Beginner Guitar Scales

Maybe you need a tip or two on what beginner guitar scales to learn. What the actual scale consists of, and how to practice it. So that it will be useful to you. When Playing your guitar. What are Beginner Guitar Scales? There are several Beginner Guitar Scales. Here are a few Beginner Guitar Scales… Continue reading Beginner Guitar Scales

What to Practice on Guitar?

There are several things a beginner guitarist should practice. When your starting out maybe you don’t know what to practice on guitar. Or where to start. Maybe your thinking: What to practice on guitar? Here are a few ideas what to practice on guitar: Lots of fundamental techniques to learn the proper way to pick… Continue reading What to Practice on Guitar?

Learn Basic Guitar Chords

In this Guitar Lesson I set out to show you how to learn basic guitar chords. This is a free Tutorial on some open guitar chords. This is just one of a series of 4 lessons. In this series learn basic Guitar chords we will cover: How to Learn Basic Guitar Chords. Next is the finger position of… Continue reading Learn Basic Guitar Chords