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Best Microphones for in the Studio, Recording & Audio interface 

When starting my YouTube Channel I quickly found out there were some things I would have to have. One of the items was a microphone. So after a lot of research I found three microphones that I consider to be the best for the job at a reasonable price.

Check them out! I took all the guessing, and timely research out of the equation for you.

Line 6 Sonic Port VX

After doing my research like I said. I settled with the Sonic Port VX (available on Amazon). What makes this microphone so unique is it is not just a microphone. The Sonic port has 3 in one capability’s.

  1. Microphone
  2. Audio interface
  3. Interface for your guitar

Let me just quickly cover all three of these assets.

First off the Sonic Port VX is very portable. It is about the size of my hand. You can take it very easy anywhere you need to go. It is great for mobile recording, say outside. All you need is your IOS device. It works on IOS Mac and Pc.

There are 5 jacks at the head of the Sonic Port VX. 2 inputs which 1 is a regular 1/4 inch jack to plug your guitar into it. The other is an Aux line in. Which is in stereo. The Aux could be used with a drum machine for example, or a keyboard something like that.

There are 3 outputs 2 are 1/4 inch. Right and left, for connecting speakers or monitors. The 3rd is to connect your headphones.

There are two lines out of the Sonic Port VX. One is to the IOS device. Which when attached charges your device while you are using it. The other wire is a USB connection to connect to laptop, or the device to electricity.

Mobile Pod App by Line 6

There is a free App that you download onto your phone or tablet, or both. This allows you to operate all the amps, and modeling tones that are preset from line 6. May I add some really cool sounds. You can also save songs to the favorites in the App. They are easily accessed when your ready to Jam.

What’s great about the Sonic Port VX is once you plug your guitar into it, and connect your IOS device you are connected to 100’s of tones. You can literally sit in the living room with your phone, and your guitar. Jamming to 110 db of pristine sound. With your headphones on, and not disturb your family. Who is watching the TV.

Also in the living room with your phone play the tone you want while recording the sound into Garage band or a number of CoreAudio Apps.

By connecting your guitar to Sonic Port VX you can take the sounds you created in your home studio and play them live. Simply connect your Amp to the Sonic Port VX Via the 1/4 standard Cables. Using the mobile pod app you can use the special effects. Dial up your special effects and get the exact tone every time.

The Microphone has 3 different microphone elements inside the Sonic port VX. Stereo Pair and one Mono. Use the direct monitor switch so there is no latency between your playing, and the headphones.

Cons of the Sonic Port VX

While all that truly is great, and sounds good. I found that what I wanted to use it more for; Was more for just Audio. I didn’t like the stand that held the Sonic port VX. It was a little awkward, and I kept tipping it over. For some reason I couldn’t get the right tone that I wanted for recording my videos.

Even though I initially bought the microphone for recording my voice. I found that I use it way more for recording my guitar with a chain of effects.

I still have and use the Sonic Port VX. But for My Audio in the studio I had to find a stand alone Microphone. So through more investigation I found what is my Top Pick for a studio mic.

 MXL 990 Best Studio Microphone for the Price

To me for the Price the MXL 990 (available on Amazon) is the best Condenser Microphone. I love this one! It is simple, plug it in and get to it. This microphone is a condenser microphone. Remains one of the industry’s Ground breaking microphones. Which means it uses Phantom power. The 990 is powered by 48 Volts or phantom power.

This microphone is World renowned for its sound. Believe me, I can vouch for the sound that it capture is clear. The microphone is a rugged metal. So once you purchase it you will get years of use.

MXL 990 comes with a mic stand mount, Shock mount and Shock mount bands. All in a nice carrying case. That is built rugged, and has foam cut outs to protect your gear.

Best Microphone
MXL 990

I Love this microphone and recommend it!

A good thing to have to prevent popping when you are saying words with “p” or “s” is a pop filter.

If you are doing video’s you will need to get an audio interface. While there are several out there I went with simple and cost effective. I use the IRig (available on What I like about the Irig is the simplicity of it. Just Connect the mic to one end, and your phone to the other. Simple that’s it.

With the Irig you don’t have to keep stopping to listen to what you have recorded because you can connect your headphones directly into the Irig. Like I said simple.

My pick for the Best Dynamic Mic

If you want a mic for Thin Vocals or a mic that has the capability for loud Rock and Metal singers. The flat 50 Hz- 20 Hz frequency response or the Shure Sm7B mic. available on With switchable response is designed for Vocals.


  • Flat wide Range frequency response
  • Bass Roll off & mid range Controls
  • Internal “air suspension” Shock isolation
  • Built in Pop Filter
  • Rugged construction & excellent cartridge Protection

Source Guitar Center

Microphone Accessories

Best microphone
Musician Gear pop filter

To prevent popping from the microphone it is advised to get a “pop Filter” (available on Amazon). Musicians Gear offers the perfect pop filter. Cad AS32 Ref Acoustic shield (check the Price on Amazon).

Musicians Mic Stand & Boom

When you make your decision and get a mic you will also need a mic stand. Here are some good quality stands that are easy on your wallet.

Gator Frameworks Microphone Stand (available on Amazon) is the finest mic stand to date. Easy operation, Compact to store, and a telescoping boom arm. Creates the Frameworks iD.

Hercules Stand EZ Clutch Mic Stand with Boom (Click to see the Price on Amazon).

[notification type=”info”]A word of Warning Some of the cheaper stands are so light weight that if you put the metal mic on it, it will topples over.  [/notification]

Hercules Stands Microphones stand with H- Base. A smart choice for onstage Convenience and Stability. Click to get the latest price on Amazon.