Guitar Lessons for Old Beginners (Online)

One of the Biggest lesson an older beginner guitar player can learn is your never to old to start! in fact what better time than now, to start Guitar Lessons for Old Beginners. Now you have more time.

People say “you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks.” Well that doesn’t apply for guitar lessons for old beginners. Because these Guitar lessons for old beginners are the same lessons for any beginner. Whether you are 7, 20, 50, or 70. You still have the same guitar fundamentals. That every guitar player needs to learn.

I want to give you 7 reasons why, now is the time to start your guitar lessons. And the misconceptions that people have. Which may be stopping you from doing what you have always wanted to do. And that is learn to play the guitar.

Can an Older Person Learn to Play Guitar?

Yes, an older person can play guitar. Now is the time to start. You are never to old to start. A lot of people have this need to express themselves through music. And specifically the guitar.

When you were younger maybe you started on a path of wanting to play guitar. Maybe you had a guitar, and even took some lessons. Then life got in the way and you set your guitar down. But that inner being and feeling never went away. You still want to learn how to play guitar.

Now that life has slowed down, and you have plenty of time on your hands. What you need is a hobby, or a reason to express yourself with music. But what will the neighbors think? When they see you putting your guitar case into the trunk of your car. And driving off for your guitar lessons. At your age shouldn’t you be going to the senior center and playing bingo and bot-chi ball?

A lot of things have changed. Now you can learn guitar 24/7, and not even leave your house. Heck you can learn to play in your PJ’s if you want. No one the wiser. With online courses like Guitar Bootcamp you are never to old to learn to play guitar.

7 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Start Playing Guitar

No matter what the age is that you start. You still have to over come the same hurdles. I don’t want to scare you away from playing. But every beginner guitar player old or young, has a barrier to entry.

If you stick with it playing the guitar is so rewarding. But if you never start playing. You will miss out on all the joy that you can have. And not only playing by yourself. But if you play for others. Putting smiles on there face and intern warming yourself up too.

7 Reasons to start playing guitar Now!

  1. Retired and have more time on your hands.
  2. You are not getting any younger’
  3. Music has always been a passion of yours.
  4. Learning a new skill.
  5. To play for family and friends.
  6. Play for the community.
  7. Fore-fill a life long dream.

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Guitar Lessons for Old Beginners Misconceptions

  1. You need to be young to learn how to play guitar. There is no age limit when it comes to learning to play guitar. If you are young at heart, physically able, then go for it. People drum up ideas. Probably because of television, and the music industry. That you have to be young to play guitar. But for the majority of people learning and playing guitar. They are not going to be making a music career or television debut.
  2. You don’t have the cognitive ability. It is true that one is not as fast as when they were in there 20’s. But your brain still works. And muscle memory still works. You may not be playing as fast as Joe Satriani does. But neither does the twenty year old beginner guitarist. They too have to put in the time to get the chops.

Online Guitar Lessons for Old Beginners

If you don’t want the hassle of going to the music store to take lessons. Do what thousands of others are doing. That is taking online guitar lessons. The great thing about taking lessons online is that you can practice anytime you want. For as long as you want. So if time is no issue. You can catch up on the years that you missed, while raising your family.

Guitar lesson vary in price. But if you want to see how it is more practical to take an online course. Then look at this article on how much does it cost to take guitar lessons. You will see that you get more bang for your buck with online guitar lessons.


They call it ALL ACCESS. What do you get with all access? You get access to all of true fires courses. Forever. You have a one time payment and never pay again. Then you can access over 200 hundred instructors. 40, 000 lessons, 900 courses. This should get you started off on the right foot. There are lessons in all genre. Rock, Country, Blues and more. Take a look at the special offer on Truefire.

Guitar Tips for Older Beginners

Whether young or old there are things that every guitar player needs to know. And there are things that you will need. Here are some guitar tips. If you are just now considering playing the guitar. And you haven’t bought one yet. You may want to consider a few things.

Like what kind of guitar should you start with and how much should you spend or what’s the best beginner guitar. Tips on how to buy an electric guitar.

If you are into the blues a great blues guitar that I use is the parlor guitar. Take a look at the review of the Best Washburn Parlor series guitar. Some other resourses to great products that I have tried and you might be interested in are in the Recommended Gear page.

When you are thinking of buying a guitar it is not one size fits all. Your size has everything to do with it. If you are short, or have short arms. If you have small hands all these things should come into consideration. Also what kind of tone do want to hear. For more tips on this take a look at What Are the Different Guitar Shapes.

