Best Guitar Cases for Flying[Buyers Guide]

A while back I was taking a pleasure trip over seas. And I was going to be gone for some time. So I needed to take my guitar with me. This is when I did a lot of research to find the Best Guitar cases for Flying. Then I created this buyers guide to share what I discovered.

What are the best guitar cases for flying? In short there is a list of 10. And they all have good aspects, but I took the top best guitar cases for flying. I narrowed it down to 1. Take a look at the list below:

  • Gator ATA
  • SKB Deluxe
  • Fender Deluxe ABS
  • Gator Flight Pro
  • Road Runner
  • Jackson Case
  • Musicians Gear

  • Ibanez
  • SKB Jaguar
  • SKB Universal
  • Gator TSA Molded

This buyers guide for the best guitar gig bag for flying. Will cover all the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Top guitar cases. So if you want to learn more about the guitar cases, including the different prices continue to read on.

Best Guitar Case for Flying: The Review of the Gator ATA Case

Some of the best guitar cases you can find are made by Gator Case. They have been making cases since 2000. Gator is well versed in making a good product. Source And this can be seen in the Gator ATA Molded Case.

As you can see this guitar case has built in the TSA latches. The locking center latch is TSA approved. This case is virtually indestructible with a special molded exterior made from Polyethylene. Which is a military grade material. That is made light and flexible, but tough.

So tough that you can actually stand the case upright on it’s end. Thanks to the hard molded exterior.

The handle is molded and injected with hard plastic. And has an ergo grip so it fits snug in your hand. The inside of the case is plush! Crush velvet and a protective foam to protect your pride and joy. This case fits:

Gibson, Les Paul, PRS Single-cut, ESP and other Carved top single cutaway guitars Click for Specifications.

Click here for current price on Amazon.

When You go Flying you may want to Consider the SKB-44 Deluxe

SKB has very good reviews and they are well deserved the SKB-44 Deluxe case is a universal case. That is a big plus when you are looking for a good quality case you want to make sure your guitar will fit properly inside. This will insure maximum protection against the peril of the cargo area of the plane.

SKB has over 40 years of experience producing cases. With their record you can trust this brand. To make quality guitar cases. The SKB 44 is similar to the Gator case in that it is virtually indestructible and comes with a TSA Lock that is built into the handle.

2 pluses this case offers is a “bumper” that is built into the molding of the hard case. For additional protection. The second positive is the tongue and groove which fits together to keep the dust and moisture. Click to see the current price of the KSB 44 on Amazon.

The Fender Deluxe ABS Case Fits a Strat or Tele

Fender makes a Good quality guitar, but how do there cases hold up against the competition? The Fender Deluxe ABS case. Is designed to give the best protection for your guitar. Whether it is a Stratocaster or a Telecaster this case will work. With special material that gives the case a hard outer shell for protection against dents, scratches and other accidents.

The interior has a plush material inside for additional protection. Made to insure that your guitar will land at it’s destination safely.

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Pro’s of the Fender ABS Deluxe Case

At the time of my research 30 customers were asked these 5 questions and this is what I found.

  1. Good Quality? 14 people responded that this case has good quality.
  2. Functional? 12 People responded that yes it was functional.
  3. Easy to Use? 10 people responded that the case is easy to use.

Fender Deluxe case has the TSA approved lock. And comes with a large pocket to keep your accessories. It’s big enough to store picks, strap and extra strings. Click here for current price on Amazon.

The Road Runner is it the Best Guitar Gig Bag for Flying?

The Road Runner may be one of the under dogs in this list. They pride themselves on their guitar cases, “being tough enough to withstand the abuse of the road.” Source

The Road Runner Manufacture offers an acoustic ABS acoustic case with TSA locks. Just what you need, to go on that airplane. The outside of the case has a hard rubber feet that are non slip for standing the guitar upright.

Inside the case is lined with a high pile plush lining. Also there is a big pocket for accessories. The case is designed to fit numerous different sizes of guitars. And comes with an offset handle for better balance when carrying. See the the Current Road Runner Gig Bag on Reverb.

Jackson Case is Specifically Designed for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitars & for Flying

The Jackson case has been re-engineered to fit the specifics of the Warrior electric guitar and the Kelly guitar shapes. Specific details have been redesigned to give this case maximum protection for these guitars.

