guitar Become So Popular

Guitars can be seen through out history. Men and women have been drawn to this finely tuned stringed instrument. In the 19th Century the body of the guitar was changed and the advent of nylon strings gave way to the classical guitar. source

The guitar grew more popular in Spain. And was used as a concert guitar in the 20th century. However in the United States the guitar was being used in a different format. The blues was being played. It originally started on plantations. Where the workers were heard singing.

From there the guitar made it’s way out of the fields. When in 1932 the electric guitar was used in big bands. In Electric blues, and in Jazz bands.

In 1950 & 1960’s the electric guitar became the most popular instrument in Pop music. source

Last 5 Years of Guitar Sales

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Guitar Player Statistics

Guitar Player Statistics
20,000 Guitar Players in the US & UKFender Survey Declares50% of all new players are women in both markets source
72% surveyed respondedTook up guitar to improve them self with a skills
6% RespondentsWanted to learn guitar, to play for family & friends
50% of 20,000 surveyed in US & United KingdomFender Survey Declare 50% of all new players were men in both markets

Fender sights Taylor Swift playing the guitar on stage in concerts was in part of the reason so many new guitarist are women. Taylor Swift is exceptional & only puts her name on Quality. To see the best guitar for women take a look at How many guitars should a beginner have.


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Guitar Sales Statistics 2019

In 2018 there was a lot of chatter about guitars going out of style. Falling by the way side. But this was due to the fact that brick and mortar stores like Guitar Center, and Gibson were struggling. Like everything else that has to flex or break. In this day we are living in more, and more sales are from the internet.

In 2019 the guitar sales statistics trends and fore cast indicates that the electric guitar market is to grow over the next 5 years. This growth should be an increase of 3.5% respectively. The report also states that the market will grow to 560 million US Dollars, in the year 2024. From 460 Million Dollars in 2019. As you can see the popularity of the electric guitar. Source

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