Best Guitar Gifts for Dad

Guitar Gifts for Dad

Best Gifts for Guitar Players|Stocking Stuffers 

Best Guitar Gifts for Dad 

If your not sure what to get dad for His Birthday, Fathers Day, Christmas or any Holiday. Look at this compilation of guitar gifts for dad. Some great ideas to help you with this daunting task.

Guitars are one of the Great Gifts for Dad or Any Guitarist

If your Dad is into playing the guitar this will be a great gift, Maybe he is just starting out wanting to learn the guitar. If this is the case then he would like, or possibly  even love a new guitar. But what kind of guitar?

If Dad is a beginner guitarist, and he thinks he want to learn guitar, but is not quite sure what kind of guitar. A good choice would be an acoustic guitar.

Three reason you should chews an acoustic guitar.

  1. Low Cost
  2. Easy playability
  3. Easy portability

When you are buying a guitar an electric guitar has a lot more things to learn like the pickups, controls, Tone, Volume etc. Not to mention all the knobs on the amp to make the guitar sound like your favorite Rocker.

This is the reason why I recommend an acoustic guitar starting out. in the next part of this post I will show you 3 great suggestions of acoustic guitars Jasmine S35. By Takamine. 

Jasmine S35 is a great starter guitar, I bought this guitar to do a review on it. Little did I know at the time how good of a guitar it is.

This guitar would be great for Dads, Birthday, Fathers Day or a Christmas Present.

The top three things I discovered after research and doing the review is:

  • Great Sound
  • Great Quality
  • Cheapest price
Guitar Gift for Dad
Image from Amazon

Here are some of the features of this guitar:

  • Natural Satin finish
  • Chrome covered tuning machines
  • Rosewood fretboard Dreadnought Body

Like I said the sound is great for this low cost, budget guitar. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

2nd Beginner Acoustic Guitar Gift for Dad

The next guitar has the Martin quality that you may or may not have heard of. Martin guitar Mfg. Co. has been around since, 1833 when it was established. C.F. Martin Co.

This Guitar is the Martin X series Guitar. What makes this guitar great is you get Martin quality, without that Big Martin price.

The reason for this is Martin MFG Co is in Nazareth PA. To keep the costs down they produce this series of guitar out of the country, But to insure top quality. The product is shipped from Mexico to PA. where the same Quality inspections are performed.

Guitar gifts for dad
Picture from Amazon

This guitar is an acoustic guitar but it also has an magnetic pickup in the sound hole. There is a jack at the base of the sound hole to plug on a 1/4 inch cable for amplification.

For all other purposes this is an acoustic guitar that sounds great. It has a thin neck for easy playability. The guitar is made of Stika wood, which gives a robust sound.

This guitar is a dreadnought body which martin was the first company ever to make the dreadnought style of guitar. This big body guitar gives a Big sound. Click here for pricing of the Martin DX1AE on Amazon.

Beginner Guitar #3

This is another great starter guitar that will make dad very happy to receive such a fine instrument. Yamaha FG800 

Acoustic guitar By Washburn has solid Stika top, Rosewood finger  board, Rosewood bridge, and die cast tuners.

All three of these guitars are dreadnought body’s which will prodject a deep big tone. With the dreadnought body style it is larger, and should be a perfect size to fit comfortably in dads hands.

This guitar would make a great gift for dad. Click the link to see the latest price of the Yamaha FG800 on Amazon.

What if dad has been playing for a while, and is now looking to play an electric guitar some of the best guitars out there are Fender, Epiphone, and ibanez.

Here is a list of the Top beginner electric guitars.

Your Dad will Thank You for this Great Gift!

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Guitar Chairs Make the Perfect Gift for Dad

Take a look at some of the best guitar chairs. Dad will love his new chair. Great for the home, studio and Gig. Click to see the variety of Guitar Chairs.

Top beginner electric guitars

Lets Start with the Fender Telecaster top beginner electric guitar. The tele for short would make a great present for Dad. The tele is great to go from an acoustic to the electric.

guitar gifts for Dad
Picture from Amazon

 The reason why it is easier to learn is, there is less to learn. Unlike other guitars the Tele has only two pick ups, and two control knobs. The pickup selector switch has 3 positions, Bridge, Neck, and combination of both. Vintage Blonde color.

Here are some of the features of the Standard Telecaster. First off the neck is maple, with a gloss finish for fast action. As fore- mentioned there are two single coil pickups. The machine heads are sealed.

A powerful tone since the 50’s has kept the Telecaster propelling forward. It is really timeless. This is the reason all guitarists through many genres seek to buy the Fender Telecaster.Click this link to see what the latest price of the Standard Telecaster is on Amazon.

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My Top Pick of the Best Beginner Electric Guitar 

The Fender Stratocater By Affinity is a great beginner electric guitar. This guitar is for the beginner guitarist. It has that budget price with the Quality and Classic sound you have come to trust in Fender.

Guitar gifts for dad
Image ffom Amazon

I have done a review on the Fender Stratocaster by affinity. Let me tell you what I found. When you hold this guitar it has the Alder body, just like my American Standard Stratocaster.

Second the jumbo frets feel the same size as the Fender Standard. Which is easier to play if you have bigger fingers. This will make playing easier for dad.

There are 3 Classic Fender single coil pickups. That by the way sound great.

The tone can be adjusted very thin, or adjusted to have a thick darker tone, This guitar for the price is a great buy. Click the link for an updated price on Amazon

Best gifts for dad

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My Top Pick for an Electric Guitar 

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar makes a great choice of gifts for dad. The Stratocaster is an iconic guitar in American music. The Stratocaster electric guitar is a great beginner electric guitar.

This guitar has 3 single coil pickups a 5 way switch for coil position. Classic tremolo, and comes in many colors. With a Maple finger board. This guitar has a Brown Sunburst color.

The C shape neck makes it easy, and comfortable to play. The Standard Series is a perfect choice.

Guitar gifts for dad
Image from Amazon

Click the link to see the price on the Stratocaster on Amazon.

Dad would be pleased to unwrap an Ibanez solid body electric guitar. This guitar features a beautiful art grain top. With a fast slim maple neck, and high output infinity pickups.  

The Rosewood fingerboard comes with pearl dot inlays.

If this color is not beautiful enough it comes in 3 other colors. Check out the colors of the Ibanez electric guitar on Amazon.

Guitar Gifts for Dad
Image from Amazon

Does Dad Need a Guitar Case?

Every guitar player needs a guitar case. Even if your guitar is staying at home. The best place to keep a guitar is in a case. For a couple of reasons. First off to keep your guitar safe from possible damage. Accidentally knocking it off the stand. Or simply knocking into it and scratching it. If it’s in a secure case that is padded this won’t happen. Another reason a case is the best storage for the guitar is dust and dirt getting on the guitar. Click to see the best deluxe guitar cases for Dad.

Epiphone a Perfect Guitar Gift for Dad

Epiphone a staple in the guitar world! The Vintage Package is the perfect gift for dad. This package comes with a Sunburst Les Paul Special 2 LTD Electric Guitar player.

Included is:

  • 10 watt amp
  • 10 ft guitar cable
  • Clip on Tuner
  • Guitar Strap
  • Picks
  • Gig Bag

 Everything you need to start jamming. What a wonderful gift!

The Les Paul Special 2 By Epiphone has two Classic humbucker pickups. Click to get the price from Amazon.

Next take a look at some of the gifts for a guitar playing Dad. There are a lot of great ideas have a look.

Gifts for Guitar Playing Dad

There are lots of things like guitar strings, or polishes that dad may find useful for his guitar. Check out some of these ideas and gifts for guitar playing dad.

If dad already has a guitar, what about a song book. A song chord book. Not just anyone though, this is the Beatles Complete song book. A great gift that can come in handy for years and is inexpensive.

 Or if dad enjoys the Blues. Here is a beginners blues book Don’t Get the Blues? Get the Blues

Every Guitar Playing dad needs effects pedals

Here’s a couple of effects pedals at a bargain price!

Guitar gofts for dad
Picture from Amazon

Roland DS 1 Distortion pedal Limited Edition



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OCD By Fulltone

The OCD has been in production since 2006. It was sound then, but through the years this pedal as under gone many tweaks. Today the OCD By Fulltone is a must have for any guitar player. This would make a great gift for dads arsenal.

Ditto is the easiest looper pedal to use. That’s what makes it the best looper pedal. The ditto is a great way to practice. You can record tracks and then play over them. But that’s not all the cheap price makes it a no brainer. Check the price on Amazon for the Ditto!

What about a BD2 Blues Driver a compliment to any blues players gear. Boss has been around for 30 years, and makes a top notch effects pedal.

The Blues Driver delivers that Chunky sound that is perfect for the blues. The BD2 has warm distortion that you would find on an old Tube amp. To get the price click on over to Amazon.

Fathers Day Gifts Music Lover & Guitar Player

Every guitar player needs a Tuner Boss TU3 comes with the power supply. This Chromatic tuner has an LED meter and brightness control that enhances the meter. The meter makes seeing when the guitar is in tune simple.

Guitar gifts for dad
picture from Amazon

Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


Line 6 HD 500X

The HD500X By line 6 is the best effects pedal in its class. It allows the guitarist to take full control over their tone. Create their own tones. There is an audio interface for your guitar.

Click here for current pricing of Line 6 Pod HD500X on Amazon

Great Gift for a Music Lover

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