The ABS hard-shell construction has been formed specifically to the shape and to the fit of these two unique guitars. The Specifics to detail all the way down to the Whammy bar so that it fits in the case.

Of course this case has a TSA locking latch, and a sturdy handle to carry with ease.

If you own a Kelly or Warrior guitar you might want to click here to see the current price on Amazon.

Gator Flight Pro Perfect for Electric Guitars

Here are the Gator Flight Pro dimensions:

  • Interior Dimensions
  • The Body Length is 21.2 inches
  • Height of the Body is 2.6 inches
  • Lower Bout Width is 13.63 inches
  • Middle Bout Width is 13.63 inches
  • Exterior Dimensions
  • Length is 49.25 inches
  • Width is 17 inches
  • Height is 5.375 inches
  • Weight is 16 lbs

To learn more about how to measure your guitar for perfect fit click this link.

ATA stands for Air Transport Association. Cases with an official ATA rating are considered suitable for air travel.

This Guitar Case is designed to fit electric guitars. And is a tour grade case with a snug fit. It has an ATA molded outer shell. Which if you don’t know, ATA stands for Air Transport Association. Cases with an official ATA rating are considered suitable for air travel.

This case has a military grade polyethylene outer shell. And an exterior locking center latch. Which makes the case ideal for air travel. So you can travel with confidence.

The inside of this case has an inner foam to help with the protection of your guitar. And covered with a plush black interior. Other built in safety aspects are the neck cradle. The injected molded handle for a comfortable grip.

The valence and latches are powder coated for a more pleasing aesthetics. Click here for the current price on Amazon

Musicians Gear-Gig Bag for Flight

Musicians Gear has been around for a long time. There prices are always seemingly very buyer friendly. Like with this Electric Bass case. Fits most electric bass guitars.

This case is ABS Molded which is a hard plastic that can withstand heavy bangs and Knocks. Ones that is possible to find with the luggage handlers. The ABS molded plastic is used in a lot of manufacturers for different uses. Due to ABS quality of being so rugged, yet very flexible to mold.

As with previous mentioned cases this one is no different in that it has a plush interior padded lining, to help protect your guitar. This case has an interior compartment for some additional accessories.

Although there are no molded feet on the case. There is a reinforced bottom.

Here is the specs. It fits most electric bass guitars.

  • Interior length 47 in.
  • Inside Body length 20.75 in.
  • Body Depth is 1.75 in.
  • Lower Bout is 13.5 in.
  • upper Bout is 13.5 in.

Catch the raving reviews Here.

Even though this is a “electric Bass Guitar Case”, some guitars may fit. See the Q & A on this case.

Q and A on the Musicians Gear MGMBG Molded ABS Electric Bass Case

  1. Q. Does this fit a Jazz master Guitar? A. Yes
  2. Q. Does this case have a velcro strap to hold the neck? A. Yes
  3. Q. Will an Ibenez 5 string bass fit in this case? A. Yes
  4. Q. Will a 1970 Fender Jazz bass fit in the case? A. Yes
  5. Q. Where can I get the best buy for this case? A. Amazon, Click Here for current price.

Flying with Ibanez TSA Guitar Case

Get Tough protection with the Ibanez guitar case. And protect your precious gear. This case is lighter to make your travel more enjoyable. The M300c is a hard shell case that protects your pride and joy from all unforeseen peril. Like Dents, Dings, scratches, scrapes, and even protects against water.

Listen to what people are saying about this case.

  • Jim says – Great Case for my S series.
  • Andy says – Perfect Case! It is the only case that is safe and fits perfect for my Gem JR. Bottom line yes I would recommend to a friend.
  • Rodney says – I bought two of these for my 550s. These are very nice well built case.
  • Brian says Nice Ibanez branded caase. I bought one for my 1998 J Custom, fits perfect. Source.

The rugged case will give your guitar the safety it needs, and peace of mind you need. When you release your guitar to the airport luggage crew.

This case has a molded guitar body and neck support to help keep your guitar snug. Which makes the guitar more secure when it is not moving around in the case. Inside is a large enough compartment for guitar straps, picks, strings all the extras you will be able to fit conveniently in the case.

And to top it off it comes with the security of an TSA approved locking system. Click for current price on Amazon.

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SKB Jaguar Case for Flying Safely With Your Guitar

This Hardshell electric guitar case has a proprietary molded material that keeps your guitar safe and sound while travelling. This guitar case has ESP interior. Which is Expanded Polystyrene. In layman’s terms; A plush lined interior.

This case is designed specifically for the Fender Jaguar or the Fender Jazzmaster Style guitars. The case also has a trigger release latch and the TSA approved locking latch.

What is a TSA Lock on a Guitar Case?

TSA Locks allow you to lock your guitar case. And it can still be inspected by the TSA officials. Which allows your guitar, and passengers in the airport security.

Another benefit of the TSA Approved latches is the Logo lets the airport security know that the latch doesn’t have to be broken open to inspect the case. The Logo is the TSA Logo.

Features of the SKB Jaguar Case

The exterior like most cases have a handle. This one is molded with rubber to fit your hand like a glove. The end of the case has feet molded into the case. Making it easy to stand upright. Also included is an extra compartment for accessories. This case has a lifetime warranty. Click to see the current price on Amazon.

What are People Saying About the Jaguar Case?

  • Would recommend this case. It fits the Jazzmaster perfectly!
  • Solid and safe perfect fit. Looking to protect one of your favorite guitars I highly recommend.
  • Strong, Sturdy, Ergonomic. 100% worth the buy.

Take a look at more reviews from customers on Amazon.

SKB 66 Deluxe Universal Guitar Case for Travel With TSA Locks

This case has the TSA approved locks and comes with improved latches that are said to be indestructible. The SKB 66 Deluxe Universal Hardshell molded case has tongue and groove valence to keep moisture and dirt out. The case has a molded bumper built into the body to protect your guitar. The handle is also molded for a perfect grip and balance for ease of carrying.

What are others saying about this case?

  1. Great Case, simple and extremely durable- fits Ibanez RG, PRS and Fender Strat.
  2. Room for Sharp Headstock-needed for Jackson soloist.
  3. Nice Guitar Case- Built tough for my Fender strat
  4. Great case
  5. Excellent case – Fits my Telecaster – I would recommend to a friend

Click here for current price on Amazon.

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Gator TSA Molded Acoustic Guitar Case for Travel

This TSA Approved Gator guitar case fits most models. This guitar case has a plush inner lining. With a Hardshell to keep your acoustic guitar safe and secure while on travel. It is a perfect travel case for a Dreadnought guitar. See the specs of the Gator Acoustic case below.

  • Interior Dimensions
  • Length is 22.50 in.
  • Height is 4.75
  • Lower Bout Width is 16.50 in.
  • Middle Bout Width is 12.75 in.
  • Upper Bout Width is 13.75 in.
  • Overall Length is 41.50 in.
  • Exterior Dimensions
  • Length is 44.50 in.
  • Width is 18.00 in.
  • Height is 7.25 in.
  • Weight is 11.40 in.

Not only is this a Hardshell TSA Approved case, but the handle is injected molded. Which makes for an ergonomic grip for a much more pleasant carrying experience. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


As you can see if you got this far. A lot of the cases have a lot of similar features. Which makes it hard to choose the best guitar case for travelling. But the way I narrowed down the quest. Was this way.

One of the top guitar cases for travel that also have the TSA approved latches are primarily for electric Bass guitars. While they are the best for travel unless you need a bass guitar case. This narrows the search to 10.

There is another travel case that Jackson makes for two specific guitars. The Kelly and Warrior, another TSA Approved case. But unless you have one of the two mentioned guitars. We can narrow the search. Of course if you do have a Kelly or Warrior Guitar click this link for the Jackson Case.

That leaves 9 Great cases for the gig, and for travelling. The remainder of the cases primarily all have: A Hardshell, and TSA approved Locks, Some very in whether of not they have feet for standing up. They all have a plush interior. And one was actually for an acoustic guitar. So this leaves 8 Electric guitar cases.

The difference is going to come down to Price and Quality. Which may or may not be subjective. After reviewing these ten cases, and looking at 100’s of reviews my vote was for the Fender Deluxe case because I have a Stratocaster.

The other cases are all Great choices also, but the Gator Flight Pro TSA Series Case had very good review’s. And is at a Bargain price. Plus a bonus! It has touring Quality. See the current price on Amazon.

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