Best Chair for Guitar Players: Studio, Gig, & Your Lifestyle

If you are looking for a guitar chair and you want more than just the average stool. Then you have come to the right place. Because the best chair for guitar players may not just be a stool. It depends where you are playing your guitar.

I don’t know about you but I play a lot of the time in the living room and quite frankly I want something a little more than a stool. Maybe your thinking what is the best chair for guitar players? I’m going to show you the Best Chair for Guitar Players that will work best in Studio, at the Gig, & Your Lifestyle. (Bar Stool, Guitar stool with stand, and luxury guitar chairs).

Stick around where I will give you the pro’s and con’s of each style of chair. First lets take a look at the traditional Stool. Which can be used at the bar in the house or at the bar.

The Bar Stool is the Go to Guitar Chair

When playing your guitar you want to be comfortable. But quite often your not really thinking of comfort. You are wanting to make sure you have plenty of arm room. After all your arm is going to be stretched out past your body.

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A Bar stool seems like a good go to chair when playing the guitar. But what kind of stool. Let me just say all stools are not built equally. If you are like me and you have a bad back. Do you just want the average bar stool? I know I don’t. I want a stool that is going to have a back on it. But I need to make sure that the back doesn’t interfere with my playing.

So maybe you have already thought of the problems that could arise from stools or maybe not. That’s why I want to cover all angles. Before you make the decisions to buy a guitar chair. This way you will be well informed.

Now lets look at the best stools for playing guitar. Then we will delve into guitar Chairs.

Proline Guitar Stool

The Proline Guitar stool stands at 24 inches. This stool has a soft Faux Leather cushion. If you are going to buy a stool for your guitar room. This is the Best Guitar Stool for comfort. Proline says it all. Made comfortable for the pro. Yet very affordable too.

Looking for a simple fix for sitting and playing the guitar. This is a comfortable affordable guitar stool. Don’t just take my word for it though. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon.

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Fender Bar stool Has the Logo

If your really in to Brand and looks you don’t have to look much further. Is Fender is your go to guitar? And you want the matching logo bar stool. Take a look at this beautiful Fender Bar stool. This bar stool sit’s 24 inches tall. The seat rotates all the way around, and has a padded top. Strong chrome legs. Great for the Gig or Studio.

Fender stool has a foot rest to help you keep good posture, and be well balanced. The seat has the Fender Logo that makes this bar-stool pop. Great for practice or at a Session. Click here for current price on Amazon.

Marshall Guitar Stool for Home or Gig

Marshall stool with Chrome Legs, thick padded seat makes playing comfortable and cool. Click for current low price on Amazon.

As I mentioned previously if you have back problems this type of stool may not be for you. Although your body can sit upright to play. Unlike if you are in a chair that has arms on it. You may find yourself contorting your body to free up your arms so that you can play. And eventually this will lead to a tired and sore body.

One should practice in a natural upright position. Good posture will allow you to play comfortably for a longer period of time. There are similar bar style stools that are made for playing guitar. These stools also have the name brand on them for the guitar enthuses.

On Stage Guitar Stool

The Guitar Stool That is perfect for the Gig!

  • On Stage stool is Easy to carry. It folds up for easy transport.
  • A foam seat for comfort.
  • Protective EVA for your guitars protection.
  • Comes with guitar stand attached and strap to hold it in place.
  • Non slip rubber feet, which also prevent floor damage.

Taylor Guitar Stool With Branded Logo

The Taylor Manufacturer has a bar style stool. Which is “sweat”, like there guitars quality is exhumes from the bar stool. This Classy design has a padded seat that swivels. It has a Tan Vinyl Finish. The stool sports the Taylor Logo and designed for playing comfort. With a ring to prop your feet on. The Taylor Bar stool it sits 24 inches high. Click here to see the picture of the Taylor Bar stool.

CoVibrant Adjustable Swivel Guitar Stool

You should see the All Star Rating on this stool! A great stool for practicing your guitar or simple enough to take to the Gig. It would look good in your studio. With the extra large 15′ firm seat that has a cool white stitch. Chrome legs and Chrome looking wheel covers.

