Guitar Gifts Under $100

Guitar Gifts Under $100

You may or may not know what gifts are great for guitar players. And for those of you that do know what your favorite guitar player needs. I have made it easy for you to get the goods. By curating the best guitar gifts under $100.00.

Best Gifts for Guitar Players|Stocking Stuffers

Guitar Gifts Under $100

Here are some great guitar gifts under $100. Click on your favorite pic for a close up & Current pricing on Amazon.

Ibanez Tube Screamer Effects Pedal

Are you looking for a gift for that special guitarist in your life? Then take a look at this Classic Tube Screamer.

Another Gift Idea for Under $100 

Every guitarist needs a place to leave there 6 slinger. This Fender Guitar Stand is a great buy. And will make that special person happy that you thought of this. What’s great about this guitar stand is that it will hold up to 5 guitars. Also fits Bass Guitars. This stand is very economical, and keeps the room nice and neat.

You can never have enough guitars! This beautiful stand keeps your room tidy too. See the current price of Fender 5 Multi Stand on Amazon.

  • When you just want to kick back and listen to songs.

See what the smart speaker can do with Alexa & it’s less than $100 on Amazon.

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

This Great Practice Tool is Good for Every Guitar Player. Ditto Looper Pedal.

3 Reasons Ditto is the Best Looper

  1. Compact easy to take everywhere
  2. Great steel construction
  3. And the #1 Reason: Simplicity (Set it and forget it)

See what other guitarists are saying about the Ditto Looper on the Amazon reviews.

A Great Guitar Gift that they will thank you for years to come!

Tc Electronic is a name that’s been around for years. A name brand you can trust. They also built the Ditto effects pedal. And it was such a hit that they made different models that have more bells and whistle.

Ditto Just Got Better!

With the TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper Effects Pedal. You can do more things easier.

  • Pre record or live runs without syncing to midi.
  • Solo over your chords in a live setting.
  • You can use your own harmony and vocals.
  • Keeping in perfect time with any rhythm source.
  • All with just two buttons & a volume control

That’s not all! This looper comes with accessories Cables. Get the Ditto Jam X2 Looper Effects Pedal on Amazon.

Memorable & Unique Gift for Under $100.00

From The Fret Wire. Where you could get a complete guitar kit.

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Swing String Guitar Case Rack

Keep Your Guitar Safe in the Case: Keep everything nice and tidy in it’s place. This is a lovely guitar case rack made of solid Ash Hardwood. It is 3 feet wide, and holds up to 5 standard guitar cases. Then if you need to carry it to the gig for set up. No problem! The case rack folds up flat, for easy transport. Get the Current price on this folding hardwood guitar stand.

Here are the Dimensions of the Guitar Case Rack

  • Height 30 inches
  • Width 36 inches
  • Base Depth is 13.25

String Swing CC29 Folding Hardwood Guitar Case Rack: Keep Your Guitar Safe in the Case Buy Now on Amazon.

Hercules Guitar Stand for Acoustic, Electric, Bass

Built as tough as the name implies. This GS414B Guitar stand has a built in auto grip feature. That protects your guitar from falling off the stand, and onto the floor.

The stand height can be adjusted to fit your guitar perfectly. All points of contact have a special rubber SFF. Which is also on the legs of the stand for slip resistance.  The neck portion of the stand can be adjusted. So that it can fit a smaller instrument also. Like a Mandolin or Ukulele. The Perfect gift Idea with the musician in mind.

A Great gift designed for the guitar player. Who wants security. Knowing his/her guitar is safe in its place.

The stand keeps the risk of the guitar hitting the ground. And has rubber in place at 4 contact spots to prevent scratches while at rest.

Hercules is adjustable to use with different guitar styles and sizes.

You may have found the strongest gift for less than $100 –Today on Amazon.

More Capo’s…

You can’t go wrong buying a Capo for a gift every guitar player at one time, or another needs a Capo. It’s a guitar player best friend! I recommend the Kyser Capo. Because it is easy to attach to the guitar. See the variety of Capo’s in my Kit.

Fender Champion for All Genres of Music 

There are many great presents that you can get for under $100, but look at this Fender Champ. This is a 20W electric guitar amp. The Champ lets you dial in your own sound with effects. Reverb, Chorus, delay /Echo, Tremolo, and the EQ – Bass and Treble tones. This guitar gift is great for practice. And can be yours for just a little more than a Benjamin.

  • Jam with your favorite songs. Simply Plug into the Auxiliary  input & become part of the band.
  • Jam late at night, and don’t worry about waking anyone. With the 1/8th output jack, plug in your Headphones for a private jam Session.
  • 17 modeling amps in one! Go from clean to mean distortion. New and old style amps from Us and the Uk. It’s like having several amps all in one.
  • Compact for practice, and Fits all Genres of music.

See the reviews on Amazon about the Fender Champ!

 Interface Adapter for Guitar Gifts Under $100

This is a great stocking stuffer! The Interface adapter allows the guitarist to plug there guitar into Iphone, Ipod Touch, Ipad, Mac, and Android. The interface can get quite expensive. But for the home studio, or just for practicing the IRIG HD 2 is a guitar gift under $100. It is compact and Affordable. Fits in your pocket, just plug and play.

  • Plug your guitar or base into 1/4 jack
  • Plug into Amp with the Amp output jack (1/4).
  • Practice in private with headphones 1/8th Headphone out.
  • Adjustable Gain Switch and FX Switch.

See current price on Amazon for the best-selling rig interface. 1/4″ Instrument input for guitar.

This Guitar Gift Under $100 for any Guitarist

A great gift for beginners, intermediate, or advanced guitarists. A guitar gift under $100. That is the gift of learning. Playing the guitar is a life long adventure. One that your never to old to start.

You can pick what level of player you are. You pick what your favorite Genre is; Blues, Country, Rock, Jazz, Acoustic or even Bass. TrueFire Guitar Learning Path.

Guitar Gifts under $100

Guitar Lesson Gift Certificate 

Guitar lesson gift certificate is great for any guitarist. Simply Choose what dollar amount you want your gift to be, and the rest is up to the person who is receiving there gift.

Let your gift speak for itself, and let your guitar player choose what is best for them. Come off as the best gift giver ever!

What can you do with a TrueFire Gift Certificate?

With a TrueFire Gift certificate you can get:

  • 33,000 interactive guitar lessons
  • 500 Guitar Courses
  • 11,000+  Tabs
  • 7000+  Jam Tracks

Your Guitar player can also choose to download guitar lessons from famous & popular Educators. There gift Certificate is as good as cash with TrueFire. Give a Gift that truly keeps giving! With Truefire there are over 600 lessons to choose from. Click here to get a Gift certificate from TrueFire.

TC Electronic Polytune 3 LED Tuner Pedal

TC Electronic the brand you can trust for quality electronics. This LED Tuner is less than $100 and worth every penny.  Quickly get in tune with TC Electronic.

This Guitar Gift Under $100 is Perfect for any Guitarist

Every guitar player needs their guitar to be in tune. That’s why the perfect gift for all guitarists is the Polytune 3. The Ratings prove this is the Best Tuner.

Quickly Get in Tune with PolyTune.

Give This Great gift! Learn How to Play Guitar for under $100.00

Discover Premium Guitar Courses Made for You in Mind

A Complete list of Guitar Lessons that will get you to the Next Level of Playing

Best Gift at the Best Price Don’t miss out on this Great offer.

For more Gifts Take a look at My Recommended Gear





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