Should I Use a Pick Playing Guitar

Should I Use a pick playing guitar?

Your Probably wondering should I use a pick playing guitar. As a beginner guitar player I would advise that you learn with a pick for a couple of reasons:

Should I use a pick playing guitar? 1. It is easier to learn the fundamentals of guitar. You have a lot to learn all at once. Even how to hold the pick properly and strum. You do not want to complicate matters. By having to also learn how to use five fingers to play the guitar. 2. A lot of modern Popular music is played with the use of the guitar pick.

When I started out I learned to play using a pick. Then later after years of playing and practice then. I ventured into finger style playing. It is true they are completely different styles all together. But if you are not learning classical music believe me you are better off learning the basics of guitar, and the use of a pick first. Here are some tips that I learned along the way.

Is It Easier to Play Guitar With or Without a Pick?

When you first start playing the guitar it is very foreign to you. Even holding the guitar feels strange. Holding the Pick and actually trying to play the strings. All seem very foreign and hard to do. Like all all things new there is a lot to over come. Think about when you tried to ride a bike. I bet it was a little wobble. Maybe even terrifying.  probably thought you were never going to master riding the bike.

That’s the same with playing guitar. In the beginning you can barely hold it upright. Strumming is a little wobble. But just like bike riding. If you keep practicing you will get better at it. Just like riding the bike once you learn it it’s there. You may not ride for a long time. But you still know how. Guitar is similar, but it takes a little more time.

Guitar Fingerboard Breakthrough

Depending on what it is you want to accomplish as a guitar player it could take a lifetime. Since there is so much to learn in the beginning. It is easier to learn with a guitar pick. If you start playing without a pick. Then you have to learn how to use each finger on your strumming hand. Then the fundamentals of your fretting hand. Then have the ability to work your right and left hand simultaneously.

That’s a whole different ball game, and one that should be saved for latter in the game. Click this link to learn about 10 Things Every Beginner Guitar Player Needs to Know.

So to answer the question is it easier to play guitar with or without a pick. The answer is as a beginner guitarist who want’s to play Pop, Country, Rock, Metal Guitar. “Modern day music” you should learn to play with a guitar pick.

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Should I Use a Pick for Acoustic Guitar?

Another great question is should you use a pick for an acoustic guitar. I believe as a beginner player you should learn with a pick. Also it is best to start your musical journey with an acoustic guitar first. There are several reasons. Simplicity is one of them that comes to mind. But if you want the full run down on 5 Reasons You Should Learn Acoustic Guitar Before Electric here is some good information.

There is nothing wrong with using your fingers when playing your acoustic guitar. When you become a little more advanced you can try different things. Like finger style playing or harmonics. Starting out as a beginner you should use a pick though. If you need to know the proper technique to hold the guitar pick or even fretting hand technique. Take a look at 58 beginner guitar tips you should know.

You will find when you use a pick on an acoustic guitar. It takes on different sounds. Which makes playing fun. You can use different styles of picks to capture sounds. If you want a loud sound. You can use a thick pick. That has very little flexibility.

Then just the opposite; Use the round part of the pick instead of the pointed part, and get a softer sound. Use a thinner pick, and get a bright sound. Guitar Strings and picks are just two ways to capture the tone you want out of your acoustic guitar.

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Which Guitar Pick is Best for Beginners?

Should I Use a pick playing guitar?

Starting out playing an acoustic guitar. The best pick is one that has a non slip texture and that is thin and flexible. Like the Dunlap Guitar picks come in different shapes and sizes. The size meaning the thickness. Which is marked either on the pick itself or on the package of picks.

The pick thickness is measured in milometers. A thin Pick is marked for example .60, then goes up .73, .88, 1.0, 1.14, 1.5 mm.

A guitar pick can be made out of many different materials. Such as Tortex, Celulluloid, Nylon for example.

Some picks have a symbol on the pick that sticks out a little. This gives your fingers a little grip. Like on  the Dunlap Guitar Pick made famous by the tortes image that can be felt. It sticks out slightly. There are also max grip guitar picks that are made with materials to enhance your ability to hang on to the guitar pick.

Which I’m sure you may have already discovered that your pick may want to fly out of your hand. Or maybe it is just slippery.

I Use the Dunlap Tortex guitar picks and highly recommend them. But starting out you might want to try an Assortment of Guitar picks until you get the feel for what suites you best.

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Do You Need a Pick to Play Acoustic Guitar?

You do not need a pick when playing the acoustic guitar. It all comes down to style, and comfort-ability. Depending on what kind of music you are going to be playing. You may not want to use a pick. Say you are playing Chet Atkins style of guitar playing. A lot of his music was played with merely his fingers. 

If you are playing some Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash style of guitar. While then you will want to have a guitar pick. As he is strumming at a very fast tempo. To capture this you have to have a guitar pick , and be well versed in playing the guitar.

What about if your into the blues? There are a lot of blues songs where you use your fingers and your pick at the sane time. It’s called Hybrid picking. These are all good ways of getting that special tone out of your guitar. 

Then it comes down to what are you comfortable playing. I can tell you it is apples and oranges. Playing with a pick, and then without one. The best thing is to learn with a guitar pick, then you can try a little hybrid picking. Which in itself is quite tricky if your not used to it. Then once you have played for quite some time. You are comfortable with the guitar. Then try playing a song with your fingers. 

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Pick Electric Guitar

When you are using an electric guitar you will probably want to use a thicker guitar pick. Playing an electric guitar is quite a bit different than the acoustic guitar. I find that when I am playing my JTV Variax I use a thicker pick. Than when I use my acoustic guitar. 

The main reason is the strings are different on an electric guitar. I still like the Dunlap Tortex picks. These are some of my favorites and in my Recommended Gear.


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