This chair is stylish and strong. Able to carry up to 300 lbs. The seat height can be adjusted from 20 inches to 27 inches. After all every guitar player is not the same size. This Guitar Stool swivels 360 degrees. Perfect for practicing and hours of fun. See what other customers are saying about this light weight economical guitar stool on Amazon.

Boss -Well Built Economical Guitar Stool

If it’s not all about the logo or possibly being the most comfortable. And it is all about economics. Then this might be the stool you’ve been looking for. The Boss Medical Spa Stool. It comes in 3 colors. As you can see this one is beige.

This stool extends to 24 inches.

You won’t believe the price I found on Amazon.

Take a look at the price on Amazon.

Let’s take a look at the next kind of stool. These have backs on them for more versatility.

Modern Square The BarStool With a Back

Looking for a comfortable go to chair for playing your guitar? Take a look at the Modern Square adjustable Barstool. You can tell just by looking at it the quality of this stool. Modern Square barstool is counter height, but you can adjust it to fit you perfect. The stool comes with a swivel seat and a sturdy back. With plenty of padding for comfort. There is a perch for your feet. The diamond tuck is stunning and gives the chair eye appeal.

This is such a popular chair, they come in a set of two at a very low price. And a lot of different colors Click to see the variety of colors on Amazon.

Maybe your in the market for just one stool for your studio. Take a look at the Milan Marlie. The stool that has a Pneumatic swivel.

Again stunning! This is a perfect professional look for your studio. The diamond tuck and padded seat make this stool luxurious. And the foot perch is the perfect assist. Keeping you well balanced while you are playing. Click here for current price on Amazon.

SUPERJARE BarStool in Retro Brown

Maybe you just want a stool that has a lower back support. To keep you upright while your playing. One that also swivels and has a place to rest your feet. To keep you on the stool and balanced. While playing your favorite tunes. This stool is a good choice. But the down side is there is not as much padding on the top of the seat. Two for one low price, can’t beat that!

This stool can swivel, has fabric that is wear resistant. There is a perch for your feet, and the stool adjusts from 22.5 to 31.1 . Making this great for taller people to sit and be comfortable. This stool is sturdy steel. That can hold up to 265 lbs. And for extra safety there is a slip resistant rubber ring on the base. This is a classy stool for in the studio or in the living area/kitchen. See current price on Amazon.

What if you just want a comfortable chair. A Guitar chair that will be comfortable for playing your guitar. And fits in to your lifestyle. After all maybe you don’t want a barstool in your living room.

Let’s take a look at some other options you can choose from.

Roundhill Chair fits Your Guitar Playing Needs & Style

Just think when you come in to your studio how nice it will look with the Roundhill Chair. This chair is very classy. From it’s Contemporary look, right down to the English Letter Print. The roundhill will work great for playing your guitar. As you can see the Roundhill is arm less. This gives you plenty of moveability and flexibility while playing your guitar.

Roundhill Chair delivers a soft fabric material. Giving your room a warm look. The strong legs are finished in a deep espresso color. The fabric is soft but durable. For a lifetime of playing fun and comparability. This Chair will work in a room with light decor or dark. And will look great in your home studio. Click here for current price on Amazon.

Christopher Knight Stylish for Sitting & Practicing Guitar

Bonded Brown Leather is a very nice look. This arm less chair will look great in the living room, office or home studio. This arm less chair will make it easy for you to sit comfortably and play your guitar. The legs are wooden with plastic feet to prevent scratching the floor. The color is marble brown. Click for current pricing on Amazon.

Double the Fun with Chrisopher Knight Chair

If you need extra room take a look at this arm less chair. This Christopher Knight arm less chair is Darcy brown bonded leather. Very comfortable thick padded cushion and sturdy wooden legs. The feet have a non scratch plastic to protect the floor. Click Here for the dimensions on Amazon.

Quik-Lok DX-749 Musician’s Stool

This is the perfect practice chair. Or take to the gig. Small enough for easy transport. I found this awesome stool on Reverb.