More tips for you that you may not have thought of. But when you play the guitar you need a chair that has no arms on it. To make it easier for you to sit properly and play. One that you will not be slouching in. If you need a sturdy comfortable chair to play your guitar on look here.

Here is a great guitar tip for older beginners. 10 thing every beginner guitar player needs to know.

Learning Guitar in Your 40’s

I have been playing guitar long before my 40’s. And well after my 40’s. When you start playing guitar you will find that it is a journey. You never stop learning. I would say first hand that I have slowed down. But as far as being able to learn new concepts and enjoying playing this has not changed.

When you are in your 20’s as a beginner guitar player. You are learning fretting hand techniques. So that you can play a string and chord properly. You are learning how to hold the pick properly. How to pick the strings effectively. Then you are learning different chords, chord shapes and how to transition between the chords. Then of course you need to learn strumming.

These are all the same fundamentals. When you are learning guitar in your 40’s.

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The Fret Wire

When you start to play guitar in your forty’s. Your fingers and hands are going to get tired quick. This is also true for playing guitar in your 20’s.

Because you are learning a new instrument. One that requires you to use your fingers. In ways that they are not used to being used. Your fingers will get calluses, and feel like they are going to bleed. Both young and old beginner guitar players get these.

I would say you have more patience when learning guitar in your 40’s. As apposed to when you are in your teens or 20’s. This is a plus that you may stick to the practice plan when it becomes tedious. Instead of starting something new.

But what about when you are in your 50’s can you learn guitar?

All Instruments including guitar. All levels and Any age group. Self paced, step by step video courses. LEARN More >>

Can I Learn to Play Guitar at 50 Years Old?

Like I said I have been playing guitar all my life and have surpassed my 50’s. I’m still in love with the guitar. As much as when I first started playing. I would just say for those of you that are in your fifty’s, and want to know can I learn to play guitar at 50 years old? The answer is Yes.

Like I was saying about learning guitar in your forty’s it is pretty much the same. There are basics that you need to learn to master playing the guitar. Every guitar player has to learn it. And age is not a factor. Yes you might be slower than when you were younger. But really this is not as big of an issue as you may think.

More than likely you want to learn to play for the simple enjoyment of playing. Learning a new skill and maybe playing for family and friends. At the camp ground for fun. Now is the time to start before your next birthday. If your ready to take on the challenge, with another “old folk”. check out the offer on the guitar bootcamp course.

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Is 23 to Old to Learn Guitar?

ah Twenty three is a great time to be in life. I remember my 20’s how I was eager to learn new things that would take me on a journey of a lifetime. I started playing guitar long before my 20’s. But I don’t know if was due to the teacher or the age that it just didn’t click. When you are in your 23 you are old enough to know what you want.

For example when you start playing guitar. You are going to learn a genre. And style of music that you love. The music you have grown up listening to on the radio. When you are too young, and you get your first guitar. More than likely you are going to learn what the teacher teaches you.

At age 23 you have a lot of things already in your favor.

  • Time – to learn more guitar
  • Flexibility – Your fingers are more agile at age 23
  • Speed – Finger dexterity can be practiced. But it maybe lost with age.

Yes, 23 might be a little late. But still you would have a great head start than someone starting in there 30’s. And if you wanted to pursue playing in a band. You are still young enough to make things happen.

Technically you have your whole life ahead of you. And the sky is the limit. Of course in order to play on stage and with a band. You would need to maintain a strict and purposeful practice. It could take many years to get to a place of being able to perform. But the good news is at 23 your not to old to get the job done.

If you are 23 now is the time to start learning guitar. Try for yourself this online course.

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Guitar Lessons for Senior Citizens

I have said and strongly believe that anyone that wants to learn guitar can. And with the internet it has become easier than ever to learn how to play the guitar. Not only easier but more economical and you can learn at your own pace. Here is a great resource for an online course. This is my own course that you can get access to called beginner guitar bootcamp.

Guitar Tips for Beginners

When you are starting out. There are lots of tips that can help you play guitar. You can get a lot of good information and guitar tips from YourGuitarGuide my youTube Channel. When your there have a look around and if you like what you see. Consider Subscribing for more guitar tips. And don’t forget to click the bell icon. So you will get notified every time I upload a new video.

Another great resourse is this article on 58 beginner guitar tips you should know.

How Old to Play Guitar in a Night Club

Each states is different so I would check the individual state that you live in. But for most of them the law states that if you are 18 years old you can work in a night club. But some members of bands have not been able to play at the club.

The law says work in the club. Technically the band members do not work for the club. They are contract laborers. There is a fine line on whether or not the club will allow the band member to stay. This is because of the fact that the member is under age 21, and do not work for the club. Fair or not the club has to obey the laws.

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