Is Building Your Own Guitar Worth It

You know what they say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Today I want to find out once and for all: Is building your own guitar worth it. And give you the pro’s and con’s of building your own guitar.

You may have wondered Is building your own guitar worth It? So today lets see, is building your own guitar worth It to you. First we will look at why you might want to build your own guitar. The benefits of building your own guitar. And What equipment will you need to build your own guitar.

If you are as enthusiastic as me about this topic of building my own guitar. Then continue with me and by the end of this article, You may be one step further to building your guitar.

Can I Build My Own Guitar?

Yes, you can build your own guitar. But there is a little bit more to it. Like how much will it cost to build a guitar. What tools will I need. Where do I start. With the body the neck the frets and on and on. Then also how handy are you. This might play a big part in things. I mean when it comes to making a guitar.

Some more things you are going to want to think about:

  • What kind of project is this? Do you need the guitar right away.
  • How long can you take to finish making your guitar.
  • How Much does it cost to build a guitar.
  • Are there cheap guitar kits
  • What is the Best Guitar kit
  • Also What Kind of guitar do I want to make (Semi Hollow or Solid Body etc.)
  • What tools do I need to make a guitar

These are just a few things to consider when tackling building a guitar. Fortunately I have done some research that should make things a little easier for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Build Your Own Guitar

Let’s cut to the chase. You probably want to know how much it costs to build your own guitar. If you take a look at the table below this should give you some real examples of the cost of guitar kits.

DIY Kit Base PackagesStylePrice
Electric Solid Body Guitar KitsSolid Body$125.00-$195.00
Bass Guitar Kit (Short Scale)Bass Guitar$140.00
Electric Guitar Kit Electric Guitar EV$180.00
Electric GuitarElectric Lap Steel Double neck$195.00
Electric GuitarSingle Cutaway Semi Hollow$175.00
Electric GuitarResonator$220.00
Electric DIY Guitar KitHollow Body $215.00

The prices in the chart very, and can be upgraded with tuners For Current prices Shop our Discounted DIY Guitar Kits!

Pros of Using a DIY Guitar Kit

Now a days you can get a good Quality guitar kit. For a fraction of the price. These guitar kits are made by highly skilled carpenters. Who have hand crafted the guitar kits. So that each piece works seamlessly together.

Also you don’t need to have a wood shop with routers and be a full fledged Luthier. In order to build your pride and joy. You just need the love of guitar, and know how to put it together. The rest is done for you.

You can actually build a guitar right out of the box in as little as 30 days. Depending on your schedule and ability.

The kit comes with Wiring diagrams and instructions. You can download the PDF Here at The Fret Wire.

Another Pro

I can think of no better reason to build your own guitar than the complete satisfaction of building it. Then when it is finished you have a unique sounding one of a kind guitar. Not just a guitar. But the guitar that you built with your own hands.

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Cons of Building Your Own Guitar

Just like all things guitar and all things for that matter. When you start your first guitar it is a little more complicated. Because everything is new to you. This could be a very cool and soothing hobby, after the first guitar is built. Just like any thing. The more times you do something the easier it becomes.

Is Time a Con?

Is time is a con: Building a guitar is not done in one afternoon. Gluing and sanding all take time. As well as running wires and soldering. Putting all the pieces together. Paint and wood stain take time to apply and dry, and you’ll need multiple coats. Building a guitar requires plenty of patience.

But with a DIY Guitar kit Time is no Issue.

PRO DIY Guitar Kit

This kit contains everything you need to build your guitar.  Just add your finish materials to the body and neck.  These kits aren’t just a collection of random parts- each neck has been custom fitted to the body to ensure a good, snug fit.  Includes a finished, predrilled body, fretted neck, all electronics and hardware. Wood is raw and unfinished, may require sanding and patching or other preparation prior to applying a finish. Sold as a complete kit. Includes basic instructions.

All Instruments including guitar. All levels and Any age group. Self paced, step by step video courses. LEARN More >>

Cheap DIY Guitar Kits

You can see that the prices very but are all at a cheap DIY Guitar kit price. Nothing that will break your bank. There are several styles of kits that can be bought. Just think about all the different kinds of guitars that are out there. And you can get at The Fret Wire.

Double Cutaway, Single Cutaway, Double neck, Solid Body, Semi Hollow, Hollow, and the list goes on!

What’s really cool is if you are a beginner and a left handed player. You may have noticed that finding a left handed guitar is not as easy as if you were right handed. Building a guitar if you are left handed could come in handy. Pardon the Pun!

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Left Handed Guitar Kits

Here are a couple of left handed guitar kits that you might find worth your time building.

  1. Left Handed Hollow Body
  2. 335 style Lefty Guitar
  3. Single Cutaway Semi Hollow (Lefty)
  4. Jaguar Style Left handed guitar kit
  5. And more

These are not just cheap guitar kits. They are quality built to perfection. Look what is included in the guitar kit. This is just one of the kits. For a left handed Hollow Body DIY Guitar Kit. But as you can tell there are no short cuts in what you get.

Body Basswood, Maple
Controls2 Tone – 2 Volume – 3 Way Toggle
Fretboard MetalEngineered RoseWood
Fretboard Radius12 inches
Fret Count22
Fret StyleStandard
Hand OrientationLeft Hand
Hardware Chrome
Pickups H H
Neck MaterialMaple
Neck JointSet In (Glued)
Pick GuardBlack
Nut Width1 5/8 Inch
Truss Rod- YES Installed

Shop our Left Hand Guitar Kits Now!

Best DIY Guitar Kits

What Tools are needed for a DIY Guitar Kit?

What is great about The Fret Wire Guitar kit is you don’t need to be a Luthier. They supply the peaces to get the job done. You just need some hand tools to put it together. You have instructional videos. Just in case you need a little more than the step by step instructions that they give you. There is also a schematic and video to wire the controls.

You just need to bring a few house hold tools your enthusiasm and a finish if you want a stain on your guitar. Never Stained a guitar No problem The Fret Wire Has pro tips.

  • Band Saw (only needed if you want a different shaped headstock
  • Sand Paper
  • Hand Tools
  • screw Driver
  • Clamp
  • Wood Glue
  • Clean Rag
  • Solderer
  • String

See the Kits and instructions here!


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Related Questions

Are There Left Handed Bass Guitar Kits?

At The Fret Wire they have made it easy for you to get a quality bass guitar kit. And it is build especially for left handed guitar players. Take a look at what is included in this Semi Hollow left handed Bass kit.

Controls2 Tone – 2 Volume
FretBoard MaterialEngineered Rosewood
Fretboard Radius 12 inches
Fretboard Count20
Fret Style Bass, Standard
Hand OrientationLeft Handed
Pickups H H
Neck MaterialMaple
Neck JointSet in (Glued)
Nut Width1 5/8 Inches
Pick GuardNone
Scale 33.75
Truss Rod – YES Installed

Shop our DIY Bass Guitar Kits Now!

Is It Worth Building Your Own Guitar

If you take the cost of the Guitar kit it is very inexpensive.. The thing that will cost is your time. But if you have a love for guitars. And you are ambitious. Then to me it would be worth it. Again you will have accomplished, and be the proud owner of a unique guitar.

One that was built by you. And you can always stain it to make it even more unique with a color that pops. A color that you enjoy.

This guitar project would definitely be a labor of love. And you would learn so much about your guitar. How to maintain it. How to make any adjustments. If you want a one of a kind guitar that you built. I say heck yes it is worth it. So what are you waiting for? Click here to see what styles of guitars The Fret Wire offers.

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