Best Headphones for the Musician: My Top Picks 

Looking for headphones to listen to the music while playing your guitar? Here are some great headphones that will do the job.

Some big names in the headphone seen are Sony, Bose, Audio Technica, Skull Candy and more. But I wanted to tell you the pros and cons, and how I came to the conclusion to support my pick for the best headphones.

Bose and Sony are both well known brands. Bose may be know for speakers so people automatically relate that to headphones. Both are leaders in the Audio and headphone industry. Sony is the leading Manufacturer for electronic products in the world. Even so People still like the brand name Bose, or will want to save some money and end up choosing the Skull Candy headphones. Which are still a very good set.

These are the Top 3 Headphones 

Why I Picked the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

When you check out the differences between the Sony headphones, and the Bose there is really a big difference.

  • Sony offers One Touch Technology to cancel out all the noise. The Bose cancellation removes normal background noises, but doesn’t seem to handle loud noises.
  • Sony offers 35 hours of battery life, and 50 hours when used with a wire connection. The battery has the capability of quick charging. Bose has only 20 hours of battery life, and with a wire connection 40 hours.
  • The Sony offers 40 m driver unit. Which allows you to hear more clearly. The Bose offers 9 m or about 30 ft from the source device. Clearly the Sony is all most 3 times the distance.
  • The Sony offers an App so you can customize your sound as you like it. A single word to express the sound from the Sony WH-CH700N headphones Sound “Wow”. Not to mention how well they fit, and are comfortable.

Features to Look for in a Quality Headphone

  • Noise Cancellation – Though this does not give you 100% of cancellation. You will want a majority of the background noise to be reduced. The amount of the reduction is a quality that is offered in some of the better headphones.
  • Battery Life & charge ability– You don’t want to have to charge your headphones every time you want to use them. A strong battery life is a plus for any quality headphone set. A good standard of battery time is between 8 – 35 hours. When wired connected the battery should last longer. It can extend to 50 hours. Look for fast, quick charging capability’s. To spend more time using the headphone & less charging.
  • Bluetooth – Modern headphones are bluetooth ready. Making it easy to move with ease when listening to the song, and playing your guitar at the same time. No need to be tethered to a line.
  • Hands Free Calling – Some Headphones offer microphones for voice activation. That can be used for calling, and use with your voice assistant.
  • Comfort & Durabililty –  All things headphones should have is comfort. Lets face it every ones head is a different size and shape. A good quality headphone should have a durable slider to adjust the size of the headband. The ear pads should be soft and comfortable. With a snug fit.

What’s Stopping you from learning by Ear?

If you have been playing your guitar without a headphone set. Your missing out on the great sounds that you can hear. It’s a great way to learn songs with the help of headphones.

If you have a smart phone to listen to the songs, and you can play with the song. It makes learning to play by ear a lot easier. You can really hear the sounds a lot better.

A good set of headphones range from about  $100.00 to $350. It is a tool I use almost everyday. Either when I’m learning a song, or just listening to YouTube video’s. They are invaluable to me.

By playing the song you first want to listen to the first little part of the song. Start playing some chords to try and figure out what key the song is in. Once you match up the chords. Your well on your way to learning the song. Usually the first chord in the song is the key that the song is in.

The great thing about using headphones and a smart phone is you can easily start the song over again and again until you hear the chords. Once you get the verse down. Go to the chorus, and in the same manor figure out the chords and the chord progression to the chorus. This a great way to learn guitar by simply listening.

Headphones with a Midi Device

You can also use the headphones with a midi devise to play along with the band. You can plug your guitar into it, and listen through your headphones.

The Vox Amplug is a Audio interface that plugs into your guitar.

The Vox Amplug has special effects that changes the tone of your guitar. When your plugged in there are different effects from Delay, Chorus, Reverb, 9 to choose. blues to Rock, Country, and heavy metal. Click the link to read more about the Vox Amplug AC30. 

Using Headphones when Recording 

One thing you don’t want to hear when you are recording is the music coming out of your headphones. A solid headphone should fit comfortably on your head. With an adjustable sliding mechanism to adjust to the correct size. The ear pads should be soft yet snug. So that no noise is emitted out from the headphone.

When your recording you usually are listening to the song through the headphones and playing along. If you have a condenser microphone that is worth while it is going to pick up a variety of sounds. Even if the air conditioning is running in the background. When you play back the frame you will realize that the air conditioning is on.

Nothing can be more irritating than realizing that you have taking the time to set up the microphone the cell phone, a guitar amp, and a audio interface perfectly. Just to find out that the take that took you ten times to take. Is now going to take another time. Because the AC was running in the background, or worse. Your headphones were bleeding out into the audio.

What you need is a good pair of headphones with noise cancellation ability. They need sound great, and fit properly so you can have a optimal recording environment.