There are 9 positions that you can adjust for your style of playing. This is for Guitar player, and musicians. It has a foot rest that as you know comes in handy when playing guitar. You can adjust is so that you are positioned ergonomically for less stress on your body. There is also a back rest to help your posture. And anti skid feet. For safety. This stool is Designed to help musicians perform in the ideal ergonomic position. See the current price on Reverb.

Giantex 360 Swivel Chair will make practicing Guitar more comfortable

Don’t let the simplicity of this chair full you. The Giantex swivels 360 degrees and has 4 adjustable positions to fit your body. And holds up to 300 lbs. The padded backrest allows for max-amine comfort.

This chair can be used for multiple fun situations. It’s true that this is a gaming chair. But it is arm less and will work great to practice your guitar. Not to mention look good in the living area, studio, or man cave. Providing you with hours of fun and comfort. Click for details and pricing on Amazon.

Gator Guitar Chair for Practice or the Gig

Gator Frameworks guitar seat is slim great for portability. Take this guitar chair to the gig. It has a padded seat top, and a ergonomic backrest. But what’s really cool is the built in guitar stand. The stand fits both electric guitars and acoustic. This chair folds so you can take it anywhere.

This guitar is great for the Gig and anywhere. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

Musicians Performance Chair Ready for Concerts

This is a great chair for the musician. Good for Guitarists, Drummers, and Keyboard. This is small like a stool yet comfortable like a chair. With plenty of padded cushion on the seat, and the back of the chair to maximize your comfort. The seat and back are adjustable because one size doesn’t fit all. The chair is designed to fold so you can take to the gig or anywhere. Click here for the current price on Amazon.

Quick Lok Musicians Seat Great for Practice or the Gig

If you want a chair for home to practice playing guitar or to take on the road. This Quick Lok can do the job. With it’s easy fold and carry design. The seat is padded so you can be comfortable. The seat height is adjustable. Also the foot rest and back can be adjusted. To make sitting in the chair comfortable for your body. Click here for image on Amazon.

A Pneumatic Bar Stool is a Great Performance Tool

This stool will work great in the studio. And it’s lite enough to take to the Gig. The Performance Tool comes with a padded seat and back. For hours of practicing and playing guitar in comfort. This stool swivels and has a foot perch that is powder coated black finish. This chair is small for easy portability, but strong too. It can hold up to 300 lbs. The performance tool can be adjusted for max comfort. Adjustable from 26 inches to 32 inches.

Related Questions

The Best Guitar Chair for Back Pain

Do you suffer with back pain? If you have back problems and need a comfortable seat then take a look at this best guitar chair for back pain. Boss medical spa stool has an ergonomic design. What makes this chair the best guitar chair for back pain? Well read about the awesome features of this chair below.


  • The design emulates the natural shape of the spine. So that you can play your guitar and be comfortable.
  • Seat height adjustments to fit your height range.
  • Padded seat and back
  • Durable easy to clean Vinyl Fabric
  • Chrome finished
  • Easy to move with dual casters
  • Optional colors
  • Very Economical to buy

This ergonomic chair comes in different colors click to see on Amazon.

Wooden Guitar Stool

Another option is a wooden guitar stool. One that is very sturdy and comfortable is the Rivet Mid modern stylish wooden stool. A well crafted beautiful chair. Perfect for your playing comfort.

As you can see very elegant and sturdy, everything you need for a wooden guitar stool. This stool has a plush thick padding fabric covered seat and back. And solid wood frame and legs. Further more this wooden guitar stool stands at 37.4 inches tall and has a foot rest for additional stability while playing. Click to see the current price on Amazon.

Guitar Stool Height

Guitar stool height is a very important aspect. You need the height to fit you the player. This way you will be comfortable, and sit with good posture. You will be able to practice and play for longer periods. Since you won’t be tiring out quickly due to an uncomfortable chair.

Some of the stools have no adjustment and some have adjustments. With the adjustments you can get a more comfortable height range. Which you find that you will practice for a longer period of time. After searching hundreds of stools this is what I found the average height and adjustments were.

  • The average Height of a guitar stool that is non adjustable 18-24 inches.
  • Average adjustable height is 6 inches vertical.
  • Average weight Capacity 220-300 lbs.
  • See average price on Amazon

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