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Stocking Stuffers
Stocking Stuffers

Best Gifts for Guitar Players|Stocking Stuffers 

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Some Great gift ideas for all guitar players!

This is a great gift idea! You can take this Pocket Guitar Practice Tool anywhere you go. It will fit in your pocket or for you lady’s right in your purse. It is a great practice tool. To learn guitar chords anywhere you want. With a guitar neck and digital chord diagram that makes practice fun and easy. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like this Stocking Stuffer-Mens Electric Guitar Crew Socks

Click here for current price on Amazon. 

A Personalized Pick is a Great Stocking Stuffer

The Picture says it all!

To get your personalized pick on Amazon Click here.

Daddario Nickle Wound Strings. Regular Light gauge electric guitar strings. And Stocking Stuffer


What a great way to fill their stocking with Daddario electric guitar strings.

Stocking Stuffers
Picture from Amazon
Stocking Stuffers
Picture from Amazon

Click here for current pricing of XL Nickle Wound strings on Amazon.

Vintage US Flag Guitar Strap


This 2 inch wide stretch guitar strap will give your shoulder an even amount of pressure. A well balanced guitar will make playing your guitar more comfortable. Click here for current price on Amazon.

Fender Tin Box Makes a Great Gift Idea

A Great Gift Idea; fun storage box for lots of accessories. To keep stored away nice and neat. Click to get the current price on Amazon.

The Next Generation of Strings

Stocking Sruffers
Amazon picture

An Excerpt: According to D’Addario the NYXL guitar strings ” bend farther, sing louder, and stay in tune better than any guitar string you have ever played before.” This is why you should Click here for current pricing of the NYXL1046 on Amazon.

Some More Great Stocking Stuffer 

Deluxe Guitar Pick Holder (Wallet)

This Cool Wallet is made out of leather. There are slots specifically detailed to hold 12 picks. It makes carrying, and keeping track of your guitar picks easy. Good for All musical instrument picks. For easy portability.

Stocking Stuffer
Picture from Amazon

SEE the low cost of the Deluxe Guitar Pick Holder on Amazon.

Anthology Full Grain Leather wallet A Great Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffers
Picture from Amazon

This Anthology Full Grain Leather wallet is a Wallet first, and also has a pick holder. For easy portability. Keep your pick with you. You never know when you will need a guitar


Thanks to this compact wallet. You will have two picks tucked away safely at all times. Click to See the Additional Wallet compartments that hold the guitar picks; on Amazon.

Genuine Leather Guitar Strap Will Slip Right in that Stocking Stuffer

This is a great stocking stuffer idea! A Genuine leather guitar strap will last for years to come. This strap is 2.75 inches in width. Which will let your guitar sit nice on your shoulder. Keeping an even balance and weight distribution. For maximum comfort-ability while playing your guitar. Click here for the current price on Amazon. And give your favorite Guitar player the perfect gift.

Planet Wave Instrument Care kit

Look at the reasons D’Addario Instrument maintenance kit is a great gift idea for all guitar players.

This kit has everything you need to keep your guitar clean. To start with the case keeping everything nice, and neat in one location. Great for travel. Also the kit comes with:

  • Neck Cradle
  • Non Slip Body mat
  • 3 Step Polishing System
  • Fretboard Cleaner
  • Microfiber polishing cloth
  • XLR8
Stocking Stuffers
Image from Amazon

Click here for the current pricing of the Maintenance Kit on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers
Image from Amazon

Click here for the current pricing of theDunlop Formula 65 Guitar Polish on Amazon

Stocking Stuffers
Amazon Image

Buy Snark Guitar Clip on Tuner on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers
Picture from Amazon

Kyser Capo is the easiest and fastest way to change keys. This is what I use and recommend because of the reasons I just mentioned. Oh and a Bonus is the low cost. Click here for the current price on Amazon.

Can You Ever Have to Many Picks?

Stocking Stuffer
Image from Amazon

 100 assorted guitar pics what a great stocking stuffer Buy yours today.

Guitar Picks & Holder Case 

Stocking Stuffer
Image from Amazon

Keep your picks handy at all times! Buy your guitar pick holder case today.

Stocking Stuffers
Image from Amazon

Best 100 guitar picks.  Assorted picks 3 sizes, Thin Medium, and Heavy. Bargain Price! Get your assorted picks for your stocking.

Planet Wave Humidification System

Stocking Stuffer
Amazon image

D’Addario Planet Wave 3 pack replacement packs.
D’Addario Complete System
A Great stocking stuffer that works all year round. The Two way system controls the humidity inside your guitar case. To little humidity like you may find in the winter and you run the risk of your pride and joy cracking. In the summer you run the risk of your guitar getting to much heat and warping.

Keep your guitar safe all year round with D’addario humidification system. 

Keep track of the humidity with the Oasis Hydrometer

Stocking Stuffers
Picture from Amazon

 4 reasons to Buy the Oasis Hydrometer

  • Highly Accurate
  • Mounts anywhere with a Velcro secure mount.
  • Records Low & High temperatures in Fahrenheit  or Celsius
  • Comes with a 5 Year Warranty

Key Chains make a Great Gift

Fist a Les Paul Guitar key chain. Then a pick holder key chain. Keep track of your picks. You never know when you will need a pick. With this handy pick holder you will always be ready to play.

The third key chain is a Randy Roads Electric Guitar Key Chain.

Click on your

favorite guitar key chain to Buy it from Amazon.

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Guitar tie Pins & Cuff Links

stocking Stuffer
Amazon picture

Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Tie pin

Stocking Stuffers
Image from Amazon

This Pair of Guitar Cuff links comes ready to give as a gift. With a presentation box. Mrcuff  Cuff links are perfect for Weddings,

or work. A great gift for all occasions.

Dark Grey Guitar Pick Cuff Links. (Hand Crafted)

Stocking Stuffers
Picture from Amazon

These cuff links make the perfect gift for any occasion. You could also get them for the best man or groomsmen at the wedding.

Stylish Gibson Cuff links by Mendepot

 A Great gift or stocking stuffer for the Gibson Guitar player. Gibson guitar pick cuff link is crafted with skill. This cuff link will look great on the cuff of your shirt. Great for any occasion. Comes in a Cuff link box.

Hand Crafted Cuff Links by Quality Handcraft.

 How cool would these Cuff links look on the Cuffs of French Sleeves? These Cuff Links make a perfect gift for a stocking stuffer. Great for formal, weddings or work. These Cuff links will look good in any occasion. Buy your Guitar Knob Cuff links on Amazon.

MrCuff Headstock Guitar Cuff Link

Stocking Stuffers
Image from Amazon

 The Perfect Stocking Stuffer! What a great gift for that special guitarist. This headstock Guitar Cuff link is one of a kind. It looks great and comes ready to give. With the presentation box and a polishing cloth. Buy your MrCuff Cuff link on amazon,

During this busy time of the year there is a lot to get done and so little time to get it all done. I hope that with this list of Stocking Stuffers you find that perfect gift. For that perfect person who loves music and guitar. Best wishes to you, and your family